The Tale of a Cowherder / Wuthering Heights


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English Title: The Tale of a Cowherder / Wuthering Heights
Japanese Title: 牛飼い童子 / 嵐が丘
Romanized Title: Ushikai Douji / Arashi ga Oka

Troupe: Moon
Year: 1969
Performances: Shinjuku Koma Stadium, 5/3 - 5/28
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Shinjuku Koma Stadium, 5/18

The Tale of a Cowherder

Author / Director: Ueda Shinji
Composer: Terada Takio
Choreographer: Onoe Kikunojou
Conductor: Nomura Youji

Wuthering Heights

Based on: The novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
Author / Director: Utsumi Shigenori
Assistant Director: Shibata Yukihiro
Composer: Irie Kaoru, Terada Takio, Hashimoto Kazuaki
Choreographer: Oka Masami, Kita Hiroshi, Edward Roll
Conductor: Hashimoto Kazuaki
Shinjin Kouen Director:

Available on DVD: No

The Tale of a Cowherder Cast

Goromaru (A cowherder)Koshiro Miyako
Kikumaru (A cowherder)Suga Harumi
Yarusena-himeHinatsu Yuri
Yarusena-hime's SisterOomi Ryuuko
Yarusena-hime's SisterChigusa Mikage
Chuu-nagonKoyanagi Hizuru
Chuu-nagon's WifeMiyama Shigure
Sakon-no-ShoushouChinami Jun
MomijiMegumi Sakae
KuchibaMiyuki Sachiko
MamushigusaSugi Shikiko
NekoyanagiSasa Junko
HaruchikaYae Harumi
SumireHiina Tomoko
YurimaruKawaji Masa
SakuramaruMizu Hayami
HagimaruDai Takiko
AoimaruHaruna Yuri
UwabamisouMachi Hikaru
YomenaMari Annu
AkichikaShioji Asako
NogikuKonoe Anzu
ChigusaSayo Natsumi
MatsumaruKanou Yachiho
OniazamiAsou Kaoru

Wuthering Heights Cast

RoleCastShinjin Kouen Cast
HeathcliffKoshiro Miyako Suga Harumi
CatherineYashioji Mari Sayo Natsumi
EarnshawUchibuki Misa
HindleyChinami Jun Dai Takiko
EllenSasa Junko Hiina Tomoko
JosephSuga Harumi Asou Kaoru
Dr. KennethMiyama Shigure Shioji Asako
EdgarHaruna Yuri Kanou Yachiho
IsabellaSayo Natsumi Oomi Ryuuko
DavidDai Takiko Onozuki Hikaru
BenYae Harumi Shigi Misao
CecilKanou Yachiho Takuma Minori
FrancisChigusa Mikage Komatsu Miho
Charles / LintonKoyanagi Hizuru Machi Hikaru
Mrs. LintonMiyuki Sachiko
SuzanneSugi Shikiko
SallyOomi Ryuuko
ErnestMizu Hayami
HenryKawaji Masa
JenniferMari Annu

Chizawa Emi, Suzaku Hiromi, Tsuki Juri, Okitsu Masaki, Kaya Makoto, Kamishiro Yuri, Takigawa Sueko, Suma Nagisa, Katsuki Mitsuyo, Maria Batista, Jun Marika, Nami Chisato, Natsumi Youko, Aozono Utage, Houzuki Yayoi, Tsuyama Noriko, Urara Mika, Komatsu Miho, Hanakouji Jun, Mizunose Akira, Ooyashima Kaoru, Enji Yuri, Onozuki Hikaru, Takuma Minori, Kozakura Maki, Aoi Yuka, Mami Yuuko, Shinju Miharu, Ikuyo Hikaru, Natsushiro Miki, Minou Yutaka, Uraji Natsuko, Ibuki Yayoi



(Original English program summary, edited for grammar)

The Tale of a Cowherder

A Japanese story set in ancient times. Goromaru, a child of a cowherd, was in the employ of Chuu-nagon's family of aristocratic lineage. In this family, there were three young daughters. The eldest one, named “Yarusena-hime,” was the daughter of the family's former wife. The younger daughters were the children of the second wife. Yarusena-hime was especially beautiful in countenance and was unusually gentle at heart. She, however, was tormented by her step-mother, a woman of unyielding spirit, as well as her sisters, born of the second mother.

