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Item NumberTitleNotesRelease Date
TCAC-695~697Culmination Kanato TSUKISHIRO −history of songs in 2013〜2024−a celebration of Tsukishiro Kanato's time in Takarazuka 05/10/24
TCAC-688~690Culmination Rei YUZUKA −history of songs in 2012〜2023−a celebration of Yuzuka Rei's time in Takarazuka 03/22/24
TCAC-681~685TAKARAZUKA BEST SELECTION 110110 songs from 1927 to 2023 on 5 CDs01/10/24
TCAC-678Applause SERIKA ToaCD celebrating Serika Toa becoming top star09/29/23
TCAC-668~671Culmination Suzuho MAKAZE −history of songs in 2009〜2023−a celebration of Makaze Suzuho's time in Takarazuka 03/31/23
TCAC-660~661Yoshida Yuuko Collected Works - IdealeCD collection celebrating Yoshida Yuuko's 40th anniversary as a composer10/28/22
吉田優子作品集 Ideale
TCAC-656~657TAKARAZUKA Duet Song Selection IIDuets chosen from 2011 - 202206/09/22
TCAC-647Applause TSUKISHIRO KanatoCD celebrating Tsukishiro Kanato becoming top star12/28/21
TCAC-642~643Tokyo Takarazuka Theater Reborn 20th ANNIVERSARYCD collection celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater's 2001 renewal09/17/21
東京宝塚劇場 Reborn 20th ANNIVERSARY
TCAC-640Applause AYAKAZE SakinaCD celebrating Ayakaze Sakina becoming top star08/07/21
TCAC-635Nozomi Fuuto & Maaya Kiho Duet CD 「Many Thanks」collection of duets by Nozomi Fuuto and Maaya Kiho04/04/21
TCAC-631Romeo & Juliette -Special Edition-theme songs (2021 Star Troupe cast recordings) and karaoke versions01/08/21
TCAC-630Maaya Kiho Everlasting Dreamcollection of songs by Maaya Kiho 12/14/20
TCAC-626~629Culmination Futo NOZOMI −history of songs in 2005〜2020−a celebration of Nozomi Fuuto's time in Takarazuka 01/29/21
TCAC-617Applause YUZUKA ReiCD celebrating Yuzuka Rei becoming top star03/13/20
TCAC-615Applause REI MakotoCD celebrating Rei Makoto becoming top star02/07/20
TCAC-613~614 「GIFT」ーNozomi Fuutoー A recording of famous Takarazuka theme songs selected by Nozomi Fuuto12/30/19
TCAC-605~608Asumi Rio CD-Box "Culmination Rio Asumi" -history of songs in 2003~2019- includes shinjin kouen and switched-role songs sung by Asumi Rio09/27/19
TCAC-603Sumire no Hana Sakugoro / Sayonara Minasama ~Nozomi Fuuto~ two songs sung by Nozomi Fuuto & instrumental versions07/26/19
TCAC-595Otokoyaku x Otokoyaku II otokoyaku duets from various performances02/08/19
TCAC-590Phantom -Special Edition-studio recordings, karaoke tracks, and piano tracks11/09/18
TCAC-586Elisabeth -Premium Music Box-a selection of Elisabeth songs in music-box format08/24/18
TCAC-584Princess Disc IIrecordings of top musumeyaku solos from various performances07/13/18
TCAC-576Applause MAKAZE SuzuhoCD celebrating Makaze Suzuho becoming top star03/14/18
TCAC-574~575With You -TAKARAZUKA SKY STAGE 15th Anniversary-Songs from various Sky Stage programs over the years01/17/18
TCAC-571Applause NOZOMI FuutoCD celebrating Nozomi Fuuto becoming top star11/08/17
TCAC-561Applause KURENAI YuzuruCD celebrating Kurenai Yuzuru becoming top star03/22/17
TCAC-560Applause TAMAKI RyoCD celebrating Tamaki Ryou becoming top star.01/25/17
TCAC-554~557Miracle―Kairi Hokusho Song Collection 2001~2016―CD celebrating Hokushou Kairi's retirement09/21/16
TCAC-548~550Truth ―RYU Masaki Song Collection 2005~2015―CD celebrating Ryuu Masaki's retirement06/08/16
TCAC-535Music Family IICollection of songs from the Sky Stage show "Music Family." Various artists.09/09/15
TCAC-529Applause HOKUSHOU Kairi ~Music Palette~CD celebrating Hokushou Kairi becoming top star.08/26/15
TCAC-529Applause ASAKA ManatoCD celebrating Asaka Manato becoming top star.06/10/15
TCAC-528Songs of Japan Vol. 5Covers of misc. Japanese songs from the Sky Stage program.07/15/15
日本のうた Vol.5
TCAC-521~524SOUL - Yuzuki Reon Song Collection 2001 ~ 2015Yuzuki Reon04/22/15
TCAC-517Applause SAGIRI SeinaCD celebrating Sagiri Seina becoming top star.01/07/15
TCAC-516Music FamilyCollection of songs from the Sky Stage show "Music Family." Various artists.11/26/14
TCAC-515Applause ASUMI RioCD celebrating Asumi Rio becoming top star.08/27/14
TCAC-513~514Elisabeth Special Selection Album"Best of" collection from theme song CDs and live recordings over the years08/27/14
TCAC-506Songs of Japan Vol. 4Covers of misc. Japanese songs from the Sky Stage program.07/30/14
日本のうた Vol.4
TCAC-502"Sumire no Hana Sakukoro" / "Sayonara Minasama" TAKARAZUKA 100th Anniversary VersionSung and instrumental, 4 tracks04/23/14
すみれの花咲く頃/さよなら皆様 TAKARAZUKA 100th Anniversary Version
TCAC-491~492Congratulations!! TAKARAZUKA 100th Anniversary DiscCurrent members singing 20 famous Takarazuka melodies. (CD + DVD)03/19/14
TCAC-490Congratulations!! TAKARAZUKA 100th Anniversary DiscCurrent members singing 20 famous Takarazuka melodies. (CD only)03/19/14
TCAC-498Songs of Japan Vol. 3Covers of misc. Japanese songs from the Sky Stage program.02/19/14
日本のうた Vol.3
TCAC-493~497TAKARAZUKA BEST SELECTION 100100 songs from the past decade on 5 CDs01/22/14
TCAC-485Music PaletteCovers of misc. Japanese songs from the Sky Stage program sung by Hokushou Kairi.10/23/13
Music パレット
TCAC-484Songs of Japan Vol. 2Covers of misc. Japanese songs from the Sky Stage program.07/31/13
日本のうた Vol.2
TCAC-478Musicals on Takarazuka -Music Box-Music box versions of Takarazuka theme songs06/19/13
Musicals on TAKARAZUKA ―オルゴール―
TCAC-476La Rose de Versailles -TAKARAZUKA Piano Sound Collection- 04/24/13
TCAC-474~475The Rose of Versailles Famous Songs Album vol. 2From the Heisei year Berubaras and Side-Stories04/24/13
La Rose de Versailles 名曲アルバム vol.2
TCAC-471Bon Voyage -Setting Out With Takarasienne-Covers of misc. travel songs03/20/13
Bon Voyage ―タカラジェンヌと出かけよう―
TCAC-468Songs of JapanCovers of misc. Japanese songs from the Sky Stage program.01/23/13
TCAC-463Jazz On Time Vol. 2 -Takarazuka-Misc. jazz songs from the late-night Sky Stage program.12/05/12
ジャズ・オン・タイム! Vol. 2 -TAKARAZUKA-
TCAC-462Otokoyaku x OtokoyakuOtokoyaku duets10/17/12
TCAC-456Jazz On TimeMisc. jazz songs from the late-night Sky Stage program.07/25/12
