Flower of Takarazuka / Hello! Takarazuka

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English Title: Flower of Takarazuka / Hello! Takarazuka
Japanese Title: 四季の踊り絵巻 / ハロー!タカラヅカ
Romanized Title: Shiki no Odori Emaki / Haroo! Takarazuka

Troupe: Snow
Year: 1970
Performances: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 8/1 - 8/31
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 8/23

Flower of Takarazuka

Based On:
Author: Takarazuka Revue C. (Director's group)
Director: Suganuma Jun Yokozawa Hideo
Composer: Nakamoto Kiyozumi, Totoki Kazuo, Takai Yoshizumi, Yoshizaki Kenji, Kuzuhara Yusen
Choreographer: Watanabe Takeo, Kita Hiroshi, Hanayagi Juraku, Fujima Kanjuurou, Matsumoto Shoume
Conductor (Takarazuka): (see March Grand Theater page)
Conductor (Tokyo):

Hello! Takarazuka

Based On:
Author: Kamogawa Seisaku
Director: Kamogawa Seisaku
Composer: Nakai Mitsuharu, Irie Kaoru, Terada Takio
Choreographer: Oka Masami, Kita Hiroshi, Agata Youji, Akiko Kanda, Urabe Hisao
Conductor (Takarazuka): (see March Grand Theater page)
Conductor (Tokyo):

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Flower of Takarazuka

Scene 1. Cherry Ondo

A set of lanterns all over the entire length and breadth of the stage. The Cherry Girls dance gaily and merrily.

Singer - Takamiya Sachi

Scene 2. A Flower Garden - Takarazuka

The "Home of Hearts", "Cherry Ondo" etc shall be sung by Wakasyu (Youngsters) and Musume (Girls)

Sambaso 1 - Amatsu Otome
Sambaso 2 - Amagi Tsukie
Sambaso 3 - Maki Misao
Wakashu (Singer) - Nanbara Misao

Scene 3.Cherry Blossoms Bloomed

30 debutantes dressed in the Maiko style or typical Japanese dancers' style dance

Scene 4.A Fantasy of Cherry Flowers

The courtier of cherry flowers makes tea under the falling cherry blossoms and dances most elegantly.

Courtier - Nanbara Misao

Scene 5 - 6. Festival

A man of festival sings one folk song after another in a fashion of medley. Then, two couples of men and girls appear on the stage and dance "Fukagawa"

A man of festival - Maho Shibuki
Singer (Man) - Mizu Hayami
Singer (Man) - Migiwa Natsuko
Girl - Ooji Michio
Girl - Aya Yutaka

Scene 7. The Awa Odori Dance

A large number of men and girls join gaily in the Awa Odori.

Scene 8. The Drum of Japan

Centering round the noted Suwa-Daiko (or the Drums of Suwa), a number of Japanese traditional popular annual events drums are used, are unfurled.

Leader - Maho Shibuki

Scene 9. A Music of Autumn

In front of a gold studded folding screen, Geisha and Maiko dance to the tun of Jiuta (Ballad)

Geisha - Mitaka Keiko, Matsumoto Yuri, Jou Hiroe

Scene 10. A Banquet of Chrysanthemum

With a Shojo (Orang-outan) in the center, a banquet is held with the participation of a girl of chrysanthemum and young men (Doji)

Shojo - Amatsu Otome
Young man - Migiwa Natsuko
Solo Singer - Takamiya Sachi

Scene 11. Maple Leaves

Stars Ooji Michio

Scene 12. Japanese Toys

A dancer of the nursing doll appears on the stage and shows a number of merry dances on the theme of toys.

Scene 13. General Winter

A modern ballet symbolical of the subtleties of the traditional Japanese calligraphy. On both soles of a giant inkstone, the General Winter (dancer of lion writing brush) and dances of paper dance. Lastly, the letters of Harukaze (meaning the spring breeze) appears on the dresses of the dancers of paper.

General Winter - Amagi Tsukie

Scene 14. Four Seasons

A medley of famous Takarazuka songs amidst the cherry blossoms.

Singer - Mizu Hayami, Nanbara Misao

Scene 15. Takarazuka - The Home of Hearts

A gala total dance by all the embers of the staff.

Bolero Dancers - Amatsu Otome, Maki Misao, Aya Yutaka

Hello! Takarazuka

Scene 1. Prologue A

A man shows up on the stage and sings the theme song "Hello! Takarazuka"

Singer - Maho Shibuki

Scene 2. Prologue B

A set of a large staircase. A singing man appears on the stage and sings the theme song "Hello, Takarasiennes!"

Singer - Nanbara Misao

Scene 3. Prologue C

The younger stars, while singing, display a brilliant parade. The music changes to the theme song "I Love Takarazuka!". With the addition of such stars as Shibuki Maho and all members on the stage sing and dance.

Scene 4. Prologue D

A rocket by 32 debutants

Scene 5 - 6. Love in Takarazuka

A romantic scene where, with Shibuki Maho as the central figure, the techniques of love between men and girls are depicted comically of Takarazuka.

Scene 7-9. Fantasy

A set filled with white stones. A fantastic dance is unfurled to the tune of Spanish Music.

Singer - Mizu Hayami
Woman - Maki Misao
Man - Maho Shibuki

Scene 10 - 14. The Revue of Takarazuka

A golden glittering carriage is lifted up on the stage out of the cellar and a girl of toe (ballerina?) appears and dances. Then, one singer after another shus up and sings songs related to the dancing and the frolic dances are unfurled. Finally, the stage turns into a large staircase, where all the dances wearing a manteau join a chorus on a large scale.

Singer (Man) - Maki Misao
Singer (Girls) - Takamiya Sachi, Aya Yutaka
Singer (Men) - Maho Shibuki, Mizu Hayami

Scene 15 - 18. Bravo Takarazuka!

In response to the encore, three numbers of the renowned shows; "Banana Boat in Cuba", "Coconut Woman", and "Boodo in Haiti" being picked up out of the renowned show "Shango" are to be enjoyed by the audience.

Scene 19 - 21. Rhythm in Takarazuka

A collection of new musical scores. A scene of youngish vigor full of "heat".
Singers - Maho Shibuki, Maki Misao, Nanbara Misao, Aya Yutaka, Migiwa Natsuko, Takamiya Sachi

Scene 22-23. Finale

A varied set by making use of the big staircase. With Shibuki Maho as the central figure, a brilliant finale is shown, and a group of Takarasiennes sing and dance.

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