Takarazuka News

03/23/2017 PERFORMANCE NEWS: The 54th Buyoukai has been announced for October 17th, 2017 (TakaWiki & Official Site).

03/18/2017 ACTRESS NEWS: Due to injury, Matsukaze Akira will not appear in the Tokyo run of the revue show "Viva Festa!" She will, however, perform in the musical "Chateau de la Reine" (Official Site).

03/09/2017 ACTRESS NEWS: The next top star and top musumeyaku of Snow Troupe have been announced: Nozomi Fuuto & Maaya Kiho (Official Site).

03/07/2017 ACTRESS NEWS: Asaka Manato, Top Star of Cosmos Troupe announced her retirement with The Land of the Gods / Classical Bijou. A press conference will be held tomorrow.

03/06/2017 ACTRESS NEWS: The 103rd classes stage name readings were announced along with their hatsubutai speech schedule.

03/06/2017 ACTRESS NEWS: In addition to the top combi Sagiri Seina and Sakihi Miyu of Snow troupe, Houshou Dai, Karyou Shizuru, Momohana Hina, Hoshino Anri and Aoi Miki will be retiring with The Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate / Dramatic 'S'!.

03/03/2017 PERFORMANCE NEWS: Lead roles announced for Moon Troupe's ALL FOR ONE

03/03/2017 PERFORMANCE NEWS: Cast lists for Cosmos Troupe Partial Time Travel, 2017 Paris Festival and A Motion.

03/02/2017 ACTRESS NEWS: The 103rd class graduated and entered the theatre. Their stage names have been announced but the official reading of their names have not.

03/01/2017 ACTRESS NEWS: Due to injury, Kiyoka Ran will be out for the remainder of the Tokyo Theater run of Grand Hotel / Carousel Rondo (Official Site).

02/06/2017 ACTRESS NEWS: Due to injury, Koko Sakura will be out for the remainder of the Grand Theater run of Chateau de la Reine / VIVA! FESTA! as well as the entire Tokyo Theater run (Official Site).

01/03/2017 ACTRESS NEWS: Sorano Miyu, Mioka Anri, and Amano Kiyora have announced their retirement on June 11th, the final night of The Scarlet Pimpernel (Official Site).

01/03/2017 ACTRESS NEWS: Ayanami Keito has announced her retirement on Feb. 28th, the final night of One Night of Stars / Greatest HITS! (Official Site).

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