Love Story of a Castle in the Foggy Night / Esquire Girls


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English Title: Love Story of a Castle in the Foggy Night / Esquire Girls
Japanese Title: 夜霧の城の恋の物語 / エスカイヤ・ガールズ
Romanized Title: Yogiri no Shiro no Koi no Monogatari / Esukaiya Gaarusu

Troupe: Star
Year: 1966
Performances: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 3/4 - 3/30
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 3/24

Love Story of a Castle in the Foggy Night:

Based On:
Author/Director: Kikuta Kazuo
Director: Kamogawa Seisaku
Music: Irie Kaoru, Nakai Mitsuharu, Terada Takio
Choreography: Oka Masami, Akiko Kanda, Sekiya Yukio
Conductor: Nakamura Kanefuji, Izawa Ichirou

Esquire Girls:

Author/Director: Kamogawa Seisaku
Music: Irie Kaoru, Nakai Mitsuharu, Nakano Junji, Yoshizaki Kenji
Choreography: Oka Masami, Sasaki Kazuo, Agata Youji, Shuri Misao, Akiko Kanda
Conductor: Nakamura Kanefuji

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RoleCastShinko Cast
Christian, shop clerk in a hat store Nachi Wataru
Ingrid, customer at the hat store that Christian lovesMiwa Hisayuri Benizono Yurika
Gregory, owner of the hat store / Marquis Morton, evil lord of the castle on the island in the lakeMiyoshi Sakuko
Olsen, a prisonerAmagi Tsukie
Mayor, mayor of the Village of ForgettingMiyama Shinobu
Eve, shop clerk in a hat store / Bordel, Eve in disguiseWakayama Kazumi
Lise, Morton's younger sisterOozora Midori
Sophia, Morton's older sister Chinami Jun
A Poet Who Sells Dreams, a poet who helps Christian find his way Nanbara Misao
Boris, shop clerk in a hat store Aki Hiromi
Titus, Morton's younger brother Takashiro Juri
Anneliese, Morton's younger sisterAkira Sayumi
Ingolf, Sophia's fianceNaoki Tamami
Inge, Titus's wifeBenizono Yurika
Queen of the Lake, fairy queen of the Lake of Memory / Guinness, servantTachibana Kakuko
Karen, servantWaka Miyuki

Other Cast: Tamazusa Rumi, Chihaya Tamayo, Amazuki Teruyo, Mine Yukari, Yachiyo Tamaki, Moe Izuru, Sono Misaki, Tsukihara Mari, Mimuro Toshimi, Touka Komichi, Nashiro Kuniko, Rijou Mariko, Kasuga Kiyoshi, Kamiji Chizuru, Hanano Miyako, Sakuragawa Youko, Kokonoe Sakiko, Nazuki Hitomi, Hoshi Misa, Matsukage Yurika, Ogura Momiji, Kotobuki Mika, Hayama Kiyomi, Yuki Hitomi, Matsubara Miho, Yukishiro Chizuru, Shirataki Misako, Sugata Mimi, Anzu Keiko, Manatsu Youko, Shima Tamami, Nagisa Ayumi, Satsuki Keiko, Kazaki Harumi, Yamato Yuka, Ashita Michiko, Sen Natsuki, Kuni Mizuho, Fuji Kimino, Nijou Sachimi, Hatsuhi Fujiko, Tsubaki Rumi, Isoji Mari, Ootori Ran, Sato Mariko, Akino Konomi, Ooshiro Michiyo, Mihama Kumi, Imari Misa, Kaga Miyuki, Konoe Mari

Ken-1: Makisato Izumi, Mizuki Asa, Kawamura Maki, Takise Shibuki, Amaji Mitsuru, Kagari Miki, Waka Tazuko, Seishou Ikune, Wakagi Michiru, Midori Misa, Chiga Teruko, Sotoori Tsukiko, Yamazato Masari, Tamashiro Akemi, Yuuzuru Manami, Namiji Yuka, Suzaku Miho, Komakusa Yuri



Love Story of a Castle in the Foggy Night

In a hat store in Copenhagen, Denmark, there is a shop clerk named Christian. Christian is in love with Ingrid, a customer who often comes to the hat store he works at. One day, Ingrid mentions that it would be nice to go off on a vacation together with Christian, like a honeymoon. The very next day, by chance, Christian is tempted into stealing the store deposit. He offers to take Ingrid away on that holiday, but she is suspicious and then the shop owner Gregory returns and sees what has happened. Although he gets all of his money back, he still has Christian arrested as a thief.

