TCA DVDs - Part 3

The following is a comprehensive list of Takarazuka TCA DVDs.

Many of shows performed after 2000 were released on both DVD and VHS (with occasional VHS or DVD only releases). As of January 2007, however, the company switched solely to DVD distribution and will no longer be producing shows on video.

Shows marked with a § are sold out. They are no longer available through the TCA Pictures Shop.

All DVDs on this page are region free.

Blu-ray Discs
Sky Stage DVDs

Part 3: TCAD-421 through Current (Dec. 2013 - Current)
Part 2: TCAD-211 through TCAD-420 (Feb. 2008 - Dec. 2013)
Part 1: TCAD-001 through TCAD-210 (April 2000 - Feb. 2008)

Item NumberTroupeShow TitleStarsRecording DateRelease DateCuts
TCAD-603MoonFlügel -The Wings You Gave Me- / A Kaleidoscope of Life Tsukishiro Kanato, Umino Mitsuki 09/06/2311/09/23TBA
フリューゲル -君がくれた翼- / 万華鏡百景色(ばんかきょうひゃくげしき)
TCAD-602FlowerSinging Lovebirds / Grand Mirage! Yuzuka Rei, Hoshikaze Madoka 07/26/2310/31/23TBA
TCAD-601Star 1789: The Lovers of Bastille (2023 Star Troupe) Rei Makoto, Maisora Hitomi06/21/2308/24/23No
TCAD-600SnowA Dream in Lilac -The Pride of the Droysen Family- / Jewel de Paris!! -The Jewels of Paris- Ayakaze Sakina, Yumeshiro Aya 05/10/2307/06/23Yes
ライラックの夢路 -ドロイゼン家の誇り- / ジュエル・ド・パリ!! -パリの宝石たち-
TCAD-599CosmosCasino Royale -My Name's Bond- Makaze Suzuho, Jun Hana 03/24/2306/03/23No
カジノ・ロワイヤル ~我が名はボンド~
TCAD-598MoonOhten no Mon -The Tale of Young Sugawara no Michizane- / Deep Sea -The Carnival of the Sea Gods- Tsukishiro Kanato, Umino Mitsuki 02/17/2304/20/23No
応天の門 -若き日の菅原道真の事- / Deep Sea -海神たちのカルナバル-
TCAD-597FlowerMayerling / Enchantement -A Luxurious Perfume- Yuzuka Rei, Hoshikaze Madoka01/30/2304/14/23No
うたかたの恋 / ENCHANTEMENT-華麗なる香水-
TCAD-596StarDimitri -Purple Flowers Scattering at Daybreak- / Jaguar Beat Rei Makoto, Maisora Hitomi11/25/2202/03/23No
ディミトリ~曙光に散る、紫の花~ / JAGUAR BEAT-ジャガービート-
TCAD-595SnowThe Pleiades in the Blue Ayakaze Sakina, Asazuki Kiwa10/14/2212/20/22No
TCAD-594CosmosHigh & Low -The Prequel- / Capricciosa!! -Follow Your Heart- Makaze Suzuho, Jun Hana 09/09/2211/11/22No
HiGH&LOW -THE PREQUEL- / Capricciosa(カプリチョーザ)!! -心のままに-
TCAD-593MoonThe Great Gatsby Tsukishiro Kanato, Umino Mitsuki07/28/2210/31/22No
TCAD-592FlowerYears of Pilgrimage: The Wandering Soul of Franz Liszt / Fashionable Empire Yuzuka Rei, Hoshikaze Madoka06/17/2208/25/22No
巡礼の年〜リスト・フェレンツ、魂の彷徨〜 / Fashionable Empire
TCAD-591StarA Second Fortuitous Meeting Next Generation -Midnight Girlfriend- / Gran Cantante!! Rei Makoto, Maisora Hitomi05/30/2208/09/22Yes
めぐり会いは再び next generation-真夜中の依頼人(ミッドナイト・ガールフレンド)- / Gran Cantante(グラン カンタンテ)!!
TCAD-590SnowYumesuke's Dream-Senryo Souvenir / Sensational! Ayakaze Sakina, Asazuki Kiwa04/04/2206/05/22No
夢介千両みやげ / Sensational!
