Third Takarazuka Kyougen Club

- Shigeyama Chuuzaburou Lesson Recital -


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English Title: Third Takarazuka Kyougen Club - Shigeyama Chuuzaburou Lesson Recital -
Japanese Title: 第三回宝塚狂言の会 - 茂山忠三郎レッスン発表会 -
Romanized Title: Dai Sankai Kyougen no Kai - Shigeyama Chuuzaburou Ressun Happyoukai -

Troupe: Flower
Year: 1999
Performances: Bow Hall, 10/23 - 10/24

Based On: Traditional Japanese kyougen scripts
Director / Choreographer: Shigeyama Chuuzaburou, Watanabe Takeo
Assistant Director: Suzuka Teru

Available on DVD: No



Takumi Hibiki, Masaoka Nao, Asazono Miki, Mayuzuki Kou, Sena Jun, Mizu Natsuki, Ootori Rei, Ayukawa Natsuki, Masaki Kazusa, Saki Nozomi, Ayabuki Mao, Matake Suguru, Yuuma Rin, Kazeo Ibuki, Ouka Reiya, Ranju Tomu, Sou Kazuho, Mihiro Seisa, Aine Harei, Shima Arata, Renjou Runa, Misuzu Aki

Suzuka Teru



(7 kyougen were performed.)

Pins and Needles

English Title: Pins and Needles
Japanese Title: しびり
Romanized Title: Shibiri

Role Cast (11 am) Cast (3 pm)
Tarou Kaja (servant) Misuzu Aki Aine Harei
Aruji (master) Renjou Runa Shima Arata


A lazy servant claims he cannot run an errand for his master because every time he tries, his leg falls asleep.

The Fan of Felicty

English Title: The Fan of Felicty
Japanese Title: 末広かり
Romanized Title: Suehirogari

Role Cast
Tarou Kaja Mizu Natsuki
Master Mayuzuki Kou
Con Man Masaki Kazusa


The master sends Tarou Kaja out to buy a "suehiro" (folding fan). Tarou Kaja doesn't know what a suehiro is and is tricked into buying an umbrella. The master gets mad because he paid a lot of money for a simple umbrella.

Two In One Hakama

English Title: Two In One Hakama
Japanese Title: 二人袴
Romanized Title: Ninin Bakama

Role Cast
Older Brother Ayabuki Mao
Younger Brother Sena Jun
Father-in-law Kazeo Ibuki
Servant Masaoka Nao


A young man has to make a formal visit to his future father-in-law. He doesn't want to go alone and asks his older brother to accompany him for support. While the groom-to-be is inside paying his respects to his father-in-law, his brother is seen waiting outside. The father-in-law insists that both men join him for the toast to the new couple. But the brothers have a problem: They only have one pair of formal dress pants and have to find a way to share them...

The Mimic

English Title: The Mimic
Japanese Title: 口眞似
Romanized Title: Kuchimane

Cast: Saki Nozomi, Ouka Reiya, Ayukawa Natsuki


The master has a bottle of precious sake that he doesn't want to drink alone. He doesn't want to drink with his servant, either, so he sends him to find a guest. The servant does as he is told and returns with a guest. The master is worried that his servant may not be good enough to serve sake for the guest, so he tells his servant to do exactly as he says. And upon this, the servant starts to mimic everything his master says. The master tries to order his servant to stop, but without success, as the servant keeps repeating everything, directing at the guest the orders his master had directed at him.

Sword Stealing

English Title: Sword Stealing
Japanese Title: 太刀奪
Romanized Title: Tachiubai

Role Cast
Servant Suzuka Teru
Master Matake Suguru
Man at the shrine Yuuma Rin


A servant tries to steal for his master the sword from a man he encounters at a shrine, but in the end it's his master's sword that gets stolen.

Two Deliver One Letter

English Title: Two Deliver One Letter
Japanese Title: 文荷
Romanized Title: Fumininai

Role Cast
Tarou Kaja Ranju Tomu
Jirou Kaja Sou Kazuho
Master Mihiro Seisa


The Master orders Tarou Kaja and Jirou Kaja to deliver a letter to Ozaki Saburo.
Tarou and Jirou carry the letter together. They say the letter is heavy because it's a love letter. To make it easier, they sing a passage from the noh play "Love Burden".
Eventually, they sit down to rest and start reading the letter and making fun of their master's words.

The Snail

English Title: The Snail
Japanese Title: 過牛
Romanized Title: Kagyuu

Mountain Priest (Yamabushi) Takumi Hibiki
Master Ootori Rei
Tarou Kaja (a servant) Asazono Miki

After having completed his austerities, the yamabushi heads home. On his way he gets tired and lies down to rest in a nearby thicket.
The master sends Tarou Kaja to find a snail, which is used to make medicine for a longer life. Tarou Kaja has never seen a snail, so the master describes it to him: It has a black head and lives in thickets, it's carrying its shell on its back and sometimes it shows horns.
Tarou Kaja looks in the thicket and finds the yamabushi. He is convinced that he has found the snail he was sent out to find and takes the priest home to his master...

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