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Standard Profile Information

Name: Izawa Ichirou
Kanji: 伊澤 一朗 (formerly 伊沢 一郎)
Position: Conductor
Former Takarasienne: No

Blood Type:

First Takarazuka Work: YEAR Performance


YearTitleType of PerformanceTroupe
2014The Rose of Versailles -Oscar-: Act 1Main (Tokyo)Cosmos
2013The Rose of Versailles -Fersen-: Act 1Main (Tokyo)Snow
2013The Rose of Versailles -Oscar and Andre-: Act 1Main (Tokyo)Moon
2012Saint-ExupéryMain (Takarazuka)Flower
2012Brilliant DaysMain (Takarazuka)Cosmos
2012ResurrectionMain (Tokyo)Flower
2011The Man from AlgiersMain (Tokyo)Moon
2010Gu BijinMain (Takarazuka)Flower
2010The Scarlet PimpernelMain (Tokyo)Moon
2010The Gypsy BaronMain (Tokyo)Moon
2009ElisabethMain (Tokyo)Moon
2009Nishiki-e of the WindMain (Tokyo)Snow
2009The LegendMain (Tokyo)Flower
2008The Scarlet PimpernelMain (Tokyo)Star
2006Lucifer's TearsMain (Tokyo)Snow
2005Shigure Hill Road in Nagasaki / Soul of Shiva!!Main (Tokyo)Star
2005Ernest in LoveNissay TheatreFlower
2005WonderlandMain (Tokyo)Snow
2005Enter the RevueMain (Tokyo)Flower
2005ElisabethMain (Tokyo)Moon
2004A Love Story in 1914Main (Tokyo)Star
2004Endless Flight / Season of AngelsMain (Tokyo)Flower
2004The Glow of Sunset in AsukaMain (Tokyo)Moon
2003-04 Lightning in the DaytimeMain (Tokyo)Cosmos
2001Castel MirageMain (Tokyo)Cosmos
1996Who Is Bad? / Passion BlueMain (Tokyo)Star
1995Sorrowful CórdobaMain (Tokyo)Flower
1994I Won't Forget the Young Day's SongMain (Tokyo)Star
1993-94La Cote d'AzurMainSnow
1993Parfum de ParisMain (Tokyo)Star
1993Heaven and HellMain (Tokyo)Snow
1993MayerlingMain (Tokyo)Star
1992-93ChuushinguraMain (Tokyo)Snow
1992One Night MirageMain (Tokyo)Star
1992Random HarvestMainFlower
1992Dreamy FragranceMain (Tokyo)Moon
1991-92Sunset of the Forbidden CityMain (Tokyo)Star
1991The Flash!Main (Tokyo)Flower
1990-91Jesus DiamanteMain (Tokyo)Star
1990Great ExpectationsMain (Tokyo)Moon
1990Takarazuka Revue '90Main (Tokyo)Star
1990The Castle Tower Enveloped in the Smell of FlowersMain (Tokyo)Snow
1988Chronicles of TamayuraMain (Tokyo)Snow
1988Fiery BoleroMain (Tokyo)Star
1988War and Peace: Act 2Main (Tokyo)Star
1987A Single Rose / The RevuescopeMain (Tokyo)Flower
1987The White HorizonMain (Tokyo)Flower
1987Portraits of PartingMain (Tokyo)Star
1986Three WaltzesMain (Tokyo)Snow
1986The Legend of OeyamaMain (Tokyo)Snow
1986Memoirs du ParisMain (Tokyo)Flower
1985-86The Legend of the Pulsing FlowerMain (Tokyo)Moon
1985The Revue IIIMain (Tokyo)Star
1985And Now!Main (Tokyo)Snow
1985Sorrowful CordobaMain (Tokyo)Star
1984La La FloraMain (Tokyo)Flower
1983-84Heart JackMain (Tokyo)Moon
1980Angelique -A Tale of the Flames of Love-Main (Tokyo)Moon
1974Purely, Righteously, Beautifully / Gu BijinMain (Tokyo): AssistantStar, Flower
1968-69Hollywood MusicalMain (Tokyo)Flower
1968My IdolMain (Tokyo)Flower
1966Love Story of a Castle in the Foggy NightMainStar
1965Yohi and BaihiMainSnow
1965Lucienne's MirrorMainStar
1963Invitation to the RevueMainMoon / Star

Non-Takarazuka Projects

YearTitleMain or Assistant
YEARName of Performance
YEARName of Performance
YEARName of Performance


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