Mind Traveller


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English Title: Mind Traveller ~A Traveller's Memories~
Japanese Title: MIND TRAVELLER ~記憶の旅人~
Romanized Title: MIND TRAVELLER ~Kioku no Tabibito~

Troupe: Flower
Year: 2006
Performances: Theater Drama City, 11/10 - 11/22; Nippon Seinenkan Hall, 11/30 - 12/6

Author/Director: Koike Shuuichirou
Composer: Oota Takeshi
Choreographer: Wakao Risa, AYAKO

Available on DVD: Yes (DVD release date 1/20/07)
DVD Scene/Music Cut: None


Max Palmer (man without his memory; former bodyguard to Kazan)Matobu Sei
Manos Kazan (Greek President of an NPO)Hoshihara Misao
Theo Cassavetes (Kazan's successor)Takashou Mizuki
Angela (owner of a night club)Suzukake Miyuki
Richard Morris (brain surgeon)Misuzu Aki
Pamela Austin (doctor)Kashiro Kiho
Bob (Kazan's bodyguard)Mineki Ayato
Phillip Moore (Kazan's secretary)Mano Sugata
Judie Kazan (Kazan's daughter)Nono Sumika
Zack Donahue (police detective)Shihou Nanami
D.J. PeteOugi Megumu
Sally (Bob's wife)Aizumi Moeri
Luke Bennet (Sally's younger brother, member of a dance team)Asaka Manato
Helen Stein (woman who has undergone Richard's treatment)Suzuha Ranno
Charlie Stein (Helen's son)Amamiya Nao
Sara (Richard's assistant)Shizuka China
AmyHanasaki Ririka
EddieNozomi Fuuto
MoniqueHanazuki Yuma
TeddyMineno Kazuma
DeborahMebuki Yukina
HarryAyashiro Rea
BudSaezuki Runa

Others: Ryou Kagura, Shiraki Akari, Ootori Mayu, Kachou Shiho, Kira Masato, Haruhana Kirara



A man wakes up in a hospital bed with no idea who he is. He is told that he was found on the banks of a river, with no identifying papers or even a cell phone on him. He has been in a coma for three months. After the initial panic, a doctor named Richard Morris enters and tells him about his research. Richard is researching microchips and techniques for restoring a person's memory through a brain operation and said microchips. He introduces Helen Stein and her son. Helen was one of his former patients, who recovered her memory through Richard's work and is very grateful to him. Desperate to recover something of himself, the man agrees to be one of Richard's test subjects and signs his paperwork. Richard then introduces him to Pamela, a doctor who will be keeping an eye on him while he recovers. After two weeks or so, Richard will perform the operation on him.

It seems the mysterious man is not the type to sit still, because he decides to take matters into his own hands and try to recover some of his memory by walking about the city. Pamela agrees that this is a technique that has worked before, but that Richard prefers his test subjects not to leave the hospital. Helen, she tells him, never left before her operation. Still, her patient manages to persuade her, and she agrees to go out around the town with him.

One of their first stops is at a hip-hop dance competition. The man wanders into the middle of it and manages to beat both competing dance teams single-handedly. He tells Pamela he'll take his prize money to buy another set of clothes, since all he owns is the suit he was found in. As they are leaving, a woman comes rushing up to him. Her name is Sally, and she is the older sister of Luke, one of the dance team members. She calls out to our mystery hero, calling him Max. She tells him to meet her at the night club Hippocampus, owned by a woman named Angela, and then disappears. Max is intrigued by this woman, and asks the DJ who she is. He learns that her husband, Bob, committed suicide three months previously, on the night the tycoon Manos Kazan was killed.

Pamela has to return to the hospital, and Max tells her he'll meet her there later, after going to the night club to meet Sally. This is not to be, however, because we soon learn that Sally has been in an accident. Her brother Luke rushes to the hospital to see her. At the night club, unaware of this, Max meets Angela. Angela also recognizes him. The older woman tells Max he was her lover, then convinces him by telling him about tattoos and other identifying marks on his body. She then tells him who he is.

