Shiou Miyabi




Picture Credit: Hanagumi III

Standard Profile Information

Name: Shiou Miyabi
Kanji: 姿央 みやび
Current Troupe: n/a
Role: Musumeyaku
Status: Retired

Nickname: Miyabi
Real Name: Kouzu Mika (神津 見佳)
Height: 164 cm
Birthday: November 16th, 1982
Blood Type:
Hometown: Saku, Nagano
Favorite Food:
Favorite Flower:
Favorite Colors:
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name:
Favorite Role:
Would Like to Try Playing:

Debut: 2001 (87th Class) The Rose of Versailles 2001 -Fersen and Marie Antoinette-
Troupe History:
2001 - 2006 Flower Troupe


2006: Appartement Cinema, Blanca
2005-06: Palermo Shines in the Setting Sun / Asian Winds
2005: Ernest in Love, Londoner, Maid
2005: Marrakech: A Crimson Tombstone / Enter the Revue, Marielle / Dancing Lady, Flower Dancer, New York Woman, Skyscraper Woman
2005: Kurawanka, Koito and Ohatsu
2004: La Esperanza / Takarazuka's Dancing Dreams, Nymph
2004: Javanese Dancer
2004: Endless Flight / Season of Angels / Applause Takarazuka!, Ambassador's Wife / Applause Woman, Tri-color Rockette, Soulmate Woman, Passion Noir Woman
2003: In the Amber-Hued Rain / Cocktail (National Tour), Housemaid, Waitress / Sherry, Club Woman, Passion Woman
2003: A Flute Named Wind / A Revue is Born
2002-03: Elisabeth: The Rondo of Love and Death, Vienna Townswoman 2
2002: Tsuki no Hokage, Otachibana
2001: Michelangelo / Viva!, Finale Woman B
2001: The Rose of Versailles 2001 -Fersen and Marie Antoinette- (Grand Theater), Rockette

Shinjin Kouen Roles

2005-06: Palermo Shines in the Setting Sun, Countess Trigona
2005: Marrakech: A Crimson Tombstone, Marielle
2004: La Esperanza
2004: Season of Angels, Ambassador's Wife
2003: A Flute Named Wind
2002-03: Elisabeth
2001: Michelangelo, Townswoman 1 (Grand Theater), Matilda (Tokyo)
2001: The Rose of Versailles 2001 -Fersen and Marie Antoinette- (Grand Theater)

Concerts / Dinner Shows / Specials

2008: Morning Musume and Takarazuka Collaboration - Cinderella the Musical

After Takarazuka

2011: 「新設・天一坊騒動 / 早乙女太一太一舞踊ショー」


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