Spring Again / Southern Cross Revue

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English Title: Spring Again / Southern Cross Revue
Japanese Title: 春ふたたび / サザンクロス・レビュー
Romanized Title: Haru Futatabi / Sazan Kurosu Rebyuu

Troupe: Flower
Year: 1998
Performances: National Tour, 10/31 - 11/18

Spring Again:

Based On:
Author/Director: Ueda Shinji

Southern Cross Revue:

Author/Director: Kusano Akira

Available on DVD: No


Fujiwara Michitada (a kind-hearted lord) Aika Mire
Yasu (an old beggar woman who lives outside the village) Jou Hiroe
Yogo (a young villager) Takumi Hibiki
Yono (Yogo's sister) Nagisa Aki
Kino (Yogo's sister) Suzukake Miyuki
Saemon (village headman) Isono Chihiro
Katsura (Saemon's wife) Ichihara Kei
Saburouji (the headman's son) Haruno Sumire

Other Cast: Machikaze Kana, Takayagi Midori, Ootomo Reika, Futaba Karen, Kizuki Ayumu, Mayuzuki Kou, Shiran Masumi, Utahana Yumi, Sena Jun, Ayukawa Natsuki, Saki Nozomi, Muko Ayumi, Matake Suguru, Momoka Sari, Hayase Ayu, Maikaze Rira, Yuuma Rin, Ranka Rea, Ouka Reiya, Hosaki Rinna, Sou Kazuho, Ayakaze Ran, Mihiro Seisa, Kino Kotose, Ayano Kanami, Hanaki Yuina, Shima Arata



Spring Again

The heart-warming tale of a young man searching for his lost mother. Fujiwara Michitada, who has become a feudal lord, comes seeking the mother he was separated from during a flood when he was a young child. Through the help of the villagers, he is able to be reunited with her.

Southern Cross Revue

In the southern hemisphere, under the Southern Cross which shines with mystery and romance, a dramatic revue rolls out in all the rich colors of a carnival. The rhythm pulsates, bodies sweat. The Flower Troupe power explodes. Takarazuka Revue extraordinaire supersedes its tradition in this wonderful achievement.

Scenes 1-4 Southern Cross Revue - Prologue

With a shout of "samba", light floods the stage. A richly colored float is surrounded by the villagers of Carioca, who are colorfully dressed. A mad carnival takes place. The crowd departs suddenly, and there is momentary silence. Couples appear and perform a dance of suspicious love, followed by passionate dance numbers. After the passing of a float with a religious atmosphere, a carnival begins with great passion like a tidal wave. The carnival meets its climax with carnival stars.

Man of Carioca S ~ Aika Mire
Woman of Carioca S ~ Nagisa Aki
Men of Carioca A ~ Takumi Hibiki, Haruno Sumire, Sena Jun, Ootomo Reika, Kizuki Ayumu, Mayuzuki Kou
Women of Carioca A ~ Machikaze Kana, Takayagi Midori, Suzukake Miyuki, Maikaze Rira
Lagrima ~ Isono Chihiro
Sonrisa ~ Ichihara Kei
Mona ~ Ayakaze Ran

Scenes 5-7 Fabella - A Slum

Three couples from the carnival dance ardently to a passionate Latin rhythm. The men from Rio bid farewell to the Fabella women as they return to their homes in the slum, which is lit by the twinkling night sky. A carnival parade passes by.

Man of Rio S ~ Takumi Hibiki
Anna Morada S ~ Momoka Sari
Men of Rio A ~ Haruno Sumire, Sena Jun
Anna Morada A ~ Maikaze Rira, Ayano Kanami
Lagrima ~ Ichihara Kei
Mona ~ Ayakaze Ran

Scenes 8-9 Ayers Rock - Traveling Mood

Gypsy ~ Aika Mire
Lover ~ Suzukake Miyuki
Illusions ~ Ichihara Kei, Takayagi Midori, Mayuzuki Kou, Ranka Rea

Scenes 10-14 El Dorado

The heart of the Amazon. An idyllic land with a clear flowing waterfall. Many Latin revue numbers are performed.