TCAD-589Cosmos Never Say Goodbye -The Footsteps of Lovers- Makaze Suzuho, Jun Hana03/14/2205/27/22No
TCAD-588MoonColor Me True / Full Swing! Tsukishiro Kanato, Umino Mitsuki01/14/2206/30/22Yes
今夜、ロマンス劇場で / FULL SWING!
TCAD-587FlowerGenroku Baroque Rock / The Fascination! Yuzuka Rei, Hoshikaze Madoka11/19/2103/20/22Yes
元禄バロックロック / The Fascination(ザ ファシネイション)!
TCAD-586StarThe Yagyu Ninja Scrolls / More Dandyism! Rei Makoto, Maisora Hitomi10/08/2111/05/21Yes
柳生忍法帖 / モアー・ダンディズム!
TCAD-585SnowCity Hunter -The Stolen XYZ- / Fire Fever! Ayakaze Sakina, Asazuki Kiwa08/20/2112/16/21No
CITY HUNTER-盗まれたXYZ-/ Fire Fever!
TCAD-584CosmosSherlock Holmes -The Game Is Afoot!- / Délicieux! -Sweet Paris- Makaze Suzuho, Jun Hana07/09/2109/16/21Yes
シャーロック・ホームズ -The Game Is Afoot!- / Délicieux (デリシュー)!-甘美なる巴里-
TCAD-583MoonOuranki / Dream Chaser Tamaki Ryou, Misono Sakura05/28/2108/05/21No
桜嵐記 / Dream Chaser
TCAD-582FlowerAugustus -The Illustrious One- / Cool Beast!! Yuzuka Rei, Hana Yuuki04/25/2106/29/21No
アウグストゥス-尊厳ある者- / Cool Beast!!
TCAD-581StarRomeo & Juliette (A Cast) Rei Makoto, Maisora Hitomi02/23/2105/13/21No
TCAD-580Snowfff -Fortississimo- / Silk Road ~A Bandit and a Jewel~ Nozomi Fuuto, Maaya Kiho01/12/2104/20/21Yes
fff -フォルティッシッシモ- / シルクロード~盗賊と宝石~
TCAD-579CosmosAnastasia Makaze Suzuho, Hoshikaze Madoka11/20/2002/11/21No
TCAD-578MoonWelcome to Takarazuka -Snow and Moon and Flower- / A Farce in Pigalle (Frénésie à Pigalle) Tamaki Ryou, Misono Sakura10/09/2012/22/20No
WELCOME TO TAKARAZUKA -雪と月と花と- / ピガール狂騒曲
TCAD-577FlowerHaikara-san: Here Comes Miss Modern Yuzuka Rei, Hana Yuuki09/05/2011/05/20No
TCAD-576StarValley of Xuanyao / Ray -Stellar Light- Rei Makoto, Maisora Hitomi02/21/2004/23/20No
眩耀の谷 ~舞い降りた新星~ / Ray -星の光線-
TCAD-575SnowOnce Upon a Time in America Nozomi Fuuto, Maaya Kiho01/17/2003/17/20No
TCAD-574Cosmos El Japón -The Samurai of España- / Aqua Vitae!! Makaze Suzuho, Hoshikaze Madoka 11/29/1902/06/20No
El Japón -イスパニアのサムライ- / アクアヴィーテ ~生命の水~
TCAD-573MoonI Am From Austria Tamaki Ryou, Misono Sakura10/25/19 12/18/19No
TCAD-572FlowerA Fairy Tale / Charme! Asumi Rio, Hana Yuuki 09/06/19 11/14/19No
TCAD-571 Star God of Stars / Éclair Brillant Kurenai Yuzuru, Kisaki Airi 07/26/19 10/05/19 No
Item NumberTroupeShow TitleStarsRecording DateRelease DateCuts
TCAD-570 Snow When the Last Sword Is Drawn / Music Revolution! Nozomi Fuuto, Maaya Kiho 06/14/19 08/22/19 No
壬生義士伝 / Music Revolution!
