Hard-Boiled Egg / Exotica!


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English Title: Hard-Boiled Egg / Exotica!
Japanese Title: ハードボイルド エッグ / EXOTICA!
Romanized Title: Haadoboirudo Eggu / EXOTICA!

Troupe: Moon
Year: 1995
Performances: Grand Theater, 2/17 - 3/27 (performances cancelled because of Great Hanshin Earthquake); Tokyo Theater, 6/2 - 6/28

Available on DVD: No

Hard-Boiled Egg

Author: Masatsuka Haruhiko
Director: Masatsuka Haruhiko
Music: Takahashi Kuni
Choreography: Sha Tamae


Director: Sakai Sumio
Music: Terada Takio, Yoshida Yuuko, Sakai Sumio

Available on DVD: VHS only

Hard-Boiled Egg Cast

RoleCastShinjinkouen Cast
Alex (A non-selling novelist)Amami Yuuki Naruse Kouki
Rosemarie (Alex's sweetheart, works for a publisher)Asano Kayo Sen Hosachi
George (The hotel doorman)Kuze Seika Yoshizuki Eri
Mama Dinesmore(Landlady of Dinesmore's)Kuni Natsuki Wakae Yuki
Papa Dinesmore (Owner of Dinesmore's)Aoi Miya Ootaka Tsubasa
Jean (A regular customer at Dinesmore's, an insurance agent)Rika Masumi Yamabuki Sayo
Lawrence (A police detective)Wakao Risa Takashou Mizuki
Melissa (A regular customer at Dinesmore's, an office lady)Natsuki Mami Natsuno Saki
Pamela (Rosemarie's coworker)Natsukawa Yura Takamure Ayu
Sydney (Alex's friend, bartender at Dinsmore's)Makoto Tsubasa Yuuki Kaoru
Cheryl (A regular customer at Dinesmore's, Floyd's sweetheart)Mihara Shiho Aihara Serika
Floyd (Lawrence's partner)Shizuki Asato Juri Sakiho
Matthew (Rosemarie's suitor)Shiokaze Kou Nashiro Aoi
Nelson (A taxi driver, a regular customer at Dinesmore's)Kazusa Mahiro Ayaki Nao
Glen (A "chinpira" - low-level yakuza punk)Yoshizuki Eri Minazuki Shizuka
Stacy (A regular customer at Dinesmore's, an office lady)Yamabuki Sayo Runa Mari
Cindy (A waitress at Dinsmore's who loves George like family)Kazahana Mai Minashiro Hikari
Simon's ShadowNaruse Kouki Mizu Natsuki

Other Cast: Asahi Mari, Oomine Mayu, Mashiro Tomona, Akatsuki Nagisa, Kouki Subaru, Mayama Haru, Nakajou Mari, Koshi Haruki, Takachiho Mai, Ujou Kaoru, Taka Yuuki, Matsunami Mitsuru, Kai Chihiro, Konami Azusa, Matsudaira Rubi, Misato Maya, Hanaoka Miyuki, Minazuki Shizuka, Mizuho Tamaki, Hoshino Hitomi, Suzuna Mio, Maine Azusa, Mahoroba Yuu, Jouka Azuki, Honami Aria, Mizushima Aoi, Kitajima Mami, Tsubura Hitomi, Subaru Kazuki, Misugi Chika, Kaji Yuuki, Nana Marika, Oozora Yuuhi, Sonomiya Reina, Hanazuki Aya, Shizuki Kou, Haruna Rio, Dan Rei, Kitahara Rima, Taiju Maki, Koshino Ryuu, Kou Suzuka, Akane Mitsuki, Arika Jun, Kazaho Yuuri, Sakuma Yuki, Narumi Jun, Sen Hosachi, Kanon Shiori, Ayura Kao, Mizusawa Hazuki, Asagi Yuuna, Asama Moyu, Murasakino Yuki, Akizuki Shou



Alex has little luck writing the novels in his head, despite their vividness. His main character, Simon, is a pulp-fiction-like detective, complete with red trenchcoat and fedora. As he lives his daily life, he keeps up a running mental conversation with the tough, cool Simon.

His old school friend is Rosemarie, and they've been unofficially together for over seven years now. One day she asks him seriously if he has finished his novel, and what their plans are from now on. Alex reacts defensively, saying things are fine as they are. They quarrel.

From Rosemarie's friend and co-worker, Alex learns that her co-worker Matthew has proposed to her. He becomes even more sullen when he hears that Matthew is hard-working and dependable, everything that he is not.

Meanwhile, the local police force is trying to track down a man called the "Crime Buster", who has been murdering local hoods. They have no leads, and are getting a lot of flack for making no progress.

As the play progresses we also learn that George's young daughter has just passed away, after spending six years in a coma.

Confusion on Alex's part follows as he tries to decide what to do, torn between the tough "Simon" and the real "Alex". One thing is certain — he does NOT like Matthew. And his instincts turn out to be correct, we learn, as we see Matthew has set up a deal with some local tough boys to make it look like he beat them up and rescued Rosemarie. Matthew also tries to pay off Alex to leave Rosemarie and not get in his way. When that doesn't work, Matthew hires the thugs a second time.

Alex and Rosemarie are caught by the thugs, and because Alex is worried for Rosemarie he hands over his wallet and hers. Rosemarie is very upset and starts an argument with the leader of the thugs. Just as things turn ugly, a mysterious man shows up with a gun and shoots one of the thugs. But he is wounded in turn, and as his scarf falls away, Alex and Rosemarie recognize... George!

They run off with George, and get him to a hospital. Convinced by Cindy, George promises not to kill any more. But that is no longer the problem. The police will be after him, and so too will be the thugs who know his face and name now.

The hoods corner Matthew and get Alex's information from him. They find Alex and Rosemarie and pressure them for information on George's whereabouts when suddenly the police arrive, brought by Matthew. As they are arrested, the hoods tell the police that they know the identity of the Crime Buster, George. Alex and Rosemarie get away and together with friends they all attempt to sneak George out of the city. The police find them, of course, but in the end out of sympathy for George, whose wife and daughter were both shot by local hoods, they allow him to leave, so long as they never set eyes on him again.

Alex and Rosemarie make their peace, and Alex finally sets aside "cool" Simon to tell Rosemarie his true feelings.

Other Information

Because of the performances cancelled due to the Great Hanshin Earthquake, parts of Exotica! were performed during the 1995 TCA Special.


Hard-Boiled Egg - Review by Ekusudei

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