Tango Argentino / The Revue IV

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English Title: Tango Argentino / The Revue IV
Japanese Title: タンゴ・アルゼンチーノ / ザ・レビュー IV
Romanized Title: Tango Aruzenchino / Za Rebyuu IV

Troupe: Flower
Year: 2000
Performances: Chunichi Theater, 2/2 - 2/21

Tango Argentino:

Based On:
Author/Director: Koike Shuuichirou
Music: Yoshida Yuuko, Kai Masato
Choreography: Masaki Rino, Miori Yumino
Shinjin Kouen Director: Koyanagi Naoko

The Revue IV:

Author/Director: Okada Keiji
Music: Yoshizaki Kenji, Takahashi Kuni, Terada Takio, Kai Masato, Eric Woolfson
Choreography: Hayama Kiyomi, Ootani Morio, Muromachi Akane, Miori Yumino, Wakao Risa, Tsukasa Konomi

Available on DVD: No


Julio Desnoielle (a young man who wants to be an artist)Aika Mire
Marguerite (Karl's wife, a former high-class prostitute)Ootori Rei
Count Pierre de Beaumont Hoshihara Misao
Robert (A Syndicate boss) Isono Chihiro
Elise (An old friend of Marguerite) Ichihara Kei
Therese (same) Machikaze Kana
Antonio (Julio's painter friend, a Spaniard)Yabuki Shou
Baron Karl von HartlowTakumi Hibiki
Charrier (President of the art academy) Ootomo Reika
Misia (proprietor of a coffee shop)Nagisa Aki
Anne (Marguerite's attendant) Futaba Karen
Henri (landlord of the apartment "Phantom Ship")Kizuki Ayumu
Jean (A gigolo, Marguerite's younger brother) Iori Naoka
Denise (An old friend of Marguerite) Misono Erika
Sergei (Julio's painter friend, a Russian)Kaede Saki
Georges Sagami Rei
Iluma (A model, Sergei's girlfriend)Suzukake Miyuki
Marchello (Julio's painter friend, an Italian)Mayuzuki Kou
Madame Damia Utahana Yumi
Mike (Julio's painter friend, an American)Mizu Natsuki
Madelaine (landlady of the apartment "Phantom Ship")Eri Chiaki
Priest Ayukawa Natsuki
Wyler (An art dealer) / Schultz (German commander) Masaki Kazusa
Madame Gautier Kouno Marika
Pepe (works for Robert) / Newspaper Seller Matake Suguru
Madame Olympe Hayase Ayu
Marie (A model, Otto's girlfriend)Maikaze Rira
Bibi (same, Antonio's girlfriend) Fuzuki Miyo
Alan (Jean's bestfriend)Kaou Remi
Otto (Julio's painter friend, an Austrian)Ranju Tomu
Yvette (Robert's daughter. Jean's lover.) Ayakaze Ran
Nicola (a gigolo)Mihiro Seisa
Rene (Madelaine's younger sister)Ayano Kanami
Lois (Jean's bestfriend) Aine Harei
Sara (A model, Marchello's girlfriend)Sendou Kaho
Roger (A gigolo) Misuzu Aki
Madame Solange Maishiro Nodoka
Demobilized Soldier Kiryuu Sonoka

Other Cast: Shima Arata, Renjou Runa



War (World War I)
(Minor) Sexual Harrassment

Tango Argentino

(Summary by Cindy)

Opening scene is at Duke Pierre's private art auction party in Paris, where a black market dealer is determined to get the famous painting Moulin Rouge. However, the highest bid is placed by Duke Karl , a German aristocratic who just returned to Paris with his wife Marguerite (Midori). Marguerite was Pierre's god daughter, and has not seen Pierre since she married three years ago.

After the auction, Pierre's lover Michelle hosted a party for the guests, the theme was "Gaucho", or Argentine Cowboy. The cowboy, with a black hat and whip in hand, immediately captured the ladies' attention. And when he insisted Marguerite to dance with him, Karl was not very pleased.

The headmaster of the art school was also a guest at the party, and recognised the gaucho as one of his foreign students, Julio. He demanded to know why Julio was dancing at the party, as students from his school were not allowed to take on any work. Julio said since living standards were so high in Paris, foreign students really needed to earn extra money for art supplies and things. The headmaster was angry that Julio challenged him in public, and said Julio's painting style was much like Picasso, which they didn't need at all. Julio replied in that case he would withdraw from the art school.

Karl told Julio since he withdrew from the school as a result of Michelle's party, he would buy his painting to help out. Julio declined and said he only sold to people who understood his work. Marguerite looked at Julio's painting and could understand what he wanted to show. Julio said he painted what his heart saw. Karl got uncomfortable with his wife and the gaucho talking about this "Kokoro no hitomi" (eyes of the heart), and departed with Marguerite.

