Akiko Kanda



Picture Credit: princesslucia / AKIKO: On Stage With Takarasiennes

Standard Profile Information

Name: Akiko Kanda
Kanji: アキコ・カンダ (formerly 神田明子)
Position: Choreographer / Dance Teacher
Former Takarasienne: No

Birthday: 24 October 1935
Passed Away: September 23, 2011
Blood Type:
Hometown: Oomiya, Saitama

First Takarazuka Work: 1962

Projects as Choreographer

YearTitleType of PerformanceTroupe
2006AKIKO: On Stage With TakarasiennesBow Hall ConcertVarious
2002DANCIN' AKIKO: 40th AnniversaryBow Hall ConcertVarious
1999Second Matsumoto Yuri RecitalBow HallSenka
1999The Wonder ThreeBow HallSnow
1998Wuthering HeightsNippon SeinenkanCosmos
1998The FictionBow HallSnow
1997ElegyBow HallStar
1997Wuthering HeightsBow HallSnow
1997DANCIN' AKIKO: 35th AnniversaryBow Hall ConcertVarious
1995-96The Story Of a Sword, Love, and a RainbowMainStar
1994Winter StormMainFlower
1994'Allo, 'Allo, Camelot?Bow HallFlower
1993-94Seal of the BourbonsMainSnow
1993Manhattan StoryBow HallMoon
1992-93Hello, George!Bow HallStar
1991Portraits of LoversMainStar
1990Great ExpectationsMainMoon
1989-90Sicilian WindBow HallStar
1989Angel's Smile, Devil's TearsMainMoon
1987Pale KissBow HallStar
1986Love CantataBow Hall & abc HallStar
1981-82Sun Orient Sun MainSnow
1981Jewelry MarchenMainFlower
1976Monsieur PapillonMainSnow
1975The Blue DanubeMainStar
1974Carnaval de TakarazukaMainFlower
1973La La FantastiqueMainFlower
1973La La FantastiqueMainStar
1973Rhapsody in LoveMainSnow
1973Rhapsody in LoveMainMoon
1973Rhapsody in LoveMainSnow
1973Parade TakarazukaMainFlower
1972The FlowerMainSnow/Star
1972The FlowerMainSnow
1972Town of Shooting StarsMainSnow
1971Singer's SingerMainSnow
1970Hello! TakarazukaMainSnow
1970Takarazuka Expo '70: Flower of TakarazukaMainMoon
1970Takarazuka Expo '70: Hello! TakarazukaMainSnow
1970Hello! TakarazukaMainStar
1969Aria in JazzMainMoon
1969Aria in JazzMainMoon
1968XangoMain (Tokyo)Snow
1968XangoMain (Grand)Snow
1968My IdolMainFlower
1966-67 Love Love Love MainSnow
1966Love Story of a Castle in the Foggy Night / Esquire GirlsMainStar
1963Black CandlesMainSnow

Projects as Performer

YearTitleType of PerformanceRole
2006AKIKO: On Stage With TakarasiennesBow Hall ConcertStar

Non-Takarazuka Projects

YearTitleMain or Assistant
2001-02To MarthaStar


  • She began dancing at the age of seven and entered the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in 1956. Two years later she joined the Martha Graham Dance Company, in which she rose to become a principal dancer before returning to Japan in 1962 to work for Takarazuka. As well as being a choreographer, she was the most important dance teacher at the Takarazuka Music School.
  • Prizes she has been awarded by the Japanese government include:
    • The Art Festival Excellence Prize (1969)
    • The Art Festival Grand Prize (1974)
    • The Education Minister's Art Encouragement Prize (1988)
    • The Order of the Violet Ribbon (1998)
    • Tokyo Shinbun Culture Award (2001)
    • Order of the Rising Sun (2008)
  • In 1984-85, a documentary was made about her dancing and her daily life, entitled Akiko: Portrait of a Dancer, and a book of photographs of her is also available.
  • Novellist Sakaki Kunihiko (Kanda Kunihiko) is her son.
  • Died of lung cancer on September 23rd, 2011, in Meguro ward hospital in Tokyo, being 75 years old. Despite of being severely ill, she continued performing until September 11th.