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English Title: Elegy
Japanese Title: Elegy 哀歌
Romanized Title: Elegy Aika

Troupe: Star
Year: 1997 - 1998
Performances: Bow Hall, 9/20 - 9/28; Nippon Seinenkan, 1/15 - 1/26

Based On:The legend of Tristan and Iseult
Author/Director: Oota Tetsunori
Composer: Yoshizaki Kenji, Miyahara Tooru
Choreographer: Akiko Kanda

Available on DVD: VHS only


RoleBow CastNippon Cast
Tristan (a young knight of Cornwall, Mark's nephew)
Isolde (princess of Ireland who becomes queen of Cornwall)
Palomides (an itinerant knight)
Gorwenal (Tristan's servant)Ritsu Tomomi Hoshihara Misao
King Mark (King of Cornwall)
Elaine (a lady of Cornwall) - Chiga Teruko
King Gurmun (King of Ireland)Isono Chihiro Aoi Miya
Constance (Queen of Ireland, Isolde's mother)
Joanna (Isolde's lady-in-waiting)
Dinas (leader of the knights of Cornwall, faithful confidant of the king)
Andred (Tristan's cousin, wants to take the Cornish throne)
Alan (hopes to be Dinas' successor)
Camilla (Alan's wife, but she plots with Andred)Ryou Akino Shiratori Yurie
Igrene (Duchess Hoel)
Isolde of the White Hands (daughter of Duchess Hoel)Shiratori Yurie Koto Marie
Philip (brother of Isolde of the White Hands)
Prunier (express courier)
Agnes (express courier)

Others (Bow): Takayagi Midori, Suzuna Saya, Asamiya Mayu, Takao Rio, Shiran Masumi, Hodaka Yuu, Hanasaki Rika, Kazaki Maya, Ayase Saki, Miya Erika, Fubuki Ayu, Matobu Sei, Yoshino Kyouka

Others (Nippon): Asamiya Mayu, Takao Rio, Hanasaki Rika, Ayase Saki, Aimi Rise, Miya Erika, Kazu Yuuto, Matobu Sei, Hatsuki Kanade, Yoshino Kyouka, Marino Yui, Takuma Saki



The tragedy of Tristan and Isolde, as told by Dinas and Joanna. It probably all began, Joanna tells us, with the battle between Tristan of Cornwall and Morholt of Ireland. Tristan kills Morholt, and sends his body back to his sister, the queen of Ireland. The queen discovers a shard of Tristan's sword still in her brother's death wound, and gives it to her daughter Isolde for safe keeping. They swear revenge for the death of Morholt.

Shortly thereafter, Tristan arrives in Ireland disguised as a harpist named Tantris. He quickly charms the beautiful Isolde, and also falls in love with her. He enters a tournament against the advice of his servant Gorwenal, but with his face hidden by a helmet. In the tournament he is wounded badly by Palomides. The queen and Isolde nurse Tristan's wounds, but while doing so they discover his sword and notice that it is missing a piece which exactly matches the fragment found in Morholt's wound. Tristan is banished from Ireland on pain of death.

Meanwhile, in Cornwall, the King, Tristan's uncle, is being pressured to marry and beget an heir. He is reluctant to marry because he is unsure of himself, but then a bird's golden feather floats down to him. He takes this as a sign, and declares that he will only marry a woman with golden hair. When pressed for his opinion, Tristan admits that he knows a woman with hair of that color — Isolde of Ireland. He offers to go to Ireland to fetch her, despite the death sentence on his head.

Some, like Tristan's cousin Andred, would rather he remain unmarried. Andred hungers for the throne himself, and sees Tristan as being in his way. He plots against both Tristan and King Mark, but particularly wants to turn Mark against Tristan.

Queen Constance of Ireland is against the marriage, but the king of Ireland says he must think of the greater good of his country, and that the union of Isolde and Mark will be good for all. Reluctantly, Constance agrees. She gives to her daughter's lady-in-waiting (Joanna) two potions. One is a poison, and the other a love potion for Mark and her daughter to share to ensure her daughter's happiness.

On the ship on the way over, Tristan avoids Isolde. He confides to his man that this is one of the most painful tasks he has ever done for his king. Isolde, meanwhile, is furious and desperate. As they near the harbor, she demands that Tristan come in to her cabin. He begs her forgiveness, if not for his sake, than for his king's. Isolde has an idea. She forces a smile and tells Tristan she will forgive him. She asks him to share a drink with her as they start over again as friends. Overjoyed, he agrees. Not knowing about the love potion, Isolde orders a maid to pour them a drink, expecting it to be the poison.

Joanna returns to find Isolde and Tristan in a lovers' embrace. She quickly checks the potions and realizes what Isolde has done, but it is too late. She confronts her with it, and the dazed lovers try to pull their wits together as Mark arrives to greet them.

Time passes, and rumors begin to run rampant in the palace, flagged on by Andred. Eventually, Andred manages to get Tristan exiled from Cornwall. Tristan eventually ends up in Brittany, where he marries Isolde of the White Hands. When Palomides hears what Tristan has done he is aghast. He, too, loves Isolde of Ireland, and he can't believe that Tristan is going to forget about her completely. He goes to Isolde and tells her what Tristan has done.

Tristan returns secretly to Cornwall, and sends a ring in to Isolde to ask her for a meeting. Angry, she refuses. He then disguises himself as a peasant and sneaks into Mark's castle, despite the danger, determined to meet with her. When she realizes what he has done, she begins to forgive him. However, the two are discovered, and Tristan is wounded in the ensuing fight. Andred is killed. Tristan flees back to Brittany with the help of Palomides.

The wound, however, grows worse. Believing the only one who can heal him is Isolde of Ireland, Palomides and Philip (brother of Isolde of the White Hands), go to Cornwall to bring her back. Their ship's return is delayed by a huge storm, and Tristan grows weaker and weaker. The signal is that as the ship comes into the harbor, they'll fly white sails if Palomides and Philip managed to bring Isolde back with him, black if he failed. Isolde of the White Hands is the first to see the ship come in. Jealous of the other Isolde, she tells Tristan that the sails are black. He dies of a broken heart. Isolde arrives too late, and dies of grief alongside Tristan.

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