Michelle told Julio she could arrange some work for him so he needed not worry about money.

Julio returned to the place where he and other foreign students stayed, called "Phantom Ship", a utopia where there were no country boundaries and no hatred between people from different nations. He held the corsage Marguerite gave him, and decided to paint the poster (work that Michelle arranged for him) with Marguerite as his model, since her image was in his heart.

Karl was surprised to see three prostitutes visiting Marguerite at their home, and even more so when his wife gave them her jewellery. Pierre and Michelle heard the commotion and came into the living room. After the three women left, Karl wanted to know what secret Marguerite had been keeping from him, and what was her past before they got married. Pierre said both Michelle and Marguerite were from poor families and became "gentlemen's escorts" to earn their living, and Marguerite was the lover of Pierre's brother. When his brother died, Pierre took her in as his god daughter, and that's when Karl met her at a high society party and fell in love. Marguerite said she knew Karl valued his pride more than anything, so she could not tell him about her past. Karl was very upset feeling he has been betrayed.

The black market dealer in the opening scene also ran a gigolo bar. Now he ordered his main boy, Jean, to go and steal the Moulin Rouge from Karl, and also to bust Michelle's Tango Argentino café. (Can't have two gigolo bars in Paris, I guess)

Meanwhile at Tango Argentino café, Michelle was enjoying good business coz the papers reported on the successful gaucho night. Marguerite came in and was obviously disappointed "Ah, that person is not here?" Julio appeared and Marguerite apologised for Karl's behaviour. Julio invited her to dance and tried to kiss her without success. Julio told Marguerite he had painted her from his heart, but now he saw her again, he realised how much prettier she was, and asked whether she could be his model. Marguerite refused but asked whether his painting showed an arrogant insensitive woman. Julio said it showed a lonely unhappy lady and quickly apologised when he saw the shock on her face. Marguerite said his heart saw very clearly indeed. Julio said if she was uncomfortable about going to his studio, he could paint in the café and ran to get his canvas. Just then Jean and other gigolos came to challenge the gauchos. When the police was called, Marguerite asked Michelle to spare Jean as he was actually her brother.

Jean was not thankful for his sis' help and screamed about her past as a high society "madame". After Jean left, Marguerite asked Julio what he thought of her now that he knew about her infamous past. Julio said he only saw how her beauty had been strengthened by such difficult circumstances, and ran off to get his paint brush. Marguerite told her maid to go home first, and she would be back by the evening.

Newspapers write of Franz Ferdinand's death, WWI was about to begin. Foreign students of the Phantom Ship were planning to join the foreign troops, while Karl decided to return to Germany with his wife.

Marguerite posed for Julio in his studio, and admired the starry Parisian sky. Julio reminiscent how he used to see all the stars at his ranch in Argentina, and led Marguerite to the rooftop. They did a dance, kissed, and were about to embark on more romantic endeavours when Julio's friends came and told him of the war. As Marguerite was the wife of a German, Julio decided to walk her home. When they reached the house, Marguerite said Karl would not be home and invited Julio for a coffee. In the living room, they were surprised to see Jean stealing the painting. Julio managed to take the gun away from Jean, and police also retrieved the painting although already torn by Jean's gigolo gang. At this time Karl came back, and caught sight of Julio before he could hide. Karl was both shocked and angry, and wanted to know what this was all about.

Marguerite told him who Jean was, and that Julio has escorted her home after she had modelled for him. Karl said he would not report Jean to the police (as his wife pleaded) to save the family name, but he was deeply hurt that Marguerite had gone to see Julio. He asked Julio why he had seduced his wife, to which he replied "It was not seduction. I love her from my heart." Karl said it was not the painting that got damaged, but his pride. He demanded Julio to a duel the following afternoon.

Julio wins the duel and injures Karl, but does not kill him.

Marguerite went to the church and confessed that her husband has been slightly hurt for her sake, for an affair she had. The priest asked her to forget this man. Marguerite said it was impossible, she could only think of him, and now this man has joined the army. The priest warned her again infidelity was a sin and she would burn in hell. She said hell's fire was nothing compared to her burning wish that he would return to her alive one day.

Jean came to see Marguerite and told her he's joining the army as well. When he returned, he would be the brother she could be proud of. Michelle also came dressed as a nurse from Red Cross. She said this way she could follow Pierre's army. Marguerite decided to follow suit.

In the battlefield, Jean and a few of the foreign students were killed. Julio was captured and brought before Karl, who was the captain of the German troop.

