Milan Wrapped in a Fog/Wonderland


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English Title: Milan Wrapped in a Fog/Wonderland
Japanese Title: 霧のミラノ / ワンダーランド
Romanized Title: Kiri no Mirano / Wandaarando

Troupe: Snow
Year: 2005
Performances: Grand Theater, 6/24 - 8/1; Tokyo Theater, 8/19 - 10/2
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Grand Theater, 7/12; Tokyo Theater, 8/30

Milan Wrapped in a Fog:

Based On:
Author: Shibata Yukihiro
Director: Nakamura Satoru
Composer: Nishimura Kouji, Kuratomi Shinichi
Choreographer: ANJU, Wakao Risa
Conductor (Takarazuka):
Conductor (Tokyo): Kiyokawa Tomomi
Shinjin Kouen Director: Koyanagi Naoko


Author/Director: Ishida Masaya
Composer: Nishimura Kouji, Kuratomi Shinichi, Bob Sakuma
Choreographer: Ai Erina, Maeda Kiyomi, Miori Yumino, Irie Toshiaki
Conductor (Takarazuka): Sasada Aiichirou
Conductor (Tokyo): Izawa Ichirou

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 9/25/05)
DVD Scene/Music Cut: No


RoleCastShinjinkoen Cast
Lorenzo Croce (Official of the city of Milan, count)Asami Hikaru Ouki Kaname
Francesca Martini (Daughter of Martini, a merchant of silk fabrics) Maikaze Rira Haruka Midori
Karlheinz Berger (Major of the intelligence bureau of the Austrian army) Takashiro Kei Ozuki Tooma
Giambattista Salvatore (Merchant, ex-aristocrat of Milan)Mizu Natsuki Hiiragi Tomoe
Luca (Barber)Suzuka Teru Isaki Maoto
Nora (Employee of the La Scala Theater)Kou Hizuru Jin Reika
Massimo Baletti (Councilor of the city of Milan, marquis)Natori Rei Souno Haruto
Caunitz (General of the Austrian army)Asuka Yuu Shiraho Rin
Aldo (Nun)Akari Nami Yamashina Ai
Pietro Martini (Francesca's elder brother)Mirai Yuuki Manami Sora
Ercole Barone (Milanese journalist)Sou Kazuho Saou Kurama
Emma Championnet (Proprietress of the casino, ex-aristocrat of Milan)Amase Izuru Suzuhana Risa
Kristian Kreis (Lieutenant of the intelligence bureau of the Austrian army)Otozuki Kei Daigo Seshiru
Jill (Ercole's assistant)Yamashina Ai Sahana Mako
Miranda (a dealer who knows Pietro well Ai Youko Ootsuki Sayu
OttoOuki Kaname Renjou Makoto
HermanOzuki Tooma Karyou Shizuru
PeterDaigo Seshiru Asakaze Rei
Lady ConsalviArisa Miho Morisaki Kaguya
Evelina (Lady Consalvi's daughter)Haruka Midori Aihara Mika
Jacomo (a dealer. Actually resistance)Machika Meguru Oonagi Mao
Camilo (a dealer. Actually resistance)Souno Haruto Shiyuu Mirei
Beppo (resistance)Hiiragi Tomoe Junya Chitose
Clelia (Luca's daughter)Maisaki Rin Satsuki Aina
Gina (madam of the bar "Amapola")Miho Keiko Maisaki Rin
Renato (bartender)Misumi Kanon Aya Mizuki
GabrioYuu Naoki Soraki Reika
Michele Kibune Nao Yuuki Senju
LeonardSaou Kurama Tani Mizuse
ThelmaMio Urara Hozuki Haruna
MonaAsaki Yumemi Asakura Momoko
SheilaKaho Anna Mariki Towa
Lady BeauharnaisYurika Shiho Kaho Anna
Lady SchlegelNatsuo Komaki Hanaoka Rara
AnseldiSawane Kazuki Aoi Fubuki
MenottiSoraki Reika Misaki Rei
GalianiTani Mizuse Saika Ryou

Other Cast: Hanao Konomi, Yumeka Ayari, Sen Hafuri, Murasaki Itsumi, Maasa Hitomi, Hanaka Yurin, Aiki Yuma, Ouju Hirari, Suzuse Miuto, Yuuzuki Rena, Azusa Haruki, Chikaze Karen, Suzune Ryou, Ouka Reno, Yoshino Honoka, Seiga Ryou, Manaka Ayu, Konohana Inori, Saeki Chihaya, Touma Kazuki, Kise Mirano, Hinazuki Otoha, Utakaze Sui, Ouga Mitsuki, Shiranagi Suzu



Musical Roman: Milan Wrapped in a Fog

Northern Italy is under Austrian rule in the late 1850s. Lorenzo Croce, an official of Milan, sees for the first time Francesca, the daughter of Martini, a Milanese silk fabrics merchant. She is protesting to Major Karlheinz Berger of the Austrian army's intelligence bureau about a recent order. The headquarters of the Austrian army has suspended the business of her family due to a suspicion that her elder brother Pietro is a member of an anti-Austrian group. Lorenzo is ordered by his superior to investigate Pietro. He cuts in between Francesca and Karlheinz identifying himself as the official of the investigation department of the city and settles the dispute.

