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English Title: Hopscotch
Japanese Title: ホップ スコッチ
Romanized Title: Hoppusukocchi

Troupe: Snow
Year: 2002
Performances: Bow Hall, 10/19 - 10/28; Nippon Seinenkan Hall, 11/1 - 11/7

Based On:
Author / Director: Oota Tetsunori
Composer: Yoshizaki Kenji, Maeda Shigemi, Kikawada Shin
Choreographer: Miyazaki Atsumi

Available on DVD: VHS only


Bernard Stein (a newspaper reporter)Tatsuki You
Christopher Wren (a law student)Sou Kazuho
Peter Ferguson (army supply officer)Otozuki Kei
Jenny Mason (Bernard's fiancee)Maisaki Rin
Linda Galik (a singer, Chris' fiancee)Haruka Midori
Barbara Maccuigan (A secretary at the Thatcher Company, Peter's fiancee)Shirahane Yuri
Susan Browning (Head of the famous Browning family)Kuni Natsuki
Howard Thatcher (President of the Thatcher Company)Isono Chihiro
Joey Evans (A postman)Machika Meguru
Carrie Mason (an elementary school teacher, Jenny's younger sister)Morio Kazumi
Sadie Galik (president of the maids' union, Linda's mother)Akari Nami
Mike Maccuigan (realtor, Barbara's father)Kazahaya Yuu
Larry Burns (manager of a picture gallery)Yuu Naoki
Lucy Browning (Susan's niece)Kaho Anna
Andie Johnson (laundry worker) Kasumi Fuuka
Tommy Faith (barber)Rei Yuuki
Henry Boone (gardener)Kibune Nao
Sam Clements (electrician)Souno Haruto
Maggie Safety (announcer)Yumezono Mai
Julie Morgan (telephone operator)Morisaki Kaguya
Dorothy Please (an elementary school teacher, Carrie's roommate)Kojou Yukino
Ben StoppardManami Sora
Dick SloryOuki Kaname
Ralph ScottOzuki Tooma
Mary FaunHanao Konomi
Marie EirYumeka Ayari
Vicky CenterSahana Mako
Natalie WindowMurasaki Itsumi



A small town in New Jersey, just after the end of World War I. During the revolutionary war, this town was headquarters for General Washington, and the prison from that time has now become a restaurant and is a famous spot for tourists. The town has many old homes and old families.

To this town come three young men: Bernard Stein (a newspaper reporter who paints as a hobby), Christopher Wren (a law student who enjoys playing piano), and Peter Ferguson (an army supplier whose hobby is archaeology). By chance, at the same time they each meet a woman and become engaged. To celebrate the end of their bachelorhood, they arrange to take a short boat trip south. Just as the boat is leaving, they each receive a letter from the same mysterious sender.

Shipboard, all three open their letters. Inside they say the same thing: "I'm taking off with your fiancee." The shocked three are trapped on the departing boat and can do nothing. The three begin to think back on their relations with their fiancees, and become uneasy. "Maybe I wasn't rich enough, or smart enough? I love her but does she love me?" They think of when they all first met, when they first arrived in that town.

The engine breaks down and the ship must return for repair. And waiting for the three when they reach the town is...

A romantic mystery/comedy about three young men and the meaning of loving and living.

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