Pajaro ~ Nagisa Aki
EI Dorado Singer 1 ~ Takumi Hibiki
EI Dorado Singer 2 ~ Haruno Sumire
EI Dorado Singer 3 ~ Sena Jun

With a shout of joy, people sing and dance throughout in El Dorado.

Reggae Band S ~ Aika Mire
Reggae Band ~ Isono Chihiro, Ichihara Kei, Machikaze Kana, Takayagi Midori

A prince of El Dorado sings and dances gracefully. A girl from the south island approaches him. The night in El Dorado is exciting, with its carnival. Performers come out to the audience. A parade takes place in a frenzy of excitement.

Fiesta Man ~ Aika Mire
Fiesta Woman ~ Nagisa Aki
Fiesta Men ~ Haruno Sumire, Sena Jun, Ootomo Reika
Fiesta Women ~ Machikaze Kana, Takayagi Midori, Futaba Karen

Mariposa (Singer) ~ Takumi Hibiki

Scenes 15-16 El Dorado - Butterfly

After the carnival, calm returns to El Dorado. A butterfly settles on the waterfall. A singer appears and sings a love song. The waterfall opens and a cloud of butterflies emerge and form a chorus line.

Mariposa (singer) ~ Kouju Tatsuki

Scenes 17-19 Patagonia - Tango

The region of Patagonia, near the South Pole. Under a blood red sunset, the young Nonnino dances with his beloved Juanita, a member of a rival family. Love blossoms momentarily, but their families intervene. In the background of this joyful dance there is a sad quarrel and death. As a result of Nonnino's and Juanita's deaths, the families make their peace. In the city the wind blows, and the two bodies are buried. Crucifixes are placed in the ground. Through the snow, the Southern Cross shines.

Nonnino ~ Aika Mire
Juanita ~ Suzukake Miyuki
Bernard ~ Takumi Hibiki
Rif ~ Haruno Sumire
Chino ~ Sena Jun
Anita ~ Takayagi Midori
Graziella ~ Futaba Karen
Crapki ~ Matake Suguru
Anybody ~ Hanaki Yuina
Lagrima ~ Isono Chihiro
Mona ~ Ayakaze Ran

Scenes 20-22 Carnival Illusion

A world of ice. The carnival finishes. In a paper snowfall, carnival fairies in white dresses rise from the dead from a hill on which several crucifixes stand. Nonnino and Juanita are among them in the white world. The rhythm surges like a flood. The fairy carnival meets a climax and it becomes a star world. Nonnino flies to the Southern Cross. A singer appears.

Nonnino ~ Aika Mire
Juanita ~ Suzukake Miyuki

Scene 23 Southern Cross Revue (Finale A)

A long richly colored parade gives the revue a glorious finale. Carnival stars appear and all members return to sing and dance with joy.

Nonnino ~ Aika Mire
Frama Men ~ Takumi Hibiki, Ootomo Reika, Kizuki Ayumu, Haruno Sumire, Mayuzuki Kou, Sena Jun
Frama Women ~ Takayagi Midori, Futaba Karen, Momoka Sari, Maikaze Rira

Scene 24 Southern Cross Revue (Finale B)

Parade Singer (Man) S ~ Aika Mire
Parade Singer (Woman) S ~ Nagisa Aki
Parade Men ~ Takumi Hibiki, Haruno Sumire, Sena Jun, Ootomo Reika, Kizuki Ayumu, Mayuzuki Kou
Parade Women ~ Machikaze Kana, Takayagi Midori, Suzukake Miyuki
Parade Men (Singers) ~ Matake Suguru, Ranka Rea
Lagrima ~ Isono Chihiro
Sonrisa ~ Ichihara Kei

Other Information

  • Aika Mire's first show as top star.
  • "Spring Again" was first performed by Maho Shibuki and Snow Troupe in 1970, and then revived in 1988 for Asaka Jun and Flower Troupe.


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