The Japan We Love / Hurrah for All Human Beings

Japanwelove 1954

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English Title: The Japan We Love / Hurrah for All Human Beings
Japanese Title: われら愛す / 人間萬歳
Romanized Title: Warera Aisu / Ningen Banzai

Troupe: Snow
Year: 1954
Performances: Imperial Theater, 07/02 - 08/03
Shinjin Kouen Performances: n/a

The Japan We Love:

Based On:
Author/Director: Takagi Shirou
Composer: Sakai Kyou, Yamane Hisao, Oda Hajime, Nakai Mitsuharu, Oka Masao
Choreographer: Hanayagi Toshinosuke, Kondou Reiko
Conductor (Takarazuka): n/a
Conductor (Tokyo):

Hurrah For All Human Beings:

Based On:
Author/Director: Takagi Shirou
Composer: Kawamura Tokuji, Yamane Hisao, Tsutsumi Gorou, Irie Kaoru, Moriyasu Masaru, Oka Masao
Choreographer: Watanabe Takeo, Kondou Reiko
Conductor (Takarazuka): n/a
Conductor (Tokyo):

Available on DVD: No
Available on Blu-Ray: No
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: n/a


Cast: Fukamidori Natsuyo (vocal senka), Hitomi Urara (dance senka), Shijou Hideko (dance senka), Fujishiro Ayako (dance senka), Aratama Michiyo (acting senka), Yachigusa Kaoru (acting senka), Sumi Hanayo (Star), Tsukushi Mari (Moon), Miyoshi Sakuko, Mizuhara Setsuko, Ruri Toyomi, Kusama Yoshie, Midori Yachiyo, Mitaka Keiko, Akashi Teruko, Takada Kazumi, Sakurama Hideko, Katsuragi Yutaka, Miyama Etsuko, Yamadori Akemi, Misaki Arisa, Tachibana Akiyo, Asaka Mitsuru, Ookura Tamako, Tatsuki Noboru, Shigure Otowa, Kouzuki Sachiko, Kagawa Chigusa, Wakamiya Tokiko, Miyuki Sachiko, Konohana Sakuya, Shioji Michiru, Wakamizu Kumiko, Wakasumi Kaoru, Soga Yukari, Tsukubane Reiko, Mitaki Noboru, Hasegawa Toshiko, Harukaze Sumire, Shirayuki Shikibu, Suminoe Kayoko, Shikibu Midori, Azami Misako, Ariake Masumi, Misugi Teiko, Asanagi Mifune, Murasaki Sumire, Takakura Aoi, Kibune Masaru, Ataka Juri, Mizumiya Toyoko



(Note: Summaries from English-language pages of official program.)

The Japan We Love -Revue-

Modern aspect of life in Japan is by no means carefree. Strip shows, pin-ball, workers' demonstrations in protest against the mass discharge or demanding higher wages, disabled ex-soldiers who are begging for monetary contributions on the streets or in the trains, teenagers mad about jazz, children awaiting the repatriation of their fathers from Siberia.... these comprise the current social problems.

But all these are not the true phases of present-day Japan. We should have hope that a bright future is in the offing. From this point of view, the writer-director produced this presentation.

Hurrah for All Human Beings -Grand Revue-

First Story ― Freedom
(New York)

The Statue of Liberty in New York suddenly walks down the street and addresses the crowd in times Square. "Freedom means the right to speak freely, but at the present you cannot speak freely in the world! Heaven is the land of true liberty!" .... This is what a newspaper reporter dreamt.

Statue of Liberty: Tsukushi Mari


Second Story ― The Love of a Blind Girl

A beautiful blind girl, Savenne by name, is deeply in love with a noted musician Hans, young, kind and pure-hearted but ugly unfortunately. The girl secretly undergoes an operation to cure her eyes and is surprised at his ugliness. Hans intends to leave her forever. But Savenne, for whom he is more important that her own eyes, pricks her eyes with a needle.

Savenne: Yachigusa Kaoru
Hans: Sumi Hanayo
Marie: Kusama Yoshie


Third Story ―Actress

Jessie, who is now appearing at the Piccadilly Theater, is betrothed to Richard. But she has conceived a hatred for her fellow actress Betty, who is in love with Charles. Jessie is persisting in her pose of being in love with Charles. Betty then commits suicide.

Richard: Mizuhara Setsuko
Betty: Sakurama Hideko
Jessie: Aratama Michiyo
Shami: Sumi Hanayo
Singer: Tsukushi Mari
Rollo: Miyoshi Sakuko
Clock: Akashi Teruko


Fourth Story ― Prince of Arabia
(Rio de Janeiro)

Rosin, a daughter of an oil profiteer, who is staying at a hotel in Rio de Janiero, and a poor young man Upton ardently love each other. The hotel manager introduces Upton to the oil-profiteer as a Prince of Arabia. Being glad to become a step-father of a prince, the oil-profiteer recommends Upton to marry Rosin. But.....

Ravira: Akashi Teruko
Rosin: Shirayuki Shikibu
Lily: Yachigusa Kaoru
Upton: Sumi Hanayo
Alvaro: Miyoshi Sakuko
Singer: Fukamidori Natsuyo


Fifth Story ― The Price of Poverty

Pierre has lost his job. In desperation, he robs a jeweler's shop and runs away. He comes to a place where a group of Salvation Army officers are preaching. He confesses his sin in front of an officer ad scatters the money he stole. To his surprise, the people who had made their confessions and even the Salvation Army officers begin to fight for the money scattered on the road.

Mother: Ruri Toyomi
Louise: Aratama Michiyo
Pierre: Tatsuki Noboru


Sixth Story ― Hurrah for All Human Beings

In Heaven, Buddha and Christ are lamenting the various sad affairs which have occurred recently.

The God visits the neighboring Universe and begins to talk about Human Beings on the Earth. After a frank discussion, the Gods reach the conclusion that the Human Beings are the most superior beings.

Toujou: Mitaka Keiko
Stalin: Miyama Etsuko
Roosevelt: Tachibana Akiyo
Hitler: Asaka Mitsuru
Mussolini: Konohana Sakuya
Buddha: Shigure Otowa
Christ: Shikibu Midori
Neighboring God: Miyoshi Sakuko


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