Lorenzo and Francesca go to Bar Amapola, where he meets with Giambattista whom he has not seen for several years. Giambattista is back from the country where he took refuge. Lorenzo and Giambattista were active members of the anti-Austrian movement when they were students. Ten years ago, there were five days of intense street fighting in Milan between the rebelling Milanese population and Austrian troops. This period of time was later called the Five Days of Milan. Lorenzo's father was judged responsible for the insurrection and seen as an anti-Austrian aristocrat. His entire property was thereby taken away, and Lorenzo scarcely managed to find a job in the municipality of Milan. Giambattista's family was destroyed. He went to neighboring Sardinia, where he became a merchant. He has dealings with the Martinis and has seen Pietro more than once. Giambattista insists that Pietro is most unlikely to take part in any anti-Austrian movement.

The coquelicots in a flower shop at a street corner attract the attention of Francesca, to whom Lorenzo tells of his souvenir of coquelicots — amapolas in Spanish — which he had seen during his stay in Spain. Francesca weeps in silence remembering the field of coquelicots she once saw while on a picnic with her family. Those were the happy days when she had basked in the affection of her parents and elder brother.

Lorenzo and Francesca go to Casino Palazzo, which is said to be a hideout of the members of an anti-Austrian movement. Its proprietress, Madame Emma, and the employees deny that Pietro is in contact with any such members. Pietro, then heavily drunk, comes in. Soaked in drink and gambling, he looks like the last person to have a connection with any anti-Austrian movement. Lorenzo promises Francesca that he will go to the Austrian army's headquarters the next day and tell them what he thinks of Pietro in order to clear their suspicion of him.

The next day, Lorenzo visits Karlheinz at the headquarters. He persuades the major that Pietro is being mistaken for a member of an anti-Austrian movement. Lorenzo succeeds in removing most of the suspicion of Pietro. Karlheinz recognizes the dignity in Lorenzo's heart and begins to think that Lorenzo is no ordinary person.

Although Lorenzo seems to work as a mere official in Milan, in fact he has another face. He is the very leader of the anti-Austrian movement which Karlheinz is looking for. The movements to expel the Austrians become stronger throughout Italy.

On the night of the festival when the Milanese dance and sing, Lorenzo invites Francesca to see a field of coquelicots the following day. Ever since they met by chance, they have been mutually attracted to each other and are now in love.

In the field of coquelicots, Lorenzo reveals to Francesca his real identity as the leader commanding several anti-Austrian groups while using Casino Palazzo as his headquarters. She is afraid lest he should go to battle against the Austrians leaving her behind. She wants to keep him from going to war. However, she thinks over the facts that the members of the anti-Austrian groups have secretly made every effort to prepare for an insurrection and are at last ready to rise in revolt. "You ought to go to war", she says, after reading his intention. She also tells him she fears that he would be treated as a coward because of her detaining him. He embraces her and is determined to fight for the dignity of Milan.

In November, the headquarters of the Austrian army finally identify the leader of the anti-Austrian movements and are trying to trace him. Giambattista decides to join Lorenzo's group while tension between the Austrians and the Milanese citizens is mounting. Francesca happens to meet again with Karlheinz. She learns from him that the leader of the anti-Austrian group has been arrested and will be brought before a military tribunal. In fear of the worst, she implores him to help Lorenzo saying, "I will do anything in order to save him."

Lorenzo again meets with Karlheinz at the Austrian headquarters. Although they are enemies, they have a good understanding of each other. Concerned about the other's standpoint, they calmly talk. They think that they could be friends intimate enough to talk of the sadness of fighting and the joy of loving. The convoy to take Lorenzo to Sforza comes in before them...


Act 1 : Opening A : Treasure Hunters

From out of the pitch-black darkness filled with mysterious music, a few treasure hunters appear sending out a strange light.

Treasure hunter (male) S - Asami Hikaru

Act 2 : Opening B : Treasure Hunters

After the entrance made of tusks is removed, young female treasure hunter S, young male treasure hunters A and many young female treasure hunters enter the stage and dance while singing.