§ TCAD-569CosmosOcean's 11 Makaze Suzuho, Hoshikaze Madoka05/07/1907/11/19No
TCAD-568MoonUnmatched in Dreams and Reality / Krung Thep Tamaki Ryou, Misono Sakura03/29/1906/06/19No
夢現無双 / クルンテープ 天使の都
TCAD-567 Senka / OGsThe Rose of Versailles 45 ~The 45-Year Track Record, and the Future~ February 201905/13/19No
§ TCAD-566FlowerCasanova Asumi Rio, Senna Ayase02/22/1904/26/19No
TCAD-565StarBeside the Foggy Elbe / Estrellas Kurenai Yuzuru, Kisaki Airi01/18/1903/16/19No
霧深きエルベのほとり / ESTRELLAS ~星たち~
TCAD-564SnowPhantom Nozomi Fuuto, Maaya Kiho12/06/1802/12/18No
TCAD-563CosmosCastle of the White Heron / Outsiders in the Renaissance Makaze Suzuho, Hoshikaze Madoka10/19/1812/21/18No
白鷺の城 / 異人たちのルネサンス
TCAD-562MoonElisabeth Tamaki Ryou, Manaki Reika09/11/1811/15/18No
TCAD-561MoonSainte♡d'Amour Manaki Reika07/07/1809/28/18No
TCAD-560FlowerMessiah / Beautiful Garden Asumi Rio, Senna Ayase07/27/1810/04/18No
TCAD-559MoonSingin' in the Rain Tamaki Ryou, Miya Rurika, Misono Sakura07/01/1809/21/18No
TCAD-558SnowArch of Triumph / Gato Bonito!! Todoroki Yuu, Nozomi Fuuto, Maaya Kiho06/22/1809/30/18No
凱旋門 / Gato Bonito!!
TCAD-557FlowerLove Blooms Out on the Murasakino / Santé!! Asumi Rio, Senna Ayase05/25/1810/12/18No
あかねさす紫の花 / Santé!!
§ TCAD-556StarAnother World / Killer Rouge Kurenai Yuzuru, Kisaki Airi05/18/1807/20/18Yes
Item NumberTroupeShow TitleStarsRecording DateRelease DateCuts
TCAD-555SnowThe Spirit of the Samurai / Super Voyager! Nozomi Fuuto, Maaya Kiho04/08/1806/21/18Yes
TCAD-554 Makaze Suzuho's "Energy Premium Series"Makaze Suzuho2009-1305/11/18No
TCAD-553CosmosThe Sky Is on the Banks of the Red River / Citrus Breeze -Sunrise- Makaze Suzuho, Hoshikaze Madoka03/30/1806/15/18Yes
天は赤い河のほとり / シトラスの風―Sunrise―
§ TCAD-552AllTheme Songs 2017 -Takarazuka Revue Theme Song Collection- 201704/13/18No
THEME SONGS 2017 ―宝塚歌劇主題歌集―
§ TCAD-551StarDoctor Zhivago Todoroki Yuu, Arisa Hitomi02/10/1805/14/18No
TCAD-550StarMayerling / Bouquet de Takarazuka Kurenai Yuzuru, Kisaki Airi02/15/1805/14/18No
うたかたの恋 / Bouquet de TAKARAZUKA
§ TCAD-549MoonCompany / Baddy Tamaki Ryou, Manaki Reika02/23/1805/04/18No
グランドホテル / カルーセル輪舞曲
TCAD-548AllTakarazuka Special 2017 Je t’aime Revue -90th Anniversary of Mon Paris-] 12/22/1704/05/18No
タカラヅカスペシャル2017 ジュテーム・レビュー -モン・パリ誕生90周年-
TCAD-547OGSecret Splendour((Sagiri Seina11/27-29/1706/15/18Yes
§ TCAD-546FlowerThe Poe Clan Asumi Rio, Senna Ayase01/19/1803/20/18No
TCAD-545 Nozomi Fuuto's "Energy Premium Series"Nozomi Fuuto2004-0912/10/17No
TCAD-544MoonLegend of the Phoenix / Crystal Takarazuka Tamaki Ryou, Manaki Reika12/10/1703/30/18Yes
§ TCAD-543SnowA Passage Through the Light ~Maximilien Robespierre, the Revolutionary~ / Super Voyager! Nozomi Fuuto, Maaya Kiho12/01/1702/08/18Yes
§ TCAD-542FlowerHanna's Florist Asumi Rio, Senna Ayase10/22/1701/30/18No
TCAD-541CosmosAsaka Manato "The Last Day"Asaka Manato11/19/1702/10/18n/a
Item NumberTroupeShow TitleStarsRecording DateRelease DateCuts
TCAD-540CosmosAsaka Manato Dinner Show "Last Eyes!!" Asaka Manato10/03/1702/06/18No
朝夏まなとディナーショー「LAST EYES!!」
TCAD-539StarThe Cinema Rhapsody / Bouquet de Takarazuka Kurenai Yuzuru, Kisaki Airi10/13/1712/22/17No
ベルリン、わが愛 / Bouquet de TAKARAZUKA
TCAD-538SnowCaptain Nemo Ayakaze Sakina, Irodori Michiru09/22/1712/08/17No
TCAD-537SnowIn the Amber-Hued Rain / ‘D’ramatic S! Nozomi Fuuto, Maaya Kiho09/18/1712/05/17No
琥珀色の雨にぬれて / “D”ramatic S!
