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Yachiho Kanou

Yachiho Oikaze

Yachiyo Hibiki

Yachiyo Kamishima

Yachiyo Kasugano

Yachiyo Midori

Yachiyo Nawa

Yachiyo Ootori

Yachiyo Satomi

Yachiyo Shiragiku

Yachiyo Takami

Yachiyo Tokiwagi

Yae Miyako

Yae Nanae

Yaeko Aoi

Yaeko Chikuma

Yaeko Fujimura

Yaeko Hitomi

Yaeko Nara

Yaeko Yamabuki

Yaeko Yoshino

Yahiro Aozora

Yamato Takahara

Yanako Ojima

Yashiho Yamato

Yasoko Shima

Yasoko Takamura

Yasuko Azuchi

Yasuko Hinatsu

Yasuko Miyakouji

Yasuko Souda

Yasuko Toyokuni

Yasuko Tsukio

Yasuko Tsukioka

Yayohi Chiga

Yayohi Kyoumachi

Yayoi Azuma

Yayoi Fuji

Yayoi Fukakusa

Yayoi Houzuki

Yayoi Ibuki

Yayoi Kirisato

Yayoi Maki

Yayoi Mari

Yayoi Sakuhana

Yayoi Sakuragi

Yayoi Sakurano

Yayoi Yanagi

Yoshie Katori

Yoshie Kotake

Yoshie Kusama

Yoshika Ichinomiya

Yoshiki Kazami

Yoshiki Kazusa

Yoshiko Asahina

Yoshiko Asou

Yoshiko Chiyoda

Yoshiko Hashidate

Yoshiko Kagura

Yoshiko Katsura

Yoshiko Kiyomi

Yoshiko Kotobuki

Yoshiko Kusabue

Yoshiko Kuze

Yoshiko Muromachi

Yoshiko Nanao

Yoshiko Natsuyama

Yoshiko Ozuki

Yoshiko Sakuraoka

Yoshiko Satono

Yoshiko Takami

Yoshiko Takashiro

Yoshiko Tamaki

Yoshiko Tamazato

Yoshiko Urafune

Yoshiko Uramatsu

Yoshiko Yuri

Yoshimi Akane

Yoshimi Shima

Yoshino Ori

Yoshito Okazuki

Yoshiya Hatsuki

You Miyabi

You Nagiri

You Natsumi

You Sagise

You Tsukise

Youka Wao

Youko Ai (1959)

Youko Ai (1993)

Youko Akebono

Youko Akemi

Youko Akikusa

Youko Asanagi

Youko Atsumi

Youko Chiga

Youko Chihiro

Youko Hana

Youko Harumi

Youko Hatsuzora

Youko Hizakura

Youko Hoshi

Youko Ikebe

Youko Izu

Youko Kagawa

Youko Kamishima

Youko Katsu

Youko Kitahara

Youko Koshiji

Youko Kurenai

Youko Kuretake

Youko Maki

Youko Manatsu

Youko Mari

Youko Midorinaka

Youko Miharu

Youko Mimuro

Youko Minakaze

Youko Minami (1937)

Youko Mizuho

Youko Namiji

Youko Natsumi

Youko Natsuno (1979)

