Lovers' Suicide


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English Title: Lovers' Suicide - Love in Yamatoji
Japanese Title: 心中・恋の大和路¯
Romanized Title: Shinjuu: Koi no Yamatoji

Troupe: Snow
Year: 1998, 1999
Performances: Bow Hall, 6/6 - 6/21; Nippon Seinenkan Hall, 1/28 - 2/9

Based On: Chikamatsu Monzaemon's Meido no Hikyaku (The Courier for Hades)
Author/Director: Suganuma Jun
Director: Tani Masazumi
Music: Yoshizaki Kenji
Choreography: Matsumoto Shoume

Available on DVD: VHS only


RoleBow Hall CastSeinenkan Cast
Kameya Chuubei (master of the Kameya, a courier store)
Umegawa (courtesan of the Tsuchiya in the red light district)
Tanbaya Hachiemon (Chuubei's friend)Shiomi Maho Asami Hikaru
Kamon Tayuu (courtesan of the Tsuchiya)
Yohei (sales clerk of the Kameya)
Myoukan (Chuubei's mother)Misa Noeru Ashita Michiko
Ihei (Kameya head clerk) / Chuuzaburou (Chuubei's friend)Asuka Yuu Misato Maya
Magoemon (Chuubei's real father)Misa Noeru Suzuka Teru
Osei (mistress of the Tsuchiya)
MarujuuAoi Miya Amaki Kaori
ShimayaHodaka Yuu Sugata Kou
MozuyaAiki Shuri Saezuki Akira
Oman (Kameya servant)
Shousuke (Kameya shop boy)Ayabuki Mao Ranka Rea
Santa (Kameya shop boy)

Other Cast (Bow): Morio Kazumi, Asukai Mari, Haru Ayuka, Mio Urara, Rei Yuuki, Minaho Karin, Kasumi Fuuka, Matsuyuki Kanako, Asaka Serena, Ayuna Sae, Amase Izuru
Other Cast (Seinenkan): Morio Kazumi, Haru Ayuka, Kibune Nao, Minaho Karin, Kasumi Fuuka, Matsuyuki Kanako, Asaka Serena, Ayuna Sae, Mio Urara, Rei Yuuki, Asaki Yumemi



Romanticizing suicide/death

Chuubei is a young master of a courier service. He is in love with Umegawa, an indentured courtesan. However, he cannot pay off her contract, and she will soon be sent away to a rich man in the country. In despair, he takes money entrusted to his business and opens the seal. The penalty for stealing money is death, and his friends try to talk him out of it. But he is resolute, and pays off Umegawa's contract. When she learns the truth, Umegawa offers to die then and there. Chuubei argues that they should stay alive, as dying is easy, and they can do it at any time. The two set flee the city, heading for Yamatoji. Chuubei hopes to find his real father and get them aid.

On the road, they evade their pursuers. Chuubei's friend Hachiemon is also after them, determined to help them. In the end, the exhausted couple finds awful rumours have come ahead of them. Chuubei's father gives Umegawa what small money he has, saying he doesn't want for them to die, but will have no more to do with them. Just as their pursuers catch up, Hachiemon reaches them. He talks the pursuers out of following, because it is certain that the two will die in the cold snows that they have headed into....

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Shinjuu - Review by Ekusudei

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