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Hafuri Sen

Hajime Mio

Hajime Takachiho

Hajime Wakou

Haku Kokaze

Hakuchou Hime

Hamako Takashino

Hana Ayahi

Hana Hizuki

Hana Jun

Hana Nijou

Hana Ranno

Hanae Megumi

Hanae Shikino

Hanaka Midori

Hanaka Mineyama

Hanaka Ruri

Hanaka Subaru

Hanako Asuka

Hanako Kasuga

Hanako Kikuno

Hanako Komachi

Hanako Miyama (1926)

Hanako Miyoshino

Hanako Ougi

Hanako Tsukino

Hanayo Edomachi

Hanayo Kei

Hanayo Miyuki

Hanayo Nishikino

Hanayo Sumi

Hanayo Tsune

Hanna Misei

Hanna Seiki

Harei Aine

Haru Mayama

Haru Reika

Haru Riona

Haru Senju

Harue Toyo

Harue Yamanoe

Haruhi Ryouga

Haruka Nanami

Haruka Nangou

Haruka Unaji

Haruko Yachiyo

Harumi Mimi

Harumi Minakaze

Harumi Ougi

Harumi Unabara

Harumi Yasojima

Haruna Houka

Haruka Kaoru

Haruka Kodama

Haruka Kokonoe

Haruka Maiji

Haruka Manase

Haruka Manju

Haruka Masumi

Haruka Mebae

Haruka Mitsuki

Haruka Nairo

Haruka Natsumi

Haruka Sugata

Haruka Takamine

Haruka Taki

Haruka Ushio

Haruka Yamashiro

Haruki Azusa

Haruki Hinata

Haruki Jou

Haruki Koshi

Haruki Shima

Haruki Suzu

Haruko Fuji

Haruko Hanano

Haruko Hikari

Haruko Sakurado

Haruko Tougou

Haruko Tsuki

Haruma Hiyori

Haruma Soumi

Harumi Chikage

Harumi Kai

Harumi Kazaki

Harumi Maho

Harumi Matsukaze

Harumi Mie

Harumi Miyako

Harumi Nijizono

Harumi Sakuraji

Harumi Suga

Harumi Utagawa

Harumi Wakasa

Harumi Yae

Haruna Hozuki

Haruna Yashiro

Haruto Mana

Haruto Souno

Haruyo Chichibu

Haruyo Hisakata

Haruyo Tamaki

Haryuu Kiyora

Haseko Shimono

Hato Ootate

Hatsuhi Amase

Hatsuka Saya

Hatsuko Natsumi

Hatsuko Shiragiku

Hatsumi Haruna

Haya Ayami

Haya Senami

Haya Watari

Hayaki Yuuna

Hayami Kiyokawa

Hayami Mizu

Hayami Seo

Hayami Takitsu

Hayate Taiki

Hayate Uzuki

Hayato Kai

Hayato Natsu

Hayato Takasumi

Hazuki Mizusawa

Hibari Kusakami

Hibari Muginami

Hibari Yamabuki

Hibiki Mafue

Hibiki Takumi

Hibiki Wataru

Hideki Ran

Hideko Araumi

Hideko Bunya

Hideko Kamiji

Hideko Mitaka

Hideko Sakurama

Hideko Shijou

Hideko Uesugi

Hideko Yamato

Hidemi Akatsuki

Hidemi Kaji

Hidemi Kiku

Hidemi Ookawa

Hifumi Yamato

Hiiro Asagi

Hijiri Anjou

Hijiri Chise

Hikari Amachi

Hikari Aoba

Hikari Asa

Hikari Asamine

Hikari Ayaki

Hikari Hanato

Hikari Hoshiya

Hikari Isuzu

Hikari Mayumi

Hikari Minashiro

Hikari Nangou

Hikari Nono

Hikari Saho

Hikari Tamano

Hikari Wakashiro

Hikari Yuu

Hikaru Aikaze

Hikaru Aizuki

Hikaru Akine

Hikaru Asahi

Hikaru Asahina

Hikaru Asaji

Hikaru Asami

Hikaru Ayame

Hikaru Azumaji

Hikaru Chiyoura

Hikaru Hanagata

Hikaru Hatomi

Hikaru Hishou

Hikaru Hokuto

Hikaru Hoshizora

Hikaru Ichijou

Hikaru Ikuyo

Hikaru Ise

Hikaru Kaho

Hikaru Kakumi

Hikaru Koshiji

Hikaru Koyuki

Hikaru Kuretake

Hikaru Kuroki

Hikaru Machi

Hikaru Manaka

Hikaru Manami

Hikaru Mari

Hikaru Mayuzumi

Hikaru Misuna

Hikaru Mizuumi

Hikaru Nagazuki

Hikaru Nanaho

Hikaru Nanami

Hikaru Onozuki

Hikaru Rio

Hikaru Rukaze

Hikaru Senju

Hikaru Shijou

Hikaru Shino

Hikaru Takigawa

Hikaru Tamano

Hikaru Tsubasa (1943)

Hikaru Tsubasa (1978)

Hikaru Yuu

Himari Kanna

Himari Miyume

Himari Nonoka

Hime Shirayuri

Himeka Arisu

Himeka Tsukino

Hina Momohana

Hina Ayazono

Hinako Katsuragi

Hinako Tamakura

Hinano Himeka

Hinano Kisaki

Hinano Mai

Hirari Ouju

Hiro Chisato

Hiro Mitori

Hiro Oomi

Hiro Yuumi

Hiroe Jou

Hiroka Asayama

Hiroka Mana

Hiroka Shizaki

Hiroka Tsubaki

Hiroki Emi

Hiroki Houjou

Hiroki Kaikyou

Hiroki Kazu

Hiroki Kouchi

Hiroki Nanami

Hiroki Nao

Hiroki Taka

Hiroki Tatsumi

Hiroko Amano

Hiroko Futaba

Hiroko Kusumi

Hiroko Maya

Hiroko Mikasa

Hiroko Oomachi

Hiroko Ooumi

Hiroko Shizu

Hiroko Tamatomo

Hiroko Tsukushi

Hiromi Aki

Hiromi Akiji

Hiromi Aya

Hiromi Chihaya

Hiromi Chisato

Hiromi Hamana

Hiromi Hodaka

Hiromi Kazuki

Hiromi Kou

Hiromi Koujou

Hiromi Kuni

Hiromi Miki

Hiromi Musashino

Hiromi Natsu

Hiromi Ootsu

Hiromi Oozora

Hiromi Suzaku

Hiromi Takaki

Hiromi Unabara

Hiromi Ura

Hiromi Wakaba

Hiromi Yamaji

Hiromi Yosano

Hiromu Kiriya

Hiroshi Katsumi

Hiroto Ooki

Hiroto Uraki

Hisae Komadori

Hisago Chinari

Hisako Fujinoya

Hisako Harumi

Hisako Kozue

Hisako Matsuyama

Hisako Miyagi

Hisako Oumi

Hisako Sakura

Hisako Sano

Hisako Shizu

Hisako Takino

Hisako Tsukiyomi

Hisako Wada

Hisami Fujihana

Hisami Hoshi

Hisari Mineka

Hisashi Kikuno

Hisato Aki

Hisayo Mizugaki

Hisayuri Miwa

Hisui Akimiya

Hitomi Aozora

Hitomi Arisa

Hitomi Dan

Hitomi Fubuki

Hitomi Haru

Hitomi Harukaze

Hitomi Haruna

Hitomi Hoshino

Hitomi Kasai

Hitomi Kogusa

Hitomi Kurenai

Hitomi Kuroki

Hitomi Maasa

Hitomi Madama

Hitomi Mariai

Hitomi Marisa

Hitomi Matsukawa

Hitomi Miwa

Hitomi Nazuki

Hitomi Nazuru

Hitomi Sachi

Hitomi Seira

Hitomi Sora

Hitomi Tachibana

Hitomi Tsubura

Hitomi Tsukikage

Hitomi Yuki

Hitoyo Enami

Hiyori Kosaki

Hizuru Kotobuki

Hizuru Kou

Hizuru Koyanagi

Hizuru Takachiho

Homare Amaki

Homare Hanaki

Honoka Kozakura

Honoka Nao

Honoka Yoshino

Honoka Yumeji

Honoka Yuukage

Honori Hizakura

Hosachi Sen

Hoshie Yabana

Hoshie Tomino

Hoshiko Aozora

Hotaru Amano

Hotaru Shizune

Houran Tou

Hyuuga Kazeiro

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