Karl asked whether Julio joined the opposing army to fight against him, Julio replied their matter had been settled at the duel. Karl wanted to know why Julio didn't kill him then? Julio said if he did so, Marguerite would be sad, and he would not do such things to her. Karl aimed his sword at Julio, but finally put it down and admitted Julio was the winner in the battle of theirs. He told Julio Marguerite has joined Red Cross, and Julio exclaimed he had indeed dreamt of her as a nurse! Karl said "Ah, it's your seeing things with your heart again." He said he would file for divorce when the battle was over. As Julio was his captive, he ordered Julio to teach him tango, so that when he met another woman he loved, he could dazzle her with this dance. Just when the two men in uniforms were doing tango (yes, don't laugh, OK?), another round of battle had begun and Julio was taken back to prison. Very conveniently a bomb killed the German soldier and Julio was free to escape.

WWI ended. While some rejoiced to see their families and friends returned, others wept for the slain ones. Marguerite was divorced now and worked in Michelle's new café Jazz New Orleans. She has earlier visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers as Jean might be resting there. Michelle announced the café would be very busy that day as there was a bunch of young soldiers returning home and looking for some fun. Indeed, a group of young men with too much energy rushed in, and one young lad could not find a partner. He spotted Marguerite and pulled her close. When Marguerite refused he got angry and said how come she was not wearing short skirts! He started to get really rowdy and a man stepped from the crowd and gave him a good punch ~ voila, it was Julio of course!

Marguerite said she has always believed Julio would come back safely. They did the tango again, and Julio told her their new life would begin from his rooftop studio. The curtain falls as they kiss.

The Revue IV

Scenes 1~4: Opening

An opening scene with a theme of "I Love Revue" and using the Grand Staircase.

Revue Singer S1 - Aika Mire
Revue Singer S2 - Takumi Hibiki
Revue Woman S - Ootori Rei
Le Girl S (Pink) - Nagisa Aki
Le Girl S (Yellow) - Futaba Karen
Ceremony Man - Isono Chihiro

Charmant S - Iori Naoka
Four Charmants - Kizuki Ayumu, Mayuzuki Kou, Kaou Remi, Aine Harei

Tango Man S - Aika Mire
Tango Woman S - Ootori Rei
Tango Men - Yabuki Shou, Kaede Saki, Mizu Natsuki, Ranju Tomu
Tango Women - Suzukake Miyuki, Maikaze Rira, Fuzuki Miyo, Ayano Kanami

Singing Man S - Aika Mire, Takumi Hibiki
Singing Woman S - Ootori Rei
Singing Man - Iori Naoka
Singing Women: Ichihara Kei, Machikaze Kana, Nagisa Aki

Scenes 5~6: The Rockette

Gold-digger S - Kaede Saki
Ceremony Man - Isono Chihiro

Scenes 7~9: Debutante

The Flower Troupe version of a medley of operetta themed songs.

Franz - Aika Mire
Ekaterina - Ootori Ran
Ceremony Man - Isono Chihiro
Singer (Solo) - Eri Chiaki

Scenes 10~14: Atlantic Ocean

Amidst numbers such as "Moonlight Serenade", "So in Love", etc., a dance scene and love duet on a Pacific luxury liner in the 1920s.

Singing Young Man - Mizu Natsuki
Ceremony Man - Isono Chihiro
Straw-Hatted Young Men - Mayuzuki Kou, Kaou Remi, Ranju Tomu, Aine Harei

Singer S - Takumi Hibiki
Gentlemen A - Yabuki Shou, Kizuki Ayumu, Iori Naoka, Kaede Saki
Ladies A - Suzukake Miyuki, Maikaze Rira, Fuzuki Miyo, Ayakaze Ran
Singing Men - Isono Chihiro, Ootomo Reika, Masaoka Nao
Singing Women - Nagisa Aki, Sachimi Anna, Utahana Yumi

Fred - Aika Mire
Linda - Ootori Rei

Chris - Takumi Hibiki

Scenes 15~20: Dreamer

The first 17 minutes of the revival of a dramatic story ballet.

Dreamer - Aika Mire
Ceremony Man - Isono Chihiro

Bird of Love - Mizu Natsuki
White Bird - Ootori Rei

Eagle A - Takumi Hibiki

Singing Phantom Bird - Iori Naoka
Dancing Phantom Bird - Mayuzuki Kou

Phoenix Man S - Aika Mire
Phoenix Woman S - Ootori Rei

Scene 21: Interlude

An R&B dance scene.

Gigolo S - Takumi Hibiki

Scenes 22~24: Finale

A finale with the song "Amapola" as the theme.

Amapola Gentleman - Aika Mire
Amapola Lady - Ootori Rei
Etoile - Ayano Kanami

Singing Man of the Parade S1 - Aika Mire
Singing Woman of the Parade S - Ootori Rei
Singing Man of the Parade S2 - Takumi Hibiki
Singing Man of the Parade S3 - Iori Naoka
Parade Singers - Kaede Saki, Mayuzuki Kou, Mizu Natsuki
Singing Woman of the Parade - Nagisa Aki

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