Saeki Chihaya



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Picture Credit: Otome 2009 | Nishiki-e of the Wind / Zorro - The Masked Messiah programme

Standard Profile Information

Name: Saeki Chihaya
Kanji: 冴輝 ちはや
Current Troupe:
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Retired

Nickname: Moorii
Real Name: 森なな子­ (Mori Nanako)
Height: 168 cm
Birthday: Feb. 13th
Blood Type:
Hometown: Fukuoka
Favorite Food: tomatoes, mentaiko, her mother's cooking
Favorite Flower: cherry blossoms
Favorite Colors: white, baby blue
Hobbies: going to movies
Collections: accessories
Special Talent: drawing illustrations
Origin of Stage Name: She decided it together with her family.
Favorite Role:
Would Like to Try Playing: a hot kind of role, a villian

Debut: 2005 (91st Class) Enter the Revue
Troupe History:
2005 - 2009 Snow Troupe


2009: Russian Blue -Malleus Maleficarum- / Rio de Bravo!!, Fyodor Stachinsky
2009: Nishiki-e of the Wind / Zorro - The Masked Messiah
2008-09: The Brothers Karamazov, Mikhail Osipovich Rakitin
2008: King Solomon's Ring / La Mariposa
2008: Frozen Tomorrow, Jones
2008: I Love You - Je t'aime / Miroirs
2007: Silver Rose Chronicle, Abraham
2007: Elisabeth, Young Rudolph
2007: Non, Non, Sugar!!, Mickey
2006: Lucifer's Tears / Tarantella!
2006: Young Bloods!! -Demonic Summer Snowstorm-, jailor
2006: Rose of Versailles: Oscar
2005: Daytime Hustler (Bow)
2005: Milan Wrapped In a Fog

Shinjinkoen Roles

2009: Russian Blue -Malleus Maleficarum-, Babel Myshkin
2009: Zorro, Corp. Gomez
2008: La Mariposa, Ivan
2008: I Love You - Je t'aime
2007: Elisabeth, Gyula Andrássy
2006: Lucifer's Tears, Sariel
2006: Rose of Versailles: Oscar, Guardsman
2005: Milan Wrapped In a Fog

Concerts / Dinner Shows / Specials

2007: Pure, Proper, Beautiful


  • Member of the 7th Group of Sky Fairies
  • After retirement has been active under her real name.
  • In 2012 she was a finalist in Miss Universe Japan.
  • Her blog.