Watanabe Takeo



Picture Credit: Oh, Takarazuka 60th

Standard Profile Information

Name: Watanabe Takeo
Kanji: 渡辺 武雄
Position: Director / Playwright / Choreographer
Former Takarasienne: No

Birthday: Sept. 1914 (passed away in March of 2008)
Blood Type:
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan

First Takarazuka Work: 1953 Three Ballads (?) (Joined in 1951)


Projects Directed by Watanabe Takeo

Choreography Only

YearTitleType of PerformanceTroupe
1976Paper Making Love SongMainMoon
1975Spring Takarazuka DanceMainMoon
1973Autumn Takarazuka DanceMainMoon
1973Chinese Milk VetchMainSnow
1971Gold HillMainMoon
1971My Love Lies Over the MountainsMainStar
1971My Love Lies Over the MountainsMainStar
1970Flower of TakarazukaMainSnow
1970Takarazuka Expo '70: Flower of TakarazukaMainMoon
1970Takarazuka Expo '70: Flower of TakarazukaMainSnow
1968Little One-InchMainSnow
1967One WorldMainStar
1967One BoyMainStar
1964Red Flower of TahitiShinjuku Koma StadiumSnow/Flower
1962 Islands of Fire / Carmen on the CaribbeanMainSnow
1962The Emperor and the WitchMainFlower
1961Les SaltimbanquesMainMoon
1960Splendor of a Thousand BeatsMainStar
1959Chanson d'AmourMainStar
1959Love at Dal LakeMainMoon
1959Chanson D'AmourMainStar
1958High School Kids / Tanuki GotenTokyoFlower
1958Broadway CinderellaMainMoon
1957The Merry WidowMainFlower
1957An Improvisatore / Mon ParisMainSnow
1957Rainbow Takarazuka / Indian Love CallMainMoon
1956The Lion Dance / Little WomenMainStar
1955Yu the BeautyMainStar
1954Broadway CinderellaMainMoon
1954Hurrah For All Human BeingsImperial TheaterSnow
1954Annie Laurie / Spring Dance 1954Imperial TheaterMoon
1954Momotaro Imperial Theater (Tokyo) Flower
1953The Himeyuri Monument -Tragedy of Okinawan Girls-Imperial TheaterSnow
1953The Chronicle of MomotarouImperial Theater / NagoyaMoon
1953Son of Madame ButterflyNagoyaSnow
1952Javanese DancerNagoya Snow
1951Kappa FestivalNagoyaFlower
1951Under the Southern CrossMainSnow
1949Aloha 'OeNagoya Takarazuka TheaterMoon
1948Aloha 'OeMainSnow


  • Joined the Revue in 1951.

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