Youko Sakuragawa

Youko Sakuraji

Youko Sakurayama

Youko Sasabune

Youko Seki

Youko Shimamura

Youko Shiomi

Youko Shiratae

Youko Shiratori

Youko Sujaku

Youko Sumida

Youko Suwa

Youko Uraji

Youko Ushio

Youko Wakakusa

Youko Yagumo

Youko Yaguruma

Youko Yashima

Youko Yashiro

Yua Hishiro

Yufu Tamahana

Yufuka Toki

Yufuko Beppu

Yui Asaki

Yui Ayaka

Yui Katsuragi

Yui Marena

Yui Marino

Yui Neiro

Yuika Asabuki

Yuina Hanaki

Yuka Amaji

Yuka Amano

Yuka Anjou

Yuka Aoi

Yuka Asakage

Yuka Chibune

Yuka Harei

Yuka Hatsumi

Yuka Hatsuse

Yuka Hisakata

Yuka Izuki

Yuka Kiyosato

Yuka Maino

Yuka Namiji

Yuka Shino

Yuka Yamana

Yuka Yamato

Yukari Aino

Yukari Chie

Yukari Fujinami

Yukari Hanamachi

Yukari Hanamo

Yukari Hanazato

Yukari Hanazono

Yukari Hiiro

Yukari Hiragino

Yukari Houjou

Yukari Ichijou

Yukari Ikenami

Yukari Manjou

Yukari Mine

Yukari Misa

Yukari Miyazato

Yukari Natsukawa

Yukari Noshiro

Yukari Nozomi

Yukari Saezuki

Yukari Saho

Yukari Satozono

Yukari Shirasagi

Yukari Sonoo

Yukari Tamaho

Yukari Yoshino

Yukari Yoyogi

Yuki Aono

Yuki Aoyagi

Yuki Asakaze

Yuki Ayazono

Yuki Daigo

Yuki Ejima

Yuki Fukuju

Yuki Joudai

Yuki Kaede

Yuki Kamiya

Yuki Kohayakawa

Yuki Komachi

Yuki Kusanagi

Yuki Mamiya

Yuki Maori

Yuki Mikado

Yuki Mizusawa

Yuki Momoka

Yuki Murasakino

Yuki Nanjou

Yuki Narumi

Yuki Sakuma

Yuki Shihou

Yuki Takegawa

Yuki Wakae

Yuki Wakana

Yukie Fujihana

Yukiha Itotsuki

Yukiho Mina

Yukiji Asaoka

Yukiko Aoi

Yukiko Arashi

Yukiko Hira

Yukiko Ibuki

Yukiko Kitashiro

Yukiko Kiyotaki

Yukiko Maisaka

Yukiko Mishima

Yukiko Mitami

Yukiko Miya

Yukiko Oki

Yukiko Omuro

Yukiko Takane

Yukiko Todoroki

Yukiko Umezono

Yukiko Yoshino

Yukina Aoyama

Yukina Mebuki

Yukino Himehana

Yukino Kojou

Yukino Tsukihana

Yuma Aiki

Yume Hanataba

Yuma Hanazuki

Yume Hatsune

Yuma Kazato

Yume Aikaze

Yume Hizuki

Yume Iroha

Yume Marika

Yumeji Kobato

Yumeji Suminoe

Yumeji Suzuka

Yumeji Tsukioka

Yumeka Nijino

Yumeko Haruna

Yumeko Izumi

Yumeko Kodai

Yumemi Asaki

Yumeno Misato

Yumi Akagi

Yumi Asou

Yumi Azusa

Yumi Hamaji

Yumi Izumo

Yumi Kusaoka

Yumi Maina

Yumi Midorikawa

Yumi Mikura

Yumi Minakawa

Yumi Nanase

Yumi Utahana

Yumi Yashiro

Yumika Momozono

Yumiko Azusa

Yumiko Hazuki

Yumiko Hime

Yumiko Kuwa

Yumiko Mine

Yumiko Miyagino

Yumiko Suzuka

Yumiko Tooyama

Yumino China

Yumino Miori

Yuna Sahane

Yuno Kazama

Yura Natsukawa

Yurara Asaka

Yuri Arisa

Yuri Aizato

Yuri Chisato

Yuri Enji

Yuri Futaba

Yuri Haruna

Yuri Hinatsu

Yuri Hiro

Yuri Hoshina

Yuri Kamishiro

Yuri Komakusa

Yuri Matsumoto

Yuri Misawa

Yuri Misono

Yuri Mizuno

Yuri Nishina

Yuri Otohana

Yuri Sagano

Yuri Shima

Yuri Shirahane

Yuri Shiramine

Yuri Shiroki

Yuri Takachiho

Yuri Tsubaki

Yuri Yamadori

Yuri Yamashiro

Yuria Mano

Yuria Moeka

Yuria Seo

Yuria Shou

Yurie Aisen

Yurie Namiki

Yurie Shiratori

Yurika Ayaji

Yurika Benizono

Yurika Kaho

Yurika Matsukage

Yurika Nami

Yurika Yoshino

Yuriko Chitose

Yuriko Hama

Yuriko Mizushima

Yurin Hanaka

Yurina Tsukasa

Yurino Touka

Yurisa Shioka

Yurito Seki

Yuriya Ai

Yuriya Kishiro

Yuriya Shimon

Yuriya Shiratori

Yusako Yuubari

Yutaka Akitsu (1937)

Yutaka Akitsu (1979)

Yutaka Aya

Yutaka Honami

Yutaka Hoshina

Yutaka Kaori (1989)

Yutaka Katsuragi

Yutaka Mafune

Yutaka Maki

Yutaka Masumi

Yutaka Maya

Yutaka Megumi

Yutaka Michinari

Yutaka Miki

Yutaka Minami

Yutaka Minou

Yutaka Mizuho

Yutaka Mizuki

Yutaka Mizusato

Yutaka Tsubasa

Yuu Asuka

Yuu Ayaka

Yuu Chinami

Yuu Chisato

Yuu Daiki

Yuu Emao

Yuu Fujinami

Yuu Fuuma

Yuu Harumi

Yuu Hiroka

Yuu Hishou

Yuu Hodaka

Yuu Kagayaki

Yuu Kazahaya

Yuu Machi

Yuu Mahoroba

Yuu Migusa

Yuu Mitsuki (1979)

Yuu Mitsuki (2024)

Yuu Oushina

Yuu Ranma

Yuu Reina

Yuu Seimi

Yuu Seiya

Yuu Shirabe

Yuu Sorashiro

Yuu Takase

Yuu Tatsuki

Yuu Todoroki

Yuuba Yashiro

Yuuga Yamato

Yuuha Ibuki

Yuuhi Oozora

Yuuho Haruto

Yuuka Hanami

Yuuka Haori

Yuuka Hyou

Yuuka Kenzaki

Yuuka Machi

Yuuka Oