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Only shows that actually have an individual summary, or that you are going to create a page for, should be indexed on these pages. If you don't intend to put up a summary page, don't add the show to this list. Remember, you can link the show by more than one name if necessary. Make sure you READ THIS PAGE before adding anything here.

Éclair Brillant

Eden no Higashi / Dandizum

Edokko Sanjuushi / Sanraizu Agein

Edowaado Hassei / Misty Station

Eege Kai no Buruuzu / Za Sutoomu

Eeru no Zanshou / Takarazuka Oore!

Eien no Warutsu


Ekusukaribaa (2023)

Ekusukaribaa / Shitorasu no Kaze (1998)

Ekusukaribaa / Shitorasu no Kaze (National Tour 1999)

El Japón / Akuaviite!!


Endless Love

Entaa Za Rebyuu (Flower 2005)

Entaa Za Rebyuu (Flower 2006)

Entaa Za Rebyuu (Flower 2008)

The Entertainer!


Erizabeeto (Snow 1996)

Erizabeeto (Star 1996-97)

Erizabeeto (Cosmos 1998-99)

Erizabeeto (Flower 2002-03)

Erizabeeto (Moon 2005)

Erizabeeto (Snow 2007)

Erizabeeto (Moon 2009)

Erizabeeto (Flower 2014)

Erizabeeto (Cosmos 2016)

Elizabeeto (Moon 2018)

Eru Amiigo

Eru Arukon / Rebyuu Orukisu

Eru Doraado


Esukaiya Gaarusu (Star 1966)

Esukaiya Gaaruzu (Flower 1967)

Estrellas ~Esutoreejasu, Hoshitachi~

Esutoriita / Juerii Meruhen


Etowaaru do Takarazuka (2012)

Etowaaru do Takarazuka (2013)

Exciter!! (2009)

Exciter!! (2010)

Exciter!! 2017

Exciter!! 2018


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