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Picture Credit: countd | Graph September 2010/ Lost | Sayonara Portrait Roget Program

Standard Profile Information

Name: Aihara Mika
Kanji: 愛原 実花
Current Troupe:
Role: Musumeyaku
Status: Retired Top Star (2009 - 2010)

Nickname: Minako, Mika
Real Name: 生駒みな子 (Ikoma Minako)
Height: 163 cm
Birthday: Dec. 14th, 1985
Blood Type:
Hometown: Minami-ku, Tokyo
Favorite Food: fruits, home cooking
Favorite Flower: sunflowers, roses
Favorite Colors: pink, white
Hobbies: going to the movies or the theater
Collections: accessories
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name: She decided it together with her family.
Favorite Role: always the one she's currently playing
Would Like to Try Playing: She wants to try different kinds of roles.

Debut: 2004 (90th Class) Susano-o
Troupe History:
2004 - 2010 Snow Troupe


2010: Roget / Rock On!, Leah Cohen
2010: The Dawn at Solferino / Carnevale: A Sleeping Dream, Henriette
2009: Passionate Barcelona / Rio de Bravo!! (National Tour), Rosalia Gisando
2009: Russian Blue -Malleus Maleficarum- / Rio de Bravo!!, Irina Kuznetsova (top musumeyaku debut)
2009: Nishiki-e of the Wind / Zorro - The Masked Messiah, Lightning in the Night
2009: The Last Snow of Spring, Kanai Shizuka
2008: King Solomon's Ring / La Mariposa, Gloria
2008: Frozen Tomorrow, Bonnie Parker (lead musumeyaku), Anise Flanagan
2008: I Love You - Je t'aime / Miroirs, Clémentine
2007: Silver Rose Chronicle, Virginia
2007: Elisabeth, Madeline / Black Angel
2007: Hoshikage no Hito / Joyful!!II, O-Yuki
2006: Lucifer's Tears / Tarantella!
2006: Rain That Stops a Guest From Leaving, Takeyakko /Osode
2006: The Rose of Versailles -Oscar-, Young Andre
2005: The End of Roaming, Claire
2005: Silver Wolf / Wonderland (National Tour)
2005: Milan Wrapped In a Fog / Wonderland
2004-05: In Quest of the Blue Bird / Takarazuka's Dream Kingdom
2004: Susano-o / Takarazuka Glory!

Shinjin Kouen Roles

2009: Russian Blue -Malleus Maleficarum-, Matrona Murav'yov
2009: Zorro - The Masked Messiah, Lolita Pulido / Lady Zorro (lead musumeyaku)
2008: La Mariposa, Alicia
2008: I Love You - Je t'aime, Marquise (lead musumeyaku)
2007: Elisabeth, Helene
2006: Lucifer's Tears, Countess Grefiel
2006: Rose of Versailles: Oscar, Louise
2005: Milan Wrapped In a Fog, Evelina
2004-05: In Quest of the Blue Bird
2004: Susano-o

Concerts / Dinner Shows / Specials

2009: Takarazuka Special 2009 - Way to Glory
2009: The Road to 100 Years - Kageki 1000th Issue Commemoration Special
2008: Takarazuka Special 2008 - La Festa!
2007: Pure, Proper, Beautiful
2005: Golden Steps

After Takarazuka

2018: La Cage aux Folles "Anne" (with Kouju Tatsuki)
2017: Poseidon's Fang
2016: Great Gatsby Daisy Buchanon
2016: Nice Guy in New York
2016: Stranger (TV special drama)
2015: The Atami Murder Case
2015: Spring Breeze Story
2014--2015: Massan Yukiko Nonomura (drama)
2014: The Oda Saku ~Ai to Seishun no Decadence~ (with Shizuki Asato and Takashio Tomoe)
2014:Takarazuka Revue 100th Anniversary Dream Festival
2014: Spring Breeze Story
2013: Scrooge ~ A Christmas Carol ~
2013: Tomoe Gozen
2013: My Darling
2012: はつ恋/First Love
2012: Tsuchimikado Street Wakana, a shirabyoshi
2012: Taira no Kiyomori (NHK Taiga drama), Muneko
2012: La Cage aux Folles Anne (with Kouju Tatsuki)
2011: Love Letter at 65
2011: The Sensualist



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