Yumeshiro Aya


Yumeshiro Aya Otome

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Standard Profile Information

Name: Yumeshiro Aya
Kanji: 夢白 あや
Current Troupe: Cosmos
Role: Musumeyaku
Status: Current

Nickname: Motii, Aya
Height: 163cm
Birthday: August 27th
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Suginami Ward, Tokyo
Favorite Food: her mother's home cooking, ice cream
Favorite Flower: camellia
Favorite Colors: emerald green, white, light blue
Hobbies: watching movies
Collections: NICI soft toys
Special Talent: organizing and cleaning
Origin of Stage Name: she asked various people for their opinions and then decided with her family
Favorite Role: Princess Irina (Irene) from the Land of the Gods shinjin kouen
Would Like to Try Playing: would like to challenge herself with various roles

Debut: 2017 (103rd Class) Dramatic 'S'!
Troupe History:
2017 - Current Cosmos Troupe


2019: Dark Brown Eyes / Viva! Festa! in Hakata (Hakataza)
2018: Castle of the White Heron / Outsiders in the Renaissance, Caterina (as a child), Lucrezia / (Hoshikaze Madoka's understudy in scene 23)
2018: West Side Story (Umeda Arts), Anybodys
2018: The Sky Is on the Banks of the Red River / Citrus Breeze -Sunrise-, Tatukia
2018: West Side Story (Tokyo International Forum), Anybodys
2017: Land of the Gods / Classical Bijoux
2017: The Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate / Dramatic 'S'!

Shinjin Kouen Roles

2018: Outsiders in the Renaissance, Caterina (musumeyaku lead)
2018: The Sky Is on the Banks of the Red River, Ryui
2017: Land of the Gods, Princess Irina (Irene) (shared musumeyaku lead)

Concerts, Dinner Shows, and Special Performances

2017: Takarazuka Special 2017 Je t'aime Revue -90th Anniversary of Mon Paris-, Chorus


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