One day, Sakon-no-Shoushou held a Shell Contest, a contest for the most curious shell. He must decide his wife among those who had the most curious shells on that day.

Chuu-nagon's wife ordered her daughters to join the Shell Contest, hoping eagerly that one of her daughters would become Sakon-no-Shoushou's wife. However, the daughters had only ordinary shells and she knew of Yarusena-hime's curious shell.

She knew that Yarusena-hime possessed the shell as a last gift from Yarusena-hime's real mother, and bid one of her lady attendants to secretly steal the shell.

In the meantime, Yarusena-hime married into the Sakon-no-Shoushou's family, which happened to be of higher court rank. Goromaru was much delighted by this happy event. However, tears rushed to his eyes...

Wuthering Heights

In Yorkshire, with spring near at hand....

Ellen, who had formerly been a housekeeper for the Earnshaws, was reciting a sorrowful story involving the Earnshaws to Charles, a millionaire, just back from London.

The story, indeed, dated back 70 or 80 years. The Earnshaws, renowned throughout Yorkshire, included Hindley, the older brother, and Catherine, his younger sister, who was pretty beyond description. Attended to and served by a great number of servants and maids, they led a life of happiness and contentment.

One day, Mr. Earnshaw, the master, returned from an extended trip - but was not alone. He brought back with him a young man, dirty and shabbily clothed, named Heathcliff.

Mr. Earnshaw, with a tender heart, had found Heathcliff living on a Liverpool street at the brink of starvation. He intended to treat Heathcliff not as a servant, but in the same way he would his own offspring.

Now, Hindley was a particularly proud person and looked down upon Heathcliff with scorn and derision, treating him maliciously. After all, no one really knew where he had been born.

Heathcliff refused to meekly obey Hindley's dictates, retorting with obvious resistance. It was unavoidable, thus, that the Earnshaw estate's peace and tranquility was disturbed.

Catherine, the sister, was different. She, alone, proved to be an ally of the young man and stood by his side.

It then happened, one day, that the old Mr. Earnshaw died suddenly of a heart attack. Hindley was now the master and took over the entire estate. The first thing he did was force Heathcliffto live in the stable, while he abandoned himself in the pleasures of alcohol.

Catherine, in the meantime, had become attracted to Heathcliff's strong and masculine personality, coupled by his inclination towards solitariness. She began to frequent the table where the unhappy young man was virtually imprisoned. Thus, their mutual affection rapidly deepened.

It happened one night that the Linton's, another Yorkshire family with a reputation and respectability that matched the Earnshaws, were holding a gala dance party.

Catherine, of course, was invited to the function. However, there was no invitation for Heathcliff, who lived in the stable. Anxious, however, to see the party, the lovers dared to sneak through a window of the Linton mansion. A shot rang out and Catherine was hit in the foot by a bullet, wounding her. The truth was that the Linton's guard had mistaken the lovers for a bear!

Catherine was brought into the Linton mansion for medical care.

Five weeks passed by and Catherine could walk without the help of crutches. She had now grown into an extremely beautiful girl with a temperament even brighter than before. However, her sentiments had undergone a delicate change in the meantime. Her heart had been attracted by the sociably refined amorous approaches of Edgar, the Linton's eldest son. Amidst blessings, the two lovers were united in a solemn wedding ceremony.

Heathcliff left the place and nobody knew where he went....

Hindley did not change; he was still devoted to drinking. Catherine, together with her husband Edgar, led a life of peace and happiness...

Just at this juncture, Heathcliff showed up. He had grown into a professed gambler...

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