Max was also a bodyguard of Manos Kazan, introduced to him by the missing Bob. He was like a son to Kazan, whose only child is his young daughter Judie, and Kazan even gave him a Greek coin turned into a pendant, which he had brought with him when he emigrated as a boy from Greece. From Angela he learns that he was the last person to be with Kazan on the night that he died. However, the police had pulled an almost unrecognizable body from the river that night, and declared that it was Max. Everyone had thought that Max was dead, and also thought that he was the one to kill Kazan.

Meanwhile, young Judie, a friend of Luke and the other dance team teens, is being pressured by Phillip Moore, her father's former secretary. Moore wants her to take over her father's company, which is being run by a man named Theo. He tells her they should be partners, and that her father would have wanted it that way. Judie, however, dislikes the self-centered and too self-assured Phillip. She also refuses to believe that Max was the one to kill Kazan, since they were so close.

Max returns to the hospital after a night with Angela to find Pamela asleep in a chair in his room. She is furious with him for staying out the entire night, causing her to worry. Then Richard comes in. He knows they left the hospital, since the security cameras caught them both leaving. He reminds Max that he signed an agreement, and that he is not to leave the hospital. He also doesn't seem thrilled when he learns that Max has met people who know him. Max is very disturbed that he might be a murderer, and wants to turn himself over to the police. Again, Richard reminds him of the papers he signed. He tells Max to wait until after the operation, when all of his memories have returned.

Sally, meanwhile, has died. Luke learns from a police detective named Zack that it is suspected that she was murdered, and that it was no accident. When the detective asks if she had met anyone unusual or behaved strangely shortly before she died, everyone puzzles out that night, and Max is brought up. Zack investigates and learns that Max is being held in the hospital. He and the teens go to confront Max, but at the hospital are told by Pamela that he is an amnesia victim and is not allowed to meet with anyone until after the operation in another week. They leave, though now they are deeply suspicious of Max. The teens swear they will get him. Max, meanwhile has been listening in. He is more disturbed than ever. Pamela, who has fallen in love with him, reassures him that he doesn't have the eyes or soul of a killer.

Angela, Phillip, and Theo have come to the hospital, also intent on getting their hands on Kazan's killer. Richard denies that the man he has is Max, saying that everything will have to wait until after the operation. He explains his microchip surgery to them, and explains that he can recover memories, and also create memories that never were and take away memories. Theo asks him if it would be possible to take away a deep-seated phobia of swimming, and tells him that he would pay a lot of money for his services. They leave, making deals.

Later, Richard corners Pamela. He tells her that he will be leaving the hospital soon, and setting up his own research facility. He asks her to come work with him, but she replies that she doesn't have any knowledge of his work with microchips. He tells her he still wants her on his staff, and kisses her hand. Slightly repulsed, she pulls away. He is dryly angry, asking her why a murderer like Max would be a better choice. She replies that she could never love him (Richard), and leaves.

The time for the operation arrives, and everyone is waiting for the outcome. Theo demands to know why it is taking so long, and if this is normal. Pamela replies that the last operation took three hours. Max's takes ten. He emerges with all of his memories intact. As he remembers that night, He had gone to ask Kazan for a promotion in the company, but Kazan had refused, mocking him as a nobody with a nobody family. Infuriated, Max had shot Kazan. Bob and he had struggled, and the two had plummeted out of a window into the river. The body found in the river, then, was the missing Bob.

Theo and company demand that Max tell them where the file is. There is a file that Kazan always carried on himself that they desperately want, and they believe that Max must know where it is. He doesn't. Richard pulls out a machine and uses it to try to jump-start Max's memory, but they still fail. After Max has been taken away, Theo warns Richard that he had better recover the file for them, or else. Richard has made a copy of Max's memories, and he runs program after program on it, trying to uncover the whereabouts of the file, but still failing. He tells Theo and the others that Max's memory is still recovering, and that something is bound to show up at some point.