§ TCAD-536MoonGrand Hotel / Carousel Rondo Tamaki Ryou, Manaki Reika01/20/1708/31/17Yes
グランドホテル / カルーセル輪舞曲
TCAD-535CosmosAsaka Manato Retirement Memorial DVD "A☆Live"Asaka Manato09/25/1711/18/17No
TCAD-534CosmosLand of the Gods / Classical Bijoux Asaka Manato09/01/1711/09/17Yes
神々の土地 ~ロマノフたちの黄昏~ / クラシカル ビジュー
TCAD-533StarATERUI Rei Makoto, Arisa Hitomi07/19/1710/20/17No
§ TCAD-532MoonALL FOR ONE Tamaki Ryou, Manaki Reika07/28/1709/28/17No
§ TCAD-531SnowSagiri Seina "The Last Day"Sagiri Seina07/23/1709/30/17No
TCAD-530CosmosA Motion Asaka Manato06/09/1710/13/17Yes
TCAD-529FlowerWind Over Yamatai-koku / Santé!! Asumi Rio, Senna Ayase06/16/1708/24/17Yes
邪馬台国の風 / Santé!!
TCAD-528MoonShigure Hill Road in Nagasaki / Carousel Rondo Tamaki Ryou, Manaki Reika05/17/1708/31/17Yes
長崎しぐれ坂 / カルーセル輪舞曲(ロンド)
§ TCAD-527Moon Azure Moment Miya Rurika, Umino Mitsuki05/06/1708/07/17No
§ TCAD-526SnowSagiri Seina Retirement Memorial DVD "Bonds"Sagiri Seina05/29/1707/22/17No
Item NumberTroupeShow TitleStarsRecording DateRelease DateCuts
TCAD-525FlowerRomanesque Mask / EXCITER!!2017 Asumi Rio, Senna Ayase04/02/1707/28/17No
仮面のロマネスク / EXCITER!!2017
TCAD-524SnowSun in the Last Days of the Shogunate / Dramatic S! Sagiri Seina, Sakihi Miyu05/12/1707/20/17No
幕末太陽傳 / Dramatic “S”!
§ TCAD-523FlowerMY HERO Serika Toa, Houzuki An04/08/1708/24/17No
§ TCAD-522StarThe Scarlet Pimpernel Kurenai Yuzuru, Kisaki Airi03/24/1705/31/17No
スカーレット ピンパーネル
§ TCAD-521CosmosChateau de la Reine -The Queen's Chateau- / Viva! Festa! Asaka Manato, Misaki Rion02/17/1704/20/17No
王妃の館 / VIVA! FESTA!