Treasure hunter (female) S - Maikaze Rira
Treasure hunters (male) A - Takashiro Kei /Mizu Natsuki

Act 3 : Opening C: Treasure Hunters

Young male treasure hunter S appears again in front of a temple inside the Palace of Doom. All of the treasure hunters with treasure hunter S at their center dance to the theme song Wonderland Takarazuka.

Treasure hunter (male) S - Asami Hikaru
Treasure hunter (female) S - Maikaze Rira
Treasure hunters (male) A - Takashiro Kei / Mizu Natsuki

Act 4 : Opening D: Treasure Hunters

Young male treasure hunter S comes in front of the curtain and presents a reprise of the theme song.

Treasure hunter (male) S - Asami Hikaru

Act 5 - 7 : Requiem for Moby Dick - A - C

The dance inspired by Melville's Moby Dick is performed. The whaling ship sails out of the harbor and at last meets again with Moby Dick. The whaling ship gets caught in a storm and sinks. Spirits of whitecaps (Moby Dick's manifestations) bear down upon Captain Ahab and the sailors. The captain vanishes deep into the sea with the bleeding whale.

Captain Ahab - Mizu Natsuki

Act 8 : A Love Gone in a Heavy Sandstorm - A

A cowboy and cute cowgirls come forth in front of the curtain on the front bridge stage. They gaily sing of the advent of the settlement of the West.

Cowboy - Takashiro Kei

Act 9 : A Love Gone in a Heavy Sandstorm - B

Inside a saloon in the Wild West, a cavalry corporal and cavalry soldiers drink and dance.

Cavalry corporal - Asami Hikaru

Act 10 : A Love Gone in a Heavy Sandstorm - C

The corporal is in love with an Indian girl. He passionately dances in duet with her. Hostess A arrives at the scene with a rifle in hand. Driven by jealousy, she shoots the girl dead.

Cavalry corporal - Asami Hikaru
Indian girl - Maikaze Rira
Hostess A - Amase Izuru

Act 11 : A Love Gone in a Heavy Sandstorm

The corporal saddened by the loss of his love sings of his grief to the melody of Johnny Guitar.

Cavalry corporal - Asami Hikaru

Act 12 - 13 : Classical Music Medley

While the stage is changing, men of cards and women of cards recite in medley vocal versions arranged from their respective classical instrumental numbers including Brahms' Third Symphony, Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance Marches, Melody of Rubinstein and Gounod's Ave Maria.

Man of cards S - Asami Hikaru
Woman of cards S - Maikaze Rira
Men of cards A - Takashiro Kei /Mizu Natsuki

Act 14 : A Harem in Arabia - A

A young wandering traveler with a broken heart arrives at the bazaar of "a town" in modern Arabia.

Wandering traveler - Takashiro Kei

Act 15 : A Harem in Arabia - B - C

In a harem, a songstress sings while beautiful women dance.The young traveler changes into the harem's prince and enjoys the more than cordial hospitality of the beautiful, becoming unconscious of the flight of time. However, as a matter of fact, ...

Prince of Arabia - Takashiro Kei

Act 17 - 18 : Glory

Glory Hallelujah is a traditional American song and attributed to gospel music as well. Now that this song has been boldly arranged for dance music, the "Dancers of Glory" dynamically dance representing the love, dreams, courage, hopes and prayers included in the song.

Man of glory S - Asami Hikaru
Men of glory A - Takashiro Kei /Mizu Natsuki

Act 19 : Finale - A : A Gentlewoman and Young Men Sing

In front of the curtain on the front bridge stage, a singing gentlewoman and two gentlemen come forth and present a reprise of the second theme song, Hey, Hey Wonderland.

Singing gentlewoman - Maikaze Rira

Act 20 : Finale - B : Red and Black Rocket Girls

The Takarazuka's Rocket Girls in red and black costumes suggestive of playing cards perform the routines of precision dance in front of the set frame.

Act 21 A : Finale - C: Blue Shadow (the first half)

Guy S comes forth on the grand staircase. He then dances a duet with Lady S.

Guy S - Asami Hikaru
Lady S - Maikaze Rira

Act 21 B : Finale - D: Blue Shadow (the second half)

After Lady S is gone, Guys with an air of roughness appear on the grand staircase and dance.

Guy S - Asami Hikaru
Guy A's - Takashiro Kei /Mizu Natsuki

Act 22 : Finale - E : Parade

A woman of parade dynamically sings a cadenza. All of the performers tune in and start parading.

Man of parade S - Asami Hikaru
Woman of parade S - Maikaze Rira
Men of parade A - Takashiro Kei / Mizu Natsuki
(And all other Perfomers)

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