Takai Yoshizumi


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Standard Profile Information

Name: Takai Yoshizumi
Kanji: 高井 良純
Position: Composer
Former Takarasienne: No

Birthday: Dec. 23rd
Blood Type:
Hometown: Wakayama Prefecture

First Takarazuka Work: 1955 Name of Performance


YearTitleType of PerformanceTroupe
1989The Game MainFlower
1988The Revuescope National TourSnow
1987The Revuescope MainSnow
1987The Revuescope MainFlower
1986Three Waltzes MainSnow
1986Sky High Sky MainSnow
1985Heat Wave MainMoon
1983The Storm MainStar
1982The Storm MainStar
1981 La Vie en Rose MainStar
1980Masked Ball MainMoon
1980Crazy Breath of Air Bow HallSnow
1979Hello! Holiday MainSnow
1978My Lucky Chance MainMoon
1977The Revue MainFlower
1976-77Happy Tomorrow MainStar
1975That's Family MainStar
1975Bon Balance Fukuoka Sports CenterFlower
1975Bon Balance MainSnow
1974Romance Romantique MainMoon
1974Romance Romantique MainSnow
1974Yu Mei-Jen MainStar / Flower
1974Romance Romantique MainMoon
1974Carnaval de Takarazuka MainFlower
1973If... MainMoon
1972Shining Now! MainAll
1972Grand Soleil MainMoon
1972La Rondo MainMoon
1972La Rondo MainFlower
1971Oh! Beautiful MainStar
1971Gold Hill MainMoon
1971Don Jose I MainMoon
1970-71Apollon MainFlower
1970Gypsy Lord MainStar
1970Flower of Takarazuka MainSnow
1970The Big One MainStar
1970Takarazuka Expo '70: Flower of Takarazuka MainMoon
1970Takarazuka Expo '70: Flower of Takarazuka MainSnow
1970Anju and Zushiou / C'est la Vie MainStar
1969Anju and Zushiou MainStar
1969C'est la Vie MainStar
1969Girls, O! Girls MainFlower
1968Little One-Inch MainSnow
1968Tristan and Isolde Main (Tokyo)Snow
1968Tristan and Isolde Main (Grand)Snow
1968High Bright MainMoon
1968Hit KitMainFlower
1967Ballade of Young People MainStar
1967One World MainStar
1967One BoyMainStar
1967Hit Kit MainFlower
1967Unforgettable Song MainStar / Snow
1967Unforgettable Song MainSnow
1967One WorldMainStar
1966-67 Murasaki Shikibu MainSnow
1965The Blue Suitcase MainSnow
1965 Bravo the Sun! MainStar
1964This is Takarazuka! Shinjuku Koma StadiumSnow/Flower
1962The Emperor and the Witch MainFlower
1961Les Saltimbanques MainMoon
1960Splendor of a Thousand Beats MainStar
1960Oui Oui Paris MainMoon
1959Chanson D'AmourMainStar
1958Children Among the Flowers MainMoon

Non-Takarazuka Projects

YEARName of Performance
YEARName of Performance
YEARName of Performance


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