TCAC-453A Music Box Which Stays in Your Heart -Takarazuka-Music box versions of famous theme songs. 05/30/12
TCAC-449KIRIYA Hiromu Single Collection 1999~2011Kiriya Hiromu02/22/12
TCAC-448POWER OF MUSIC!! ~Hearts as One~These songs are a message of support to all the people of Japan from the Takarasienne. Ranju Tomu, Kiriya Hiromu, Otozuki Kei, Yuzuki Reon, Oozora Yuuhi, etc. (111 members)03/07/12
POWER OF MUSIC!! ~心はひとつ~
TCAC-444~445OLDIES -Takarazuka Natsumero Song-(CD + DVD) 01/11/12
TCAC-443OLDIES -Takarazuka Natsumero Song- 01/11/12
TCAC-435Tower ga Yozora ni Nemuru madeYuzuki Reon single CD06/22/11
TCAC-428~42914 COVERS TAKARAZUKA OTOKOUTA(See below) CD + DVD03/16/11
TCAC-42714 COVERS TAKARAZUKA OTOKOUTACovers of 14 well-known Japanese male pop singers, by Nozomi Fuuto, Kouga Asahi, Asumi Rio, Sawaki Rizu, Misuzu Aki, Karyou Shizuru, Kurenai Yuzuru, Rei Makoto, Hokushou Kairi, Nagina Ruumi03/16/11
TCAC-425~4262010 Takarazuka Piano Sound Collection 02/23/11
TCAC-424MATOBU Sei Single Collection 02/23/11
TCAC-415~416Love -TAKARAZUKA Duet Song Selection-Duets chosen from 1998 - 201011/17/10
TCAC-413~41425th Anniversary Todoroki Yu Song CollectionTodoroki Yuu10/13/10
TCAC-411~4122009 Takarazuka Piano Sound Collection 09/29/10
TCAC-406MIZU Natsuki Single CollectionMizu Natsuki07/07/10
TCAC-400~401AYABUKI Mao Song CollectionAyabuki Mao03/11/10
TCAC-398Tribute to Studio Ghiblivarious musumeyaku03/24/10
TCAC-397Musicals on Takarazuka -studio recording selection III-foreign musical theme song collection03/03/10
TCAC-396Musicals on Takarazuka -studio recording selection II-foreign musical theme song collection03/03/10
TCAC-395Musicals on Takarazuka -studio recording selection I-foreign musical theme song collection03/03/10
TCAC-291Takarazuka Tabi-SabiTabi-Sabi TV program theme songs by Otozuki Kei, Hokushou Kairi, Otohana Yuri11/25/09
TCAC-388SENA Jun Single Collection 2003 - 2009Sena Jun10/21/09
TCAC-386~387Musicals on Takarazuka: Piano Sound Selections II 10/28/09
TCAC-384Princess Discvarious musumeyaku08/26/09
TCAC-377~379Aran Kei CD-BOX "Grace"Aran Kei (pre-order only, until 05/05)07/08/09
安蘭けいCD-BOX 「Grace」
TCAC-376YAMATO Yuga Single Collection 1998~2009Yamato Yuuga04/29/09
TCAC-372AQUA5AQUA5 1st Album03/18/09
AQUA5 1st Album 「AQUA5」
TCAC-369ARAN Kei Single Collection 1996~2008Aran Kei02/18/09
TCAC-366~368Theme Songs of Takarazuka Revue 2008(CD + DVD)03/25/09
TCAC-364~365Theme Songs of Takarazuka Revue 2008 (CD)03/25/09
TCAC-361~362Flower DanceMatobu Sei single CD + DVD1/14/09
真飛聖 「花舞~HanaMai~」
TCAC-360Flower DanceMatobu Sei single CD1/14/09
真飛聖 「花舞~HanaMai~」
TCAC-357~358ButterflyAran Kei single CD + DVD12/24/08
安蘭けい 「蝶 ~Butterfly~」
TCAC-356ButterflyAran Kei single CD12/24/08
安蘭けい 「蝶 ~Butterfly~」
TCAC-354~355White SnowAQUA5 singleCD + DVD12/17/08
TCAC-353White SnowAQUA5 singleCD12/17/08
TCAC-347~348AQUA FEEL AQUA SOULAQUA5 single CD + DVD08/27/08
TCAC-345Takarazuka Piano Sound Selections 1995 ~ 2004 09/17/08