§ TCAD-520AllTheme Songs 2016 -Takarazuka Revue Theme Song Collection- 201604/14/17No
THEME SONGS 2016 ―宝塚歌劇主題歌集―
TCAD-519AllTakarazuka Special 2016 ~Music Succession to Next~ 12/23/1607/10/17Yes
タカラヅカスペシャル2016 ~Music Succession to Next~
§ TCAD-518n/aElisabeth 20th Anniversary Special Gala Concertn/a12/13,17/16, 01/08,11,20/1704/18/17No
エリザベート TAKARAZUKA20周年スペシャル・ガラ・コンサート
§ TCAD-517StarOm Shanti Om Kurenai Yuzuru, Kisaki Airi01/11/1704/15/17No
§ TCAD-516MoonTamaki Ryou's "Energy Premium Series"Tamaki Ryou2010-1401/07/17No
珠城りょう「Energy PREMIUM SERIES」
TCAD-515CosmosValencian Passion / HOT EYES!! Asaka Manato11/27/1603/31/17No
バレンシアの熱い花 / HOT EYES!!
§ TCAD-514Senka/CosmosThe Eagle with Two Heads Todoroki Yuu, Misaki Rion12/02/1602/27/17No
TCAD-513FlowerSnowflake Anthology / Golden Desert Asumi Rio, Kano Maria12/02/1602/04/17No
雪華抄 / 金色の砂漠
§ TCAD-512n/aBiohazard: The Voice of GaiaYuzuki Reon10/04/1612/22/16No
ミュージカル バイオハザード
§ TCAD-511StarHokushou Kairi "The Last Day"Hokushou Kairi11/20/1601/31/17n/a
Item NumberTroupeShow TitleStarsRecording DateRelease DateCuts
TCAD-510MoonThe Legend of King Arthur Tamaki Ryou, Manaki Reika11/05/1601/27/17No
TCAD-509SnowCaleb Hunt, Private Eye / Greatest Hits! Sagiri Seina, Sakihi Miyu10/21/1612/23/16Yes
私立探偵ケイレブ・ハント / Greatest HITS!
TCAD-508FlowerRomanesque Mask / Melodia Asumi Rio, Kano Maria09/10/1612/06/16No
仮面のロマネスク / Melodia
§ TCAD-507n/aHokushou Kairi Retirement Memorial DVD "All For Your Smile"Hokushou Kairin/a12/10/16No
北翔海莉退団記念DVD「All For Your Smile」
TCAD-506MoonRyuu Masaki "The Last Day"Ryuu Masaki09/04/1611/19/16n/a
TCAD-505StarOne Samurai from Kagoshima / Romance!! Hokushou Kairi, Hinami Fuu09/09/1611/18/16Yes
桜華に舞え / ロマンス!!
TCAD-504MoonRyuu Masaki Dinner Show "Goodbye Fairy" Ryuu Masaki07/21/1611/10/16No
龍真咲ディナーショー「Goodbye Fairy」
TCAD-503StarOne Voice Hokushou Kairi07/07/1611/18/16Yes
§ TCAD-502SnowRoman Holiday Sagiri Seina, Sakihi Miyu08/10/1610/31/16No
TCAD-501SnowDon Juan Nozomi Fuuto, Irodori Michiru07/06/1610/07/16No
§ TCAD-500CosmosElisabeth Asaka Manato, Misaki Rion08/01/1610/06/16No
TCAD-499n/aSpecial DVD-BOX MANATO ASAKAAsaka Manaton/a09/09/16No
§ TCAD-498MoonRyuu Masaki Retirement Memorial DVD "Fairy LOVE"Ryuu Masaki07/18/1609/14/16No
龍真咲退団記念DVD「Fairy LOVE」
TCAD-497MoonNOBUNAGA / Forever LOVE!! Ryuu Masaki, Manaki Reika06/24/1608/25/16Yes
TCAD-496CosmosVampire Succession Makaze Suzuho, Hoshikaze Madoka05/08/1608/15/16No
Item NumberTroupeShow TitleStarsRecording DateRelease DateCuts
§ TCAD-495MoonPassion / Apasionado!! III Tamaki Ryou, Manaki Reika04/17/1608/30/16No
激情 / Apasionado!!III
§ TCAD-494MoonRyuu Masaki Concert "Voice" Ryuu Masaki04/19/1608/15/16Yes
龍真咲コンサート 『Voice』
TCAD-493FlowerMe and My Girl Asumi Rio, Kano Maria05/20/1607/21/16No
TCAD-492StarThe Bat -Die Fledermaus- / THE ENTERTAINER! Hokushou Kairi, Hinami Fuu04/16/1608/28/16No
§ TCAD-491StarGuys and Dolls Hokushou Kairi, Hinami Fuu09/01/1505/08/16No
§ TCAD-490Senka/FlowerFor the People: Lincoln, the Man Who Sought Freedom Todoroki Yuu02/17/1505/27/16No
