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The Yagyu Ninja Scrolls / More Dandyism!

Yamabuki / Splendor of a Thousand Beats

Years of Pilgrimage: The Wandering Soul of Franz Liszt / Fashionable Empire

Yellow Handkerchiefs

Yodogimi (Star 1959)

Yohi and Baihi / The Blue Suitcase

Yoshitsune and the Fox Spirit: A Cherry Blossom Fantasy

You, Ablaze in Red

YOU, ME -The World of Matsu Akira-

Young Bloods!! -Cosmo∞-

Young Bloods!! -Demonic Summer Snowstorm-

Young Bloods!! -Sparkling Moon-

Young Bloods!! -Twinkle Twinkle Star-

Young Bloods!! -Youthful Floral Pattern-

Young Guy!

Young Heidelberg / Swing Rhapsody

Young Lion, Shake Your Mane / Inspiration

Young Mate / Recalling the Andes

Yourou Falls / Shunkan's Daughter / The Sad Tale of San Domingo / The Hakuchou Lady / The Wedding Agency

The Youth of Karl Heinrich

The Youth of Peter I / Joy!

The Youth of Peter I / Nova Bossa Nova

Yu the Beautiful (Flower 1951)

Yu the Beautiful (Moon 1951)

Yu the Beautiful (Star 1951)

Yu the Beautiful (Star 1955)

Yu the Beautiful (Star/Flower 1974)

Yu the Beautiful (Flower/Star 1974)

Yu the Beautiful / Golden Takarazuka 60

Yukariko / Heat On Beat!

Yukariko / Jubilee Time!

Yuki-hime / Oui Oui Paris

Yumesuke's Dream-Senryo Souvenir / Sensational!

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