TCAC-339Become a Thousand WindsAyano Kanami06/18/08
TCAC-328~329Theme Songs of Takarazuka Revue 2007 04/09/08
TCAC-324~326Haruno Sumire CD-BOX "Hearts"Haruno Sumire SOLD OUT03/05/08
TCAC-320TIME TO LOVEAQUA5 Single CD +DVD11/21/07
TCAC-319TIME TO LOVEAQUA5 Single CD11/21/07
TCAC-318Orgel de Takarazuka 11/10/07
オルゴール de タカラヅカ
TCAC-313Haruno Sumire Single Collection 1999~2007Haruno Sumire10/05/07
TCAC-305~308"Elisabeth" 10th Anniversary Gala Concert 06/05/07
TCAC-304Sumire no Hana Sakugoro / Sayonara Mina-samaAran Kei06/05/07
TCAC-296Theme Songs of Takarazuka Revue 2006 04/01/07
TCAC-294Endless JourneyHaruno Sumire single CD + DVD02/09/07
TCAC-294Endless JourneyHaruno Sumire single CD02/09/07
TCAC-291Takashiro Kei Single Collection 2001~2006 Takashiro Kei12/05/06
TCAC-288Asami Hikaru Single Collection 2001~2006 Asami Hikaru SOLD OUT10/20/06
TCAC-285Kozuki Wataru Single Collection 2000~2006Kozuki Wataru09/05/06
TCAC-285Wao Yoka Single Collection 1997~2005Wao Youka SOLD OUT04/30/06
TCAC-273Quatre Saisons 04/01/06
TCAC-270Theme Songs of Takarazuka Revue 2005 03/20/06
TCAC-265-266The Rose of Versailles: Famous Songs Album 1989~200101/01/06
TCAC-247Theme Songs of Takarazuka Revue 2004 03/20/05
TCAC-223Theme Songs of Takarazuka Revue 2003 03/21/04
TCAC-229~232Takarazuka Best Selection 90 90th Anniversary 03/15/04
TCAC-204Theme Songs of Takarazuka Revue 2002SOLD OUT03/21/03
TCAC-196~197Takahashi Jou "Takarazuka Revue Collected Works"Takahashi Kuni12/21/02
TCAC-192-193Senka Encourage Special 11/21/02
専科 エンカレッジ・スペシャル
TCAC-179~180Cosmos Troupe Encourage Concert 04/21/02
宙組 エンカレッジコンサート
TCAC-177~178Theme Songs of Takarazuka Revue 2001 03/21/02
TCAC-169~170Star Troupe Encourage Concert 01/21/01
星組 エンカレッジコンサート
TCAC-162Aika Mire Graduation CD: TERRAAika Mire10/10/01
TCAC-161Minoru Kou Graduation CD: Four-Panel PaintingMinoru Kou08/10/01
TCAC-157~158Snow Troupe Encourage Concert 07/10/01
雪組 エンカレッジコンサート
TCAC-151-152Flower Troupe Encourage ConcertSOLD OUT04/10/01
花組 エンカレッジコンサート
TCAC-148Theme Songs of Takarazuka Revue 2000 03/21/01
TCAC-131Theme Songs of Takarazuka Revue '99 03/21/00
TCAC-129~130Utsumi Shigenori Collected Works "Fine Romance"Utsumi Shigenori03/10/00
内海重典 作品集「ファイン・ロマンス」
TCAC-125Sumire no Hana Sakugoro / Sayonara Mina-samaShizuki Asato01/01/00
TCAC-113Theme Songs of Takarazuka Revue '98 03/21/99
TCAC-105Irie Kaoru "Takarazuka Revue Collected Works"Irie Kaoru SOLD OUT10/10/98
入江 薫「宝塚歌劇作品集」
TCAC-100Asaji Saki Graduation CD: Now, My MomentAsaji Saki07/21/98
麻路さき「今 私の瞬間」
TCAC-94Theme Songs of Takarazuka Revue '97 03/21/98
TCAC-92~93Nakamoto Kiyozumi "Takarazuka Revue Collected Works"Nakamoto Kiyozumi03/10/98
TCAC-80~89BOW VOYAGE 2020th Anniversary02/21/98
TCAC-78Starry Sky Legend -Hong Kong Performance Memorial- 01/17/98
TCAC-66Theme Songs of Takarazuka Revue '96SOLD OUT 03/21/97
TCAC-56~58Terada Takio "Love!" ~All His Love~Terada Takio SOLD OUT12/21/96
寺田瀧雄「“愛!”」~ALL His Dreams~

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