For the People —リンカーン 自由を求めた男—
§ TCAD-489SnowThe Wanderer Kenshin Sagiri Seina, Sakihi Miyu02/19/1604/28/16No
§ TCAD-488AllTheme Songs 2015 -Takarazuka Revue Theme Song Collection- 201504/08/16No
THEME SONGS 2015 ―宝塚歌劇主題歌集―
§ TCAD-487AllTakarazuka Special 2015 -New Century, Next Dream- 12/20/1504/25/16No
タカラヅカスペシャル2015 -New Century,Next Dream-
TCAD-486StarLOVE & DREAM Hokushou Kairi, Hinami Fuu01/27/1604/15/16No
§ TCAD-485 SPECIAL DVD-BOX KAIRI HOKUSHOUHokushou Kairin/a04/04/16No
§ TCAD-484CosmosShakespeare / HOT EYES Asaka Manato, Misaki Rion01/15/1603/17/16No
TCAD-483CosmosMélancolique Gigolo / Love Symphony Asaka Manato, Misaki Rion10/18/1503/14/16No
メランコリック・ジゴロ / シトラスの風III
TCAD-482SnowSorrowful Córdoba / La Esmeralda Sagiri Seina, Sakihi Miyu12/13/1503/10/16No
哀しみのコルドバ / La Esmeralda (ラ エスメラルダ)
§ TCAD-481MoonManon / Golden Jazz Ryuu Masaki, Manaki Reika11/27/1502/12/16No
Item NumberTroupeShow TitleStarsRecording DateRelease DateCuts
§ TCAD-480MoonDRAGON NIGHT!! Ryuu Masaki09/09/1502/04/16Yes
§ TCAD-479Flower The New Tale of Genji / Melodia Asumi Rio, Kano Maria10/16/1512/17/15Yes
新源氏物語 / Melodia-熱く美しき旋律-
§ TCAD-478FlowerTAKARAZUKA in TAIWAN 2015 Stage and Document — The Rose of Versailles -Fersen and Marie-Antoinette- / Takarazuka Fantasia Asumi Rio, Kano Maria08/16/1511/27/15No
§ TCAD-477FlowerSPECIAL DVD-BOX RIO ASUMIAsumi Rion/a10/30/15No
TCAD-476SnowOne Night of Stars / La Esmeralda Sagiri Seina, Sakihi Miyu07/31/1510/01/15No
星逢一夜/La Esmeralda(ラ エスメラルダ)
TCAD-475Moon Hokushou Kairi's "Energy Premium Series" Hokushou Kairi2000-04 09/25/15No
北翔海莉「Energy Premium Series」
§ TCAD-474StarGreat Pirates / Amour, it's something like... Hokushou Kairi, Hinami Fuu 07/05/1512/14/15Yes
大海賊 / Amour それは・・・
§ TCAD-473SnowMan of Starlight / Fancy Guy! Sagiri Seina, Sakihi Miyu05/20/1509/20/15No
星影の人 / ファンシー・ガイ!
§ TCAD-472Cosmos A Song For Kingdoms Asaka Manato, Misaki Rion06/19/1508/20/15No
§ TCAD-471Flower Asaka Manato's "Energy Premium Series" Asaka Manato2005-07 07/10/15No
朝夏まなと「Energy Premium Series」
§ TCAD-470SnowSPECIAL DVD-BOX SEINA SAGIRISagiri Seinan/a08/15/15No
TCAD-469Snow Al Capone -The Hidden Truth of Scarface- Nozomi Fuuto05/16/1508/08/15No
アル・カポネ ―スカーフェイスに秘められた真実―
§ TCAD-468StarYuzuki Reon "The Last Day" Yuzuki Reon05/10/1507/15/15No
TCAD-467Moon1789: The Lovers of Bastille Ryuu Masaki, Manaki Reika05/09/1507/16/15No
§ TCAD-466CosmosTOP HAT Asaka Manato, Misaki Rion03/29/1506/10/15No
Item NumberTroupeShow TitleStarsRecording DateRelease DateCuts
TCAD-465FlowerEmbraced by the Seas of Calista / Takarazuka Fantasia Asumi Rio, Kano Maria03/27/1506/04/15No
カリスタの海に抱かれて / 宝塚幻想曲(タカラヅカ ファンタジア)
§ TCAD-464StarYuzuki Reon Dinner Show "The REON!!" Yuzuki Reon03/17/1507/06/15No
柚希 礼音 ディナーショー 『The REON!!』
§ TCAD-463StarYuzuki Reon Retirement Memorial DVD "Top Sunshine"Yuzuki Reon03/09/1505/09/15No
§ TCAD-462 StarLike a Black Panther / Dear DIAMOND!! Yuzuki Reon, Yumesaki Nene02/20/1504/30/15Yes
黒豹の如く / Dear DIAMOND!!