Christian spends an uncomfortable night in a jail cell, but eventually he falls asleep....

Next thing we know, Christian is wandering in a strange forest. He stumbles over the odd Village of Forgetting, where the villagers taunt his nearly frantic search for Ingrid. Eventually, he moves on and discovers the Lake of Memory. He is just in time to see Ingrid set sail across the lake toward a castle on an island. Christian wins over the Queen of the Lake with the strength of his love for Ingrid. She grants him a boat of his own and wishes him luck in his quest.

The castle, we discover, is under the control of the Marquis Morton, a cruel man who has killed all six of his previous wives. He and his siblings have set up an evil plot to marry him to Ingrid. Ingrid has come to the castle in search of Christian, and resists the wedding to this infamous Blue Beard. Christian, meanwhile, is discovered and thrown into the castle dungeon. However, he escapes with the help of Boris, his co-worker from the hat shop who is hiding in the ranks of the palace guard. During his escape he is spotted by Morton's older sister Sophia who tries to seduce him. When he refuses, Sophia calls her fiance Ingolf. Ingolf and Christian have a sword fight, and Ingolf is accidentally killed. Christian finally makes his way to Ingrid with the help of Boris and Bodel (a maid who is actually his former co-worker Eve in disguise), and they make plans to escape by getting married before she can be married to Morton.

However, when they announce what they have done in the wedding chapel, Morton mocks them because this is only a mirage, and he claims to control Ingrid's true soul. Christian is dragged off to the dungeon again. Ingrid tries to fight off Morton, but is not successful. Nonetheless, when Morton steps out of the room for a moment, Boris and Bodel (Eve) urge Ingrid to run away to the forest where they tell her Christian is already waiting, having escaped again. When Morton returns and finds Ingrid gone, he is enraged. When his siblings arrive and tell him Christian has also escaped, he draws his sword and kills his brother Titus and sister Sophia in his mad fury.

Meanwhile, Ingrid and Christian and happily reunited in the forest. But at just that moment... Christian is rudely awakened by the police. He is once more back in his jail cell, but told he can go free.

Christian returns to the hat shop and finds Gregory and Ingrid dressed as a groom and bride. He thanks Ingrid for his release, but finds it is Gregory who has magnanimously freed him, since he is happy that Ingrid has accepted his marriage proposal to become his seventh wife. Ingrid gleefully agrees that she is happy to marry Gregory for his money and power. Boris and Eve tell Christian he has been fired, and the four of them head off to the wedding chapel.

Somewhat disillusioned, Christian vows to himself that he will always love Ingrid.

Esquire Girls

Scene 1 - Prologue

Fifteen gentlemen sing the theme song.

Gentlemen: Kuni Mizuho, Mimuro Toshimi, Amazuki Teruyo, Naoki Tamami, Nijou Sachimi, Sen Natsuki, Hatsuhi Fujiko, Touka Komichi, Sato Mariko, Nashiro Kuniko, Ootori Ran, Ooshiro Michiyo, Mihama Kumi, Imari Misa

Scene 2 - Esquire Girls

Seven ladies and a gentlemen rise up from three large top hats and sing the theme song.

Singing Gentleman: Nachi Wataru
Esquire Girls: Wakayama Kazumi, Chinami Jun, Takashiro Juri, Nanbara Misao, Konoe Mari, Miwa Hisayuri, Aki Hiromi

Scene 3 - Esquire Girls

All of the cast comes down the lit Grand Staircase in black, white, and gold costumes, Among them are the etoile in pink.

Singing Ladies: Tachibana Kakuko, Benizono Yurika
Singers (Trios): Nazuki Hitomi, Mine Yukari, Kotobuki Mika, Sono Misaki, Tsukihara Mari, Yamato Yuka
Dancing Gentleman: Amagi Tsukie
Dancing Lady: Oozora Midori

Scene 4 - Pink Lady

In front of the curtain, two gentlemen sing the second theme song "Pink Lady" while four ladies dance.

Pink Gentlemen: Aki Hiromi, Nanbara Misao
Deluxe Girls: Hanano Miyako, Kokonoe Sakiko, Akira Sayumi, Fuji Masumi

Scene 5 - Pink Lady

The curtain rises, and everyone parades on the Grand Staircase, some in feathers. Then the Blue Gentlemen climbs out of the orchestra pit and sings.

