Unforgettable Song

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English Title: Unforgettable Song
Japanese Title: 忘れじの歌
Romanized Title: Wasureji no Uta

Troupe: Star
Year: 1982
Performances: Bow Hall, 2/21 - 3/7

Based On:
Author: Shirai Tetsuzou
Director: Oozeki Hiromasa

Available on DVD: No


Darmen, a Scottish painterMine Saori
Jane, niece of the MeldrumsAkishino Miho
Melva, a famous opera singer Aihara Sayumi
Simmons, Darmen's servant Utagawa Harumi
Doctor McKenzie, Darmen's doctor Tajima Kumi
Duke Meldrum, rich man
Duchess Meldrum Fuji Kyouko
Doctor Brand, friend of Jane's since childhood Hyuuga Kaoru
Count Lister
Claara, steward
Elisabeth Houjou Sayuri
Catherine Arisu Miki
Pauline Ashikawa Maki
Willie Shion Yuu
Mary Grey, a nurse Akishino Miho

Other Cast: Tajima Kumi, Fuji Kyouko, Houjou Sayuri, Takase Mia, Fubuki Hitomi, Natsumi You, Ayaha Romi, Fujihana Yukie, Azumi Reika, Arisu Miki, Hayabusa Ren, Kasai Rika, Shion Yuu, Takumi Kou, Kamogawa Shibuki, Marimura Nao, Ashikawa Maki, Natsuno Youko, Kaai Moto, Shima Yuuka, Kurumi Jun, Koei Kanako

Senka: Koyanagi Hizuru, Utagawa Harumi



Set in England on the eve of the War in Europe (WWI). The musical opens at an evening party being hosted by Duke and Duchess Meldrum. Among their glittering guests are the famous opera singer Melva and the Scottish painter Darmen. Although the duke and duchess believe their niece has developed an understanding with family friend Doctor Brand, in reality Jane is secretly engaged to Darmen.

However, when Melva sings a love song at the party, rumors start flying about how she sang it for her lover Darmen. Jane overhears the rumors and when Darmen approaches her later, she freezes him out and leaves.

Time passes, during which Darmen has served in the war and Jane also served, as a nurse. Darmen was badly wounded and lost his sight; a bitter blow for a painter. He has retreated to his homeland of Scotland. After the war, Jane fled to the mountains of Canada to escape the atrocities she had seen and to settle her heart. When she finally returns to London, years later, she learns of what happened to Darmen. In a discussion with Brand, she reveals what happened in the past and how she herself had been the true blind one. She begs Brand to take her to visit Darmen, but Brand explains that Darmen has hardened his heart and likely would not agree to see her and hear her out.

Meanwhile, the duchess had been searching for a nurse to help Darmen and act as his eyes, and she has found Mary Gray. When Jane and Brand learn this, they begin planning.

In Scotland, Mary Gray arrives to work for Darmen. She is introduced by Brand's friend and Darmen's doctor, McKenzie. Darmen instantly wants to send this nurse away, because her voice too painfully reminds him of Jane. McKenzie settles his doubts by pointing out how unfair that would be to the nurse, and describing her as round-faced and brown-haired. Jane, startled by this falsehood, later speaks to the doctor and asks why he lied. McKenzie explains that while working on the front lines during the war, he once saw a hardworking and staunch nurse named Jane Campbell. He had known who she really was, and decided Brand must have had good reason to send her here under an assumed name.

Weeks pass, and Darmen comes to appreciate "Mary's" steadfast support. He also manages to get a tale from her about how she longer to be reunited with her lost fiance. He urged her to write to the fiance, who would surely take her back. So Jane does. When she reads the letter to Darmen, he instructs "Mary" to pen a one line reply: "Come back to me." Jane drops her pen and moves to the piano, where she plays a nostalgic song. Darmen immediately realizes who she really is, and the two are reunited.

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