§ TCAD-461 Takarazuka Special 2014 -Thank You for 100 Years- 12/22/1504/18/15Yes
タカラヅカスペシャル2014-Thank you for 100 years-
§ TCAD-460Senka/Flower Jirokichi of the Wind ―Night's Flight Over Edo― Hokushou Kairi 04/15/15No
Oh! Edo Night Show 『風の次郎吉 ―大江戸夜飛翔 ―』
TCAD-459FlowerErnest in Love Asumi Rio, Kano Maria01/15/1504/15/15No
『Ernest in Love』
§ TCAD-458 THEME SONGS 2014 -Takarazuka Revue Theme Song Collection- 201404/10/15n/a
THEME SONGS 2014 ―宝塚歌劇主題歌集―
§ TCAD-457 Sagiri Seina's "Energy Premium Series" Sagiri Seina 03/20/15n/a
早霧せいな "Energy Premium Series"
§ TCAD-456CosmosOuki Kaname "The Last Day" Ouki Kaname02/15/1404/22/15No
§ TCAD-455SnowLupin III / Fancy Guy! Sagiri Seina, Sakihi Miyu01/16/1504/28/15Yes
ルパン三世 / ファンシー・ガイ
§ TCAD-454CosmosOuki Kaname Retirement Memorial DVD "Phoenix, Beautiful Legend"Ouki Kaname12/15/1402/12/15No
§ TCAD-453CosmosOath of the Midnight Sun / Phoenix Takarazuka!! Ouki Kaname, Misaki Rion11/21/1402/05/15No
白夜の誓い / PHOENIX 宝塚!!
TCAD-452StarReon in Budokan-LEGEND Yuzuki Reon11/23/1403/27/15Yes
§ TCAD-451StarGone With the Wind Kurenai Yuzuru, Rei Makoto11/23/1402/28/15Yes
Item NumberTroupeShow TitleStarsRecording DateRelease DateCuts
§ TCAD-450SnowThe Count's Daughter Sagiri Seina, Sakihi Miyu10/25/1401/30/15No
TCAD-449 Great Sports Meet - 100th AnniversarySenka, Moon, Snow, Flower, Cosmos, Star, TMS10/07/1412/20/14No
宝塚歌劇100周年記念 大運動会
TCAD-448MoonPuck / Crystal Takarazuka Ryuu Masaki, Manaki Reika10/17/1412/20/14No
TCAD-447CosmosOuki Kaname Dinner Show: Metamorphose Ouki Kaname08/27/1412/12/14Yes
§ TCAD-446CosmosThe Rose of Versailles: Fersen and Marie-Antoinette Asaka Manato, Misaki Rion09/15/1412/12/14No
§ TCAD-445SnowSou Kazuho "The Last Day"Sou Kazuho08/31/1411/07/14Yes
§ TCAD-444FlowerElisabeth Asumi Rio, Ranno Hana09/02/1411/06/14No
エリザベート -愛と死の輪舞(ロンド)-
TCAD-443StarThe Lost Glory / Passionate Takarazuka! Yuzuki Reon, Yumesaki Nene08/01/1410/03/14No
The Lost Glory―美しき幻影― / パッショネイト宝塚!
