Silver Wolf / Wonderland


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English Title: Silver Wolf / Wonderland
Japanese Title: 銀の狼 / ワンダーランド
Romanized Title: Gin no Ookami / Wandaarando

Troupe: Snow
Year: 2005
Performances: National Tour, 11/5 - 11/30

Silver Wolf:

Based On: n/a
Author/Director: Masatsuka Haruhiko
Music: Yoshizaki Kenji, Takahashi Kuni, Aoki Tomoko
Choreography: Shou Sumire


Author/Director: Ishida Masaya
Music: Nishimura Kouji, Kuratomi Shinichi, Bob Sakuma
Choreography: Ai Erena, Maeda Kiyomi, Miori Yumino, Irie Toshiaki

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 2/20/06)
DVD Scene/Music Cut: No


Silver (a silver-haired assassin)Asami Hikaru
Mireille Duroc (Barrault's daughter, Jean Louis' wife)Maikaze Rira
Ray (trains assassins)Mizu Natsuki
Jean Louis Duroc (Barrault's close associate)Otozuki Kei
Trantinien (a Parisian detective after the Silver Wolf)Ouki Kaname
Morris (police seargent)Manami Sora
Batista (one of Ray's assassins)Saou Kurama
Briller (rookie Parisian cop)Daigo Seshiru
Sophie (one of Ray's friends, mistress of a brothel)Akari Nami
Barrault (assassinated presidential candidate)Mirai Yuuki
Pierre (a peasant acting as Barrault's substitute)Mirai Yuuki
Jeanne (a journalist for the Tribune) Ai Youko
Potos (Jean Loius' powerful opponent)Machika Meguru
Crauchet (member of the Diet and weapons dealer)Soraki Reika
Louis (police chief)Sawane Kazuki
Penelope (Crauchet's wife)Arisa Miho
Marianne (Crauchet's daughter)Yamashina Ai
Claire (Michel's wife)Asaki Yumemi
Lisa (Michel's daughter)Satsuki Aina
Yvette (prostitute)Morisaki Kaguya
Simone (prostitute)Sahana Mako

Other Cast: Yurika Shiho, Jin Reika, Asakura Momoko, Haruka Midori, Shiraho Rin, Mariki Towa, Hanao Konomi, Murasaki Itsumi, Daigo Seshiru, Yuuki Senju, Saika Ryou, Aiki Yuma, Renjou Makoto, Aihara Mika, Karyou Shizuru, Asakaze Rei



Silver Wolf

The man known as Silver fights with demons from his past without knowning what they are. He lost his memory during some traumatic event, and was taken in by Ray. He now works with Ray to kill corrupt politicians and other powerful men. However, he has a very nihilistic outlook, believing he has nothing to live for, no matter how much Ray argues with him.

Meanwhile, the presidential candidate Barrault has been assassinated, but the only ones who know are his daughter Mirielle, her husband Jean Louis, and a few of Jean Louis' men. The quick to anger and devious Jean Louis has replaced Barrault with an easy to control look alike, telling Mirielle that it's what her father would have wanted. Mirielle doubts her husband more and more, but also fears his corrupt power over the police force and other institutions.

Silver fails to complete a mission, thrown into flashbacks when the man's wife and daughter plead for their lives. He lets them live, and now can be recognized. Ray tries to convince him to leave with himself and Simone and flee to Tunis.

And then one day, Silver sees Mirielle and Jean Louis and knows that with them lies the key to his memory. He refuses to leave with Ray, and instead kidnaps Mirielle at gunpoint. As the two talk, a terrible and dark picture of the past begins to emerge....


Act 1 : Opening A : Treasure Hunters

From out of the pitch-black darkness filled with mysterious music, a few treasure hunters appear sending out a strange light.

Treasure hunter (male) S - Asami Hikaru

Act 2 : Opening B : Treasure Hunters

After the entrance made of tusks is removed, young female treasure hunter S, young male treasure hunters A and many young female treasure hunters enter the stage and dance while singing.

Treasure hunter (female) S - Maikaze Rira
Treasure hunters (male) A - Otozuki Kei /Mizu Natsuki

Act 3 : Opening C: Treasure Hunters

Young male treasure hunter S appears again in front of a temple inside the Palace of Doom. All of the treasure hunters with treasure hunter S at their center dance to the theme song Wonderland Takarazuka.

Treasure hunter (male) S - Asami Hikaru
Treasure hunter (female) S - Maikaze Rira
Treasure hunters (male) A - Otozuki Kei / Mizu Natsuki

Act 4 : Opening D: Treasure Hunters

Young male treasure hunter S comes in front of the curtain and presents a reprise of the theme song.

Treasure hunter (male) S - Asami Hikaru

Act 5 - 7 : Requiem for Moby Dick - A - C

The dance inspired by Melville's Moby Dick is performed. The whaling ship sails out of the harbor and at last meets again with Moby Dick. The whaling ship gets caught in a storm and sinks. Spirits of whitecaps (Moby Dick's manifestations) bear down upon Captain Ahab and the sailors. The captain vanishes deep into the sea with the bleeding whale.

Captain Ahab - Mizu Natsuki

Act 8 : A Love Gone in a Heavy Sandstorm - A

A cowboy and cute cowgirls come forth in front of the curtain on the front bridge stage. They gaily sing of the advent of the settlement of the West.

Cowboy - Ouki Kaname

Act 9 : A Love Gone in a Heavy Sandstorm - B

Inside a saloon in the Wild West, a cavalry corporal and cavalry soldiers drink and dance.

Cavalry corporal - Asami Hikaru

Act 10 : A Love Gone in a Heavy Sandstorm - C

The corporal is in love with an Indian girl. He passionately dances in duet with her. Hostess A arrives at the scene with a rifle in hand. Driven by jealousy, she shoots the girl dead.

Cavalry corporal - Asami Hikaru
Indian girl - Maikaze Rira
Hostess A - Haruka Midori

Act 11 : A Love Gone in a Heavy Sandstorm

The corporal saddened by the loss of his love sings of his grief to the melody of Johnny Guitar.

Cavalry corporal - Asami Hikaru

Act 12 - 13 : Classical Music Medley

While the stage is changing, men of cards and women of cards recite in medley vocal versions arranged from their respective classical instrumental numbers including Brahms' Third Symphony, Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance Marches, Melody of Rubinstein and Gounod's Ave Maria.

Man of cards S - Asami Hikaru
Woman of cards S - Maikaze Rira
Men of cards A - Otozuki Kei / Mizu Natsuki

Act 14 : A Harem in Arabia - A

A young wandering traveler with a broken heart arrives at the bazaar of "a town" in modern Arabia.

Wandering traveler - Otozuki Kei

Act 15 : A Harem in Arabia - B - C

In a harem, a songstress sings while beautiful women dance.The young traveler changes into the harem's prince and enjoys the more than cordial hospitality of the beautiful, becoming unconscious of the flight of time. However, as a matter of fact, ...

Prince of Arabia - Otozuki Kei
Beautiful Harem Woman - Daigo Seshiru

Act 17 - 18 : Glory

Glory Hallelujah is a traditional American song and attributed to gospel music as well. Now that this song has been boldly arranged for dance music, the "Dancers of Glory" dynamically dance representing the love, dreams, courage, hopes and prayers included in the song.

Man of glory S - Asami Hikaru
Men of glory A - Otozuki Kei / Mizu Natsuki

Act 19 : Finale - A : A Gentlewoman and Young Men Sing

In front of the curtain on the front bridge stage, a singing gentlewoman and two gentlemen come forth and present a reprise of the second theme song, Hey, Hey Wonderland.

Singing gentlewoman - Maikaze Rira

Act 20 : Finale - B : Red and Black Rocket Girls

The Takarazuka's Rocket Girls in red and black costumes suggestive of playing cards perform the routines of precision dance in front of the set frame.

Act 21 A : Finale - C: Blue Shadow (the first half)

Guy S comes forth on the grand staircase. He then dances a duet with Lady S.

Guy S - Asami Hikaru
Lady S - Maikaze Rira

Act 21 B : Finale - D: Blue Shadow (the second half)

After Lady S is gone, Guys with an air of roughness appear on the grand staircase and dance.

Guy S - Asami Hikaru
Guy A's - Otozuki Kei / Mizu Natsuki

Act 22 : Finale - E : Parade

A woman of parade dynamically sings a cadenza. All of the performers tune in and start parading.

Man of parade S - Asami Hikaru
Woman of parade S - Maikaze Rira
Men of parade A - Otozuki Kei / Mizu Natsuki
(And all other Perfomers)

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Silver Wolf / Wonderland - Review by Ekusudei

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