Takarazuka News

01/19/2018 PERFORMANCE NEWS: Shinjin kouen roles announced for Company (Official Site & TakaWiki).

01/18/2018 ACTRESS NEWS: Hina Ririka has recovered and is performing in The Poe Clan again as of the 11am performance today (Official Site).

01/15/2018 ACTRESS NEWS: Moon Troupe Top Musumeyaku Manaki Reika has announced that she will be retiring on November 18th, the final Tokyo performance of Elisabeth. Her retirement conference will be tomorrow (Official Site).

01/15/2018 PERFORMANCE NEWS: Moon Troupe’s next Grand Theater performance announced: Elisabeth (Official Site & TakaWiki).

01/15/2018 PERFORMANCE NEWS: Moon summer performances announced: Singin’ in the Rain, Saint of Love, and The Last Party (Official Site 1, 2, 3 & TakaWiki).

01/13/2018 ACTRESS NEWS: Announced from today’s 11 AM performance, Hina Ririka will be absent from The Poe Clan until further notice due to poor physical health (Official Site).

01/06/2018 PERFORMANCE NEWS: Lead roles announced for Another World (Official Site & TakaWiki).

01/05/2018 PERFORMANCE NEWS: Lead shinjin kouen roles announced for Company (Official Site & TakaWiki).

01/05/2018 MEDIA NEWS: Upcoming guests announced for Cafe Break (Official Site & TakaWiki).

01/03/2018 PERFORMANCE NEWS: Roles announced for Doctor Zhivago (Official Site & TakaWiki).

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