TCAD-442FlowerThe Rose of Versailles: Fersen and Marie-Antoinette Asumi Rio, Ranno Hana06/25/1409/05/14No
§ TCAD-441 Sou Kazuho Retirement Memorial DVD "'S Wonderful"Sou Kazuho07/14/1409/10/14n/a
壮 一帆退団記念DVD「'S Wonderful」―思い出の舞台集&サヨナラショー―
§ TCAD-440AllTakarazuka Revue 100th Anniversary Dream Festival "Violets Playing On Through Time" III 04/06/14, 18:0007/10/14No
宝塚歌劇100周年 夢の祭典 『時を奏でるスミレの花たち』 III
§ TCAD-439AllTakarazuka Revue 100th Anniversary Dream Festival "Violets Playing On Through Time" II 04/06/14, 13:0007/10/14No
宝塚歌劇100周年 夢の祭典 『時を奏でるスミレの花たち』 II
§ TCAD-438AllTakarazuka Revue 100th Anniversary Dream Festival "Violets Playing On Through Time" I] 04/04/1407/10/14No
宝塚歌劇100周年 夢の祭典 『時を奏でるスミレの花たち』 I
TCAD-437MoonAsumi Rio "Energy Premium Series"((Asumi Rio2006-0908/22/14No
明日海りお「Energy Premium Series」
TCAD-436SnowMaeda Keiji / My Dream TAKARAZUKA Sou Kazuho, Manaka Ayu06/20/1408/28/14Yes
一夢庵風流記 前田慶次 / My Dream TAKARAZUKA
Item NumberTroupeShow TitleStarsRecording DateRelease DateCuts
§ TCAD-435StarThe Sun King Yuzuki Reon, Yumesaki Nene05/29/140/08/14No
太陽王 ~ル・ロワ・ソレイユ~
§ TCAD-434FlowerRanju Tomu "The Last Day"Ranju Tomu05/11/1407/18/14No
TCAD-433CosmosThe Rose of Versailles: Oscar Ouki Kaname, Misaki Rion05/16/1407/19/14No
§ TCAD-432AllTakarazuka Revue 100th Anniversary Dream Festival "Violets Playing On Through Time" BOX SET 04/04,06/1407/10/14n/a
宝塚歌劇100周年 夢の祭典 『時を奏でるスミレの花たち』 BOX SET
§ TCAD-431SnowLovers' Suicide: Love in Yamatoji Sou Kazuho, Manaka Ayu03/21/1406/30/14No
§ TCAD-430MoonClassic Takarazuka Dance / A Guide to the Future / Takarazuka Flower Poems 100!! Ryuu Masaki, Manaki Reika04/18/1406/13/14Yes
宝塚をどり / 明日への指針 / TAKARAZUKA 花詩集100!!
§ TCAD-429SnowThe Rose of Versailles: Oscar and Andre Sagiri Seina, Yumeno Seika03/23/1406/06/14No
§ TCAD-428CosmosRobert Capa / Citrus Breeze II Ouki Kaname, Misaki Rion02/19/1405/31/14Yes
ロバート・キャパ 魂の記録 / シトラスの風II
§ TCAD-427n/aRanju Tomu Retirement Memorial DVD "Person of Dreams -Tomu-"Ranju Tomu03/17/1405/10/14No
§ TCAD-426FlowerThe Love of the Last Tycoon / TAKARAZUKA ∞ Dazzling Dreams Ranju Tomu, Ranno Hana02/21/1405/10/14Yes
ラスト・タイクーン / TAKARAZUKA ∞ 夢眩
§ TCAD-425n/aTHEME SONGS 2013 -Takarazuka Revue Theme Song Collection- 201304/04/14No
THEME SONGS 2013 ―宝塚歌劇主題歌集―
TCAD-424CosmosPeople Who Have Wings Asaka Manato, Reimi Urara02/14/1405/11/14No
§ TCAD-423Moon/SenkaGone With the Wind Todoroki Yuu, Ryuu Masaki, Manaki Reika01/22/143/31/14Yes
§ TCAD-422StarNapoléon, the Man Who Never Sleeps Yuzuki Reon, Yumesaki Nene01/17/1404/04/14No
TCAD-421SnowRanju Tomu Dinner Show: T-ROAD Ranju Tomu12/04/1304/18/14Yes

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