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Picture Credit: Kageki 1996,January | Bluff (Nippon Seinenkan) programm

Standard Profile Information

Name: Kuze Seika
Kanji: 久世 星佳
Current Troupe: Retired
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Retired Top Star (1995 - 1997)

Nickname: Non-chan
Height: 169 cm
Birthday: 7/8/1965
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Oota Ward, Tokyo
Favorite Food:
Favorite Flower: Butterfly orchid, rose, Turkish bellflower
Favorite Colors:
Hobbies: Going for a drive
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name: She chose the family name after Kuze Teruhiko, Japanese director and producer, famous for is intellectual dramas. The name is based off of her birthday, Seika (盛夏), or "midsummer".
Favorite Role:
Would Like to Try Playing:

Debut: 1983 (69th Class) Spring Dance
Troupe History:
1983 - 1997 Moon


1996-97: The Descendant of a Baron / Grandes Belles Folies, Edward/Laurence
1997: Non-Stop!! (Bow), Lover Brightman / God of the Theater
1996: Cesare Borgia / Prestige, Cesare Borgia, Perotto Caldes
1996: Gin-chan's Love (Bow), Kuraoka Ginshirou
1996: Can-Can / Nightless Castle in Manhattan, Aristide Forestier
1996: Me and My Girl (Chunichi), Bill (top star debut)
1995: Me and My Girl, Sir John
1995: Beautiful Tomorrow! (Bow Hall)
1995: Hard-Boiled Egg / Exotica!, George
1995: Le Mistral (Drama City), Michel Brasseur (lead role)
1994: The Afterglow of Eire / Takarazuka Ole!, Daniel
1994: Gone with the Wind, Ashley
1994: Wanted (Bow), Nichol (lead role)
1994: Gone with the Wind, Rhett Butler (guest alternate)
1993: Kasenshou / The Door to Here / Million Dreams
1993: Grand Hotel / Broadway Boys, Baron Felix Von Gaigern
1993: Manhattan Story, Dave the Dude (lead role)
1992: Romance in the Coffee Plantation / Dreamy Fragrance (National Tour), Altoul Santos
1992: Puck / Memories of You, Daniel
1992: Bluff (Nippon Seinenkan), Donovan (lead role)
1992: Cafe Carnival / Dreamy Fragrance, Evitacio
1992: Count Down! (Nippon Seinenkan), Billie
1991: Rose of Versailles: Oscar, Alain
1991: Silver Wolf / Break the Border, Jean Louis
1991: Count Down 1991 (Bow), Billie
1990: The Kawagiri Bridge / Love Potion, Tatsuyoshi
1990: The Red and the Black (Nippon Seinenkan), ''Prince Korasoff'
1990: Angel's Smile, Devil's Tears / Red Hot Love (National Tour), Fritz'
1990: Great Expectations / The Modern, Bentley Drummle
1990: Bluff (Bow), Donovan (lead role)
1989: Angel's Smile, Devil's Tears / Red Hot Love, Fritz
1989: Waterfront Lullaby (Bow)
1989: The New Tale of Genji / The Dreamer, Shikibu Nojo / Nobuyuki
1989: The Red and the Black (Bow Hall), Prince Korasoff
1988-89: Love and a Foghorn and a Silver Watch / Rainbow Shower, Rokugou Yatarou
1988: The Prisoners of Lilac Walls (Bow), Georges Rubik
1988: Red Flower of Tahiti / Viva! Shiva!
1987-88: Me and My Girl
1987: Whirlwind of Youth (Bow Hall), Raymond Holeshka
1987-88: Me and My Girl
1986: Paris, That's a Sad Sonata / La Nostalgie
1986: Fans of Many Flowers / Sorrow
1986: Lotus Legend (Bow Hall), Major Singh
1986: The Other Side of the Dream (Bow Hall), Peter
1985-86: The Legend of the Pulsing Flower / The Swing
1985: South Pacific (Tokyo / Nagoya)
1985: A Tale of Two Cities / Heat Wave
1985: Love... Just Love -Edith Piaf- (Bow Hall)
1983-84: Soaring Arabian Nights / Heart Jack, rockette
1983: Limitless Love / Passionate Barcelona (Tokyo)
1983: Spring Dance / Moonlight Romance, Cat Girl

Shinjin Koen Roles

1989: Angel's Smile, Devil's Tears, Heinrich Faust / Raphael (lead role)
1989: The New Tale of Genji, To no Chujo
1988-89: Love and a Foghorn and a Silver Watch, Albert Jackson
1988: Red Flower of Tahiti, Jotefa
1987-88: Me and My Girl, Sir John Tremayne
1987: Me and My Girl, Gerald Bolingbroke
1986-87: Paris, That's a Sad Sonata, Paul Bratley
1986: Sorrow
1985-86: The Legend of the Pulsing Flower, Marquis Claudio Girotti
1985: A Tale of Two Cities, Serge
1983-84: Soar, Arabian Night
1983: Passionate Barcelona (Tokyo)

Concerts / Dinner Shows / Special Performances

2004: TCA Special OG Version - Golden Memories
1997: Illusion
1996: '96 TCA Special - Melodies and Memories
1995: '95 TCA Special - Magnifique Takarazuka
1995: Beautiful Tomorrow!
1994: TMP Special - Dream Festival Takarazuka '94
1993: Gone with the Wind Eve of Festivities
1993: '93 TMP Music Festival - Youth Forever!
1993: Love Nocturne
1992: '92 TMP Music Festival - Songs in Your Heart
1991: '91 TMP Music Festival - Ethno Pops
1990: '90 TMP Music Festival - Sound In Big City
1989: '89 TMP Music Festival - That's Movie! II
1988: '88 TMP Music Festival - Eternal Pops

Photo Books

1997: Seika Kuze
1994: Sanctuary


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