Blue Gentleman: Nachi Wataru
Singing Pink Lady: Miwa Hisayuri

Scenes 6~7 - European Poet

The youth sings songs by Charles Aznavour.

Singing Youth: Nanbara Misao
Weeping Man: Aki Hiromi
Lovers (Men): Kuni Mizuho, Sen Natsuki, Midori Misa
Lovers (Women): Hayama Kiyomi, Fuji Masumi, Isoji Mari

Scenes 8~10 - Mademoiselle Mar

Nachi Wataru sings love songs.

Mademoiselle Mar: Nachi Wataru
Duet: Amagi Tsukie, Wakayama Kazumi
Bolero Ladies A: Konoe Mari, Takashiro Juri

Scene 11 - Cool Girl A

Three laborers are working on a road. A woman sings.

Singing Woman: Miwa Hisayuri
Snared Man: Takashiro Juri
Cool Girl: Konoe Mari
Laborers: Miwa Hisayuri, Amagi Tsukie, Miyama Shinobu
Police Detective: Nashiro Kuniko

Scenes 12~13 - Cool Girl B~C

First there is a wild dance to a drum rhythm. Then the music changes and the dance turns funky.

Cool Girl: Konoe Mari
Laborers: Miwa Hisayuri, Amagi Tsukie, Miyama Shinobu
Man A: Aki Hiromi
Woman A: Sen Natsuki

Scene 14 - Golden Sanremo

A surreal setting where the dancers dance in Golden costumes.

Singing Woman A: Miwa Hisayuri
Singing Women: Tachibana Kakuko, Benizono Yurika
Trios: Nazuki Hitomi, Mine Yukari, Kotobuki Mika, Sono Misaki, Tsukihara Mari, Yamato Yuka
Dancing Man A: Chinami Jun
Dancing Woman A: Wakayama Kazumi

Singing Man: Nachi Wataru
Ricorda Woman: Oozora Midori
Dancing Man A: Chinami Jun
Dancing Woman A: Wakayama Kazumi
Singing Trio: Takashiro Juri, Aki Hiromi, Naoki Tamami
Golden Woman: Benizono Yurika
Singers: Yachiyo Tamaki, Moe Izuru

Scene 15 - Blue Jeans and Leather Jumpers

In the wings a youth sings.

Singing Man: Nachi Wataru

Scenes 16~17 - Nightmare

At sea on a stormy night. Four waves dance up and down, forward and back. Two demons are above the waves. They dance, and the waves calm. One wears a black mantle, the other a red one. A yacht appears with a youth dancing to their song. He has been lured here, and the demons release the waves. The yacht is overcome, and sinks along with the youth.

Water Demon King: Amagi Tsukie
Water Queen: Konoe Mari
Youth On a Yacht: Chinami Jun
Spirits of the Waves: Hayama Kiyomi, Nagisa Ayumi, Yuki Hitomi, Satsuki Keiko

Scene 18 - Esquire Girls

A lone sexy lady slays all before her.

Esquire Girl: Nachi Wataru
Gentlemen A: Takashiro Juri, Aki Hiromi
Gentlemen: Kuni Mizuho, Mimuro Toshimi, Amazuki Teruyo, Naoki Tamami, Nijou Sachimi, Sen Natsuki, Hatsuhi Fujiko, Touka Komichi, Tsubaki Rumi, Ootori Ran

Scene 19 - Rockette Girls

Rockette dance.

Scene 20 - Esquire Girls

The esquire girls dance, while the trio sings from a staircase.The stars appear from the stage elevators and orchestra pit. Everyone lines up to sing the theme song.

Dancing Esquire Girls: Aki Hiromi, Nanbara Misao
Dancing Women: Kuni Mizuho, Mimuro Toshimi, Nijou Sachimi, Sen Natsuki, Hatsuhi Fujiko, Touka Komichi, Sato Mariko, Nashiro Kuniko, Ootori Ran

Esquire Girl A: Miwa Hisayuri
Singing Esquire Girls: Tachibana Kakuko, Naoki Tamami, Benizono Yurika, Sen Natsuki

Singing Gentleman: Nachi Wataru
Esquire Girls: Konoe Mari, Wakayama Kazumi, Oozora Midori, Chinami Jun, Takashiro Juri

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