Reunion / The Splendor of 1000 Beats 2002


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English Title: Meet Again / The Splendor of 1000 Beats 2002
Japanese Title: 再会 / 華麗なる千拍子 2002
Romanized Title: Saikai / Karei Naru Sen Hyoushi 2002

Troupe: 2002
Year: Snow
Performances: National Tour, 10/26 - 11/17


Based On: n/a
Author/Director: Ishida Masaya
Composer: Nishimura Kouji
Choreographer: Ai Erina

The Splendor of 1000 Beats 2002:

Author: Takagi Shirou
Director: Sakai Sumio, Nakamura Kazunori
Music: Nishimura Kouji, Kai Masato, Kuratomi Shinichi
Choreography: Nakura Kayoko, Ieki Hiroshi, Ai Erina, Ootani Morio

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 12/05/06)
DVD Scene/Music Cut: None


Gerard Clément (a novelist whose books don't sell)Asami Hikaru
Sandrine (a librarian)Maikaze Rira
Emmanuelle Ducrey-Clément (Coudray's second wife, Pierre's mother)Itsumine Aki
Coudray Clément (Gerard's father)Misato Maya
Madam Florence (a stage actress disguised as part of an old couple)Miho Keiko
Montholon (a stage actor disguised as part of an old couple)Amaki Kaori
Mark (editor for a publishing company)Takashiro Kei
Steve (producer)Mirai Yuuki
Paulette (Mark's lover) Ai Youko
ManagerKazami Yoshiki
Pierre Clément (Gerard's step-brother)Amase Izuru
Company Rep Makise Kai
Andre (editor-in-chief of a travel magazine)Hijiri Rei
Michel (boy disguised as a drunk)Kamizuki Akane
Jean (boy disguised as a street musician)Saou Kurama

Other Cast: Asuka Yuu, Arisa Miho, Yurika Shiho, Mio Urara, Anjou Shiki, Asaki Yumemi, Shioka Yurisa, Natsuo Komaki, Sawane Kazuki, Yamashina Ai, Jin Reika, Soraki Reika, Suzuhana Risa, Asakura Momoko, Hozuki Haruna, Tani Mizuse, Hanaoka Rara, Shiraho Rin, Mariki Towa




Gerard is a playboy novelist in New York, living off of his father and friends' money because none of his novels sell. He's a confirmed bachelor. One day, he gets a letter from his father in Monaco. His father is a very successful hotel owner, and the letter basically states that Gerard is to come home, buckle down and learn the business, and marry a woman of his father's choosing. Well, he's not too pleased with this idea, but he's running out of money. So he brings his two best friends Mark and Steve along. When he arrives, his father gives him some very strange orders. He's to seduce a woman named Sandrine, and once she's fallen in love with him, he is to dump her. And then he's to write a novel about it. If he doesn't do this, then his father will give the business to his younger half brother, Pierre.

Well, Gerard is confused, but he goes along with his father's orders. Sandrine is a very strange librarian, who is very awkward around men and very defensive. Gerard goes to work, giving her a make-over. They become "just friends", on Sandrine's insistence, but then what is this...? Gerard finds himself falling in love for the first time. The night he realizes this, Sandrine leaves a note and disappears. Hurt and angry, Gerard returns to New York.

He's now working to make ends meet, begging old friends for money. But then Mark and Steve arrive and show him not one, but two novels. Apparently it was all a set-up on his father's part to teach Gerard a lesson. There are two books, both best-sellers in France: one called "Until the Man Throws the Woman Away" and "Until the Woman Throws the Man Away." One was written by Gerard, the other by Sandrine. Happy about the money, but angry about the plot, Gerard returns to Monaco for the celebration party, and to find Sandrine.

At the party we find out that nothing was quite as it seems, including Sandrine. She is actually royalty (? I think. Or the daughter of a very rich man. Either works.). Eventually the two reconcile, and Gerard tells his father to give the business to Pierre, because he intends to keep writing... with Sandrine.

The Splendor of 1000 Beats 2002

Scenes 1~3 - Prologue

A splendid parade of the entire troupe across the Silver Bridge to new versions of well-known theme songs such as "The Man Who Sells Happiness" and "Splendor of a Thousand Beats".

Singing Gentleman S: Asami Hikaru
Singing Lady S: Maikaze Rira
Gentlemen A: Takashiro Kei, Mirai Yuuki
Lady A: Itsumine Aki

Man of a Thousand Beats: Asami Hikaru
Lady of a Thousand Beats: Maikaze Rira

Scene 4 - London

A scene of the streets of London unfolds on stage, with the struggle of adult love.

Stanley: Takashiro Kei
Dorothy: Itsumine Aki
Jason: Mirai Yuuki
Rita: Ai Youko
Carol: Yurika Shiho
Guy A: Amase Izuru, Hijiri Rei, Kamizuki Akane

Scenes 5~8 - Spain

A lone matador approaches the stadium wrapped in enthusiasm for the game and worry over approaching his death. His lover prays for his safety.

Matador S: Asami Hikaru
Lover: Maikaze Rira
Black Shadow A: Amaki Kaori
Matadors: Makise Kai, Soraki Reika, Saou Kurama

Scenes 9~15 - Rio Carnival

A gorgeous revue scene opens, riding a passionate rhythm.

Rio Woman S: Maikaze Rira
Rio Men A: Takashiro Kei, Mirai Yuuki

The Pineapple Queen: Asami Hikaru
Rio Man A: Mirai Yuuki

Dancing Man A: Takashiro Kei

Rio Man S: Asami Hikaru
Rio Woman S: Maikaze Rira
Dancing Man A: Takashiro Kei

Scenes 16~18 - Visiting the Jazz Beat

Jazz's origins begin in Africa, becoming a more intense rhythm as it moves to New Orleans and New York.

African Man: Mirai Yuuki
African Women: Yurika Shiho, Mio Urara, Shioka Yurisa, Jin Reika

New Orleans Man A: Takashiro Kei
New Orleans Woman A: Itsumine Aki

Dancing Woman S: Maikaze Rira
Dancing Man A: Amaki Kaori

New York Man S: Asami Hikaru
New York Woman S: Maikaze Rira

Scenes 19~21 - Finale

A fashionable finale accompanied by famous chansons.

Singing Men: Amase Izuru, Hijiri Rei, Kamizuki Akane, Saou Kurama
Dancing Woman S: Maikaze Rira

Montmartre Singer: Asami Hikaru
Dancing Gentleman: Mirai Yuuki
Dancing Lady: Itsumine Aki

Garcon: Takashiro Kei

Flower Gentleman S: Asami Hikaru

Duet Man S: Asami Hikaru
Duet Woman S: Maikaze Rira
Shadow Solo: Miho Keiko

Scene 22 - Parade

Gentleman of the Parade S: Asami Hikaru
Lady of the Parade S: Maikaze Rira
Gentleman of the Parade A: Takashiro Kei
Lady of the Parade A: Itsumine Aki

Other Information

  • Hijiri Rei had to stop performing after a few days the tour began due to injury. Her role, Andre, was taken over by Kamizuki Akane, and Kamizuki Akane's role, Michel, was substituted by Hiiragi Tomoe for the rest of the tour.


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