Max, meanwhile, is devastated. Pamela tries to comfort him, but eventually leaves. Meanwhile, Luke and his friends have snuck into the hospital disguised as cleaners. There they meet Helen, and accidentally nock her over with a laundry cart. Disturbed that they've killed the frail woman, they revive her with some of their drug called "shake". Not only does it wake her up, she also seems healthier than we've seen her, and slightly confused. Her son appears, only she says that he isn't her son. She calls out that he wants to kill her, and tries to escape. Richard and his nurses appear and take the shouting woman away, leaving the confused teens behind. But the teens have a mission, and soon forget her, moving on. They sneak into Max's room, drug him, stuff him into a laundry basket, and sneak him out of the hospital.

Inside the hospital, Pamela hears the commotion and discovers Helen. She learns that Richard has not just been healing people's memories, but also creating them. Pamela is horrified, but just then Max's escape is discovered and everyone runs off. Before leaving, Richard asks Pamela to trust him, and that he'll tell her everything later. Instead, Pamela turns to one of Richard's assistants and asks her to tell her the truth.

Luke and company have Max chained up. He tells them that he had nothing to do with Sally's death, since he was with Angela that night. They don't believe him, but Judie arrives to tell them she's going to quit university and wants to join their group. She is amazed to see Max still alive. Excited, she takes a photo to send to her friend Phoebe. Just then the detective Zack arrives and tells them that Max didn't have anything to do with that. The police have discovered who killed Sally, and believe she was killed because she was getting too close to finding out about her husband's death. Luke frees Max and apologizes. Max then asks Zack to arrest him for the murder of Kazan. Judie tells them that she always believed in Max. He quietly confesses that he did kill Kazan, but when she demands to know why he killed Kazan, neither of them seems very happy with his explanation. Zack tells him he can't arrest him without someone pressing charges. Max turns to Judie, but she asks if they can be left alone to talk. Zack returns to his office to look into Kazan's death once more, while the dancers leave to prepare for a Halloween party.

Left alone, Judie talks to Max about the pendant Kazan gave him, and Max remembers when Kazan gave it to him, calling him the son he never had. The pendant represents Kazan's dreams when he came to America and worked hard to build a life there. He gives it to Max, hoping that Max will succeed him some day. He asks Max if he will join his company, helping him to continue his work of untangling it from the mafia and turning it into a non-profit organization. Now, feeling he doesn't deserve it, Max gives it to Judie. Judie tells him she still doesn't believe that he could have killed her father.

Suddenly Luke comes running in, dressed in his Halloween costume. He tells them that Phillip is there with a lot of dangerous looking people, and is looking for her and Max. He wonders how Phillip could have known where they were. Judie realizes that she's made a mistake and sent the phone text to Phillip instead of her friend Phoebe. Luke has a plan, and they all hurry off.

Sure enough, Phillip is convinced that Judie must know about the file, and is determined to take her away with him. A scuffle breaks out between Phillip and Luke, and Max comes out of hiding as they grab Judie. Theo pulls a gun and demands to know about the files. When Max protests that he doesn't know, Richard pulls out an enormous needle and tells him he'll help him remember. Max reluctantly holds out his arm, but Pamela arrives, and tells Max that his memories are false. Max and Richard begin to struggle, but Theo shoots, hitting Richard. This jogs Max's true memories.

That night Theo and Kazan had gotten into an argument about using the company to transport drugs. When Max moved to intervene, Bob had suddenly revealed that he was now Theo's bodyguard, and stopped him. Phillip shot Kazan in front of Max, and then as Bob and Max struggled, Theo had tried to shoot Max and hit Bob instead. Both men had gone plummeting into the river below.

The truth revealed, Zack and his men arrive. Theo is arrested, and Phillip and Angela told not to leave town until the investigation is over. Zack tells Richard that the police are also investigating Helen Stein's case. Richard leaves, declaring that someday the world will thank him.

Judie declares that she's returning to school, so that she can take over her father's company someday. She returns the pendant to Max. Suddenly Max realizes something. He opens it, revealing a microchip inside. He has had the file all along! He hands it over to the police for use in their investigations. Everyone leaves Pamela and Max alone. Pamela says she is leaving the hospital to work in a care center, and Max says he is joining the company to work on improving himself. He says he can't do it alone. Pamela says he has plenty of friends to help him, but he says there is only one who can help him, the one he loves. The two are finally together.

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