The Legend of Ōeyama / The Revuescope


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English Title: The Legend of Ōeyama/ The Revuescope
Japanese Title: 大江山花伝 / ザ・レビュースコープ
Romanized Title: Ooeyama Kaden / The Revuescope

Troupe: Snow
Year: 1988
Performances: National Tour, 9/3 - 9/25

The Legend of Ōeyama:

Based On: the comic series Ōeyama Kaden by Kihara Toshie
Author / Director: Shibata Yukihiro
Composer: Terada Takio, Yoshizaki Kenji
Choreographer: Hanawaka Haruaki
Conductor: Hashimoto Kazuaki

The Revuescope:

Director: Yokozawa Hideo
Composer: Nakamoto Kiyozumi, Takai Yoshizumi
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi, Shuri Misao, Yamada Taku, Nakura Kayoko
Conductor: Okada Yoshiki

Available on DVD: No


Ibaraki Douji (a half-demon living in Ōeyama, the demon territory)Taira Michi
Watanabe no Tsuna (one of Minamoto no Raikou's four powerful retainers)Ichiro Maki
Fujiko / Fujinoha (a princess of the province, now a maidservant of Tsuna)Kanna Miho
Shuten Douji (the chief of Ōeyama)Hokuto Hikaru
Kochou (Shuten Douji's niece; Ibaraki Douji's confidant)Nishina Yuri
Sennen Sugi (an older demon, Shuten Douji's officer)Sara Kei
Hotoke (a powerful demon)Ebira Kaoru
Haguro (a powerful demon)Nazuki Kanade
Minamoto no Raikou (receives the order to exterminate the demons)Masaki Keiko
Urabe no Suetake (one of Minamoto's powerful retainers)Asuka Yuu
Usui Sadamitsu (one of Minamoto's powerful retainers)Kazami Reo
Sakata no Kintoki (one of Minamoto's powerful retainers)Takane Fubuki
Hanazono Emon (a court lady being held captive by demons)Murasaki Tomo
Ise no Shikibu (a court lady being held captive by demons)Ichihara Kei
Tachibana Shounagon (a court lady being held captive by demons)Nozoe Sayuki
GozouMayuzumi Reina
KaneyoshiAmi Jun
AzamiMitsuki Ayu
RindouChikoto Kurumi
WaremokouShirasagi Madoka
Young Ibaraki DoujiMario Mitsuki
Young FujikoMarioka Tomomi

Other Cast: Akitsu Yutaka, Kamishiro Shouko, Aki Hisato, Chihiro Ai, Godai Katsura, Tsukushino Aya, Ichijou Akane, Katsura Asahi, Wakou Hajime, Takajou Kanou, Takanashi Jun, Ogishiro Ayano, Mario Mitsuki, Itsumine Aki



(Original English summary from the program is left unchanged except for a minor spelling correction and truncation of the ending.)

This drama is the story of Ibaragidoji who is a well-known Oni or devil in Kabuki tales.

This devil who appears as the villain in Japanese folk tales and legends is 8 feet in height, has a set of horns on his head, sharp tiger-like fangs and a fierce, ruddy face.

In the 990s a group of Oni attack Kyoto from their stronghold on Mount Ōeyama. Shutendoji, the ring leader of the band, robs the houses of Kyoto of food and clothing. The young women fall prey to the Oni bandits.

It is said that two hundred years before the Oni were foreigners from the north who resorted to banditry because they were persecuted by the Japanese people.

The Emperor Ichijo orders his commander, Minamoto-no-Raiko, to capture the Oni and put an end to their raids.

Watanabe-no-Tsuna, one of Raiko's retainers plans to do some advance scouting of the Oni fort on Mount Ōeyama. His maid servant, Fujinoha decides to follow him in order to meet her lover who is none other than Ibarakidoji, Shutendoji's son.

Fifteen years before, Ibaragidoji had been deserted in early infancy by his father and had been brought up by the feudal Lord of Kii Province.

Ibarakidoji fell in love with Fujinoha, the lord's daughter. However at the age of fifteen he was returned to Mount Ōeyama where he was trained as a bandit by his father.

Misfortunes never come alone — especially for young lovers and shortly after they were parted Fujinoha lost her parents in a fire.

On the first night as Tsuna and Fujinoha climb the mountain they are captured by a band of Oni.

Ibaragidoji is astonished to see Fujinoha again after so long, and his heart is full of memories of their time together.

During a banquet Fujinoha secretly pours a sleeping drought into the Oni's sake. When all of the Oni have fallen asleep, Raiko and his retainers rush the fort...

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