Submissions - Takarazuka Performances

If you want to add a performance profile to our database, please follow these guidelines.

1. Make sure the page does not already exist. Most shows that you'd want to profile will have an existing link on the appropriate year-index page, which you can just click on to be prompted to create the page if it doesn't exist yet.

2. Make sure your new page follows the Page Naming Guidelines.

3. Use the Performance Summary Template when creating new pages. (See Using Templates.) If you do not have a particular bit of information, leave it blank.

4. If you do not see the show that you want to profile on the year-pages or the troupe-pages, check to be sure the information you have for the show (troupe and year) is accurate. If you're sure you have the right information, you may add the show to the alphabetical pages.


On these pages, the same show may be listed more than once, because we want visitors to be able to find the show they're looking for as easily as possible. Therefore, you may make entries on these pages in three ways: by the official English title ("Gone With the Wind"), by the romanized title ("Waga Ai Wa Yama no Kanata Ni") or by the show's unofficial nickname, if you're aware of one ("Aida"). Please use bracket links (see Making A Wiki Link) when adding shows to these pages. You may add the same show under more than one name, if you know of more than one.

Please drop us a note in the Suggestion Box to let us know if you feel the show should be added to the year and troupe menus.

5. You may add a title image, and thumbnails of any merchandise cover art, to the performance summary page. See Adding Images for information and guidelines on this.

6. Do not post opinions or reviews on these pages. There is a section on each summary page to create a link to your own review of the show. Follow the Page Naming Guidelines in creating this link, and use the Performance Review template to create your review page. Alternatively, you may post comments containing your opinions if you don't want to write out a full review.

7. If you wish to edit information on a given page, you may do so. In general, the "Summary" section will likely be copied directly from the English text in the program book, which is also displayed on the official english website when the show is running. However, these summaries cut off before the end, presumably to avoid spoilers. Since those of us who don't speak Japanese actually NEED spoilers to understand what's going on, you are allowed to fill in the ending yourself if you know what it is. You may also correct any errors in the existing text.

Any pages submitted that do not meet the above guidelines may be subject to editing, renaming and possible deletion by the Editors.