Tsuki no Hokage


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English Title: Shadow of the Moon
Japanese Title: 月の燈影
Romanized Title: Tsuki no Hokage

Troupe: 2002
Year: Flower
Performances: Bow Hall, 8/2 - 8/11; Nippon Seinenkan Hall, 8/16 - 8/22

Based On:
Author/Director: Oono Takuji
Composer: Takahashi Kuni, Kikawada Shin
Choreographer: Yamamura Waka, Nishizaki Mine

Available on DVD: VHS & DVD (release date 04/23/2010)
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: None


Kouzou (A gambler on the Far Side of the river)Ayabuki Mao
Jiroukichi (A member of the Edo Second Firefighting Brigade)Ranju Tomu
Kinoji (A Monzen Naka-machi Geisha)Sawaki Kurumi
Yodotatsu (A merchant in charge of the entire Far Side)Natsumi You
O-Wen (Yodotatsu's Wife and the lady of an inn)Jou Hiroe
Uemon (Chief Firefighter)Itsuki Chihiro
Shinsuke (Kinoji's little brother, a hairdresser)Kiryuu Sonoka
Ooyagi Shichibee (A policeman for the Kitamachi magistrate)Yuuma Rin
Mojiharu (A teacher of Hauta)Sachimi Anna
Ishi (One of the Toori-Mono of the Far Side)Mochizuki Rise
Oichi (A pick-pocket of the Far Side)Sakura Ichika
Kumehachi (One of the Toori-Mono of the Far Side)Mineki Ayato
Chounosuke (Kinoji's fellow geisha)Shou Tsukasa
Tomokichi (Kinoji's fellow geisha)Kashiro Kiho
Ropachi (A sycophant)Tsukiji Kanade
Okatsu (Kouzou's older sister)Nazuki Mika
OtoseHayabusa Satsuki
Sanai / Yoshizou (One of the Toori-Mono of the Far Side)Otose Shuka
筆松Shihou Nanami
Miyoshi (One of the Toori-Mono of the Far Side)Rune Maika
Enzou / YomoshichiShiyou Rene
TousukeChihiro Yuu
Otachibana (Fire Brigade Inosuke's younger sister)Shiou Miyabi



"The late Edo era. A tale of a new, dangerous area & those washed up on the wrong side of the river, that draws on the pathos and beauty of the world of Edo."

On the Eastern bank of the Sumida River in old Edo, a new neighborhood known as Ookawa is forming. In this area, the hand of the law rarely reaches, and it has become a pleasure district full of whorehouses and gambling dens. It has also become a refuge for those not welcome on the western bank, in Edo.

Jiroukichi, a firefighter, goes with Uemon, his chief, to collect the debts at a gambling den, in order to help the younger sister of one of his fellow firefighters. When he crosses the river, he is attacked by a group of ruffians, and is surprised to be rescued by a gambler known as one of the gang, "Toori-mono."

Even more surprisingly, he thinks he recognizes the "Toori-mono." He believes it is none other than his childhood friend Sachizou, who also joined the firefighters, but then mysteriously vanished one day. Ignoring the advice of Uemon, Jiroukichi searches for his old friend in the dangerous world across the river...

This chance meeting also sets in motion Jiroukichi's meeting with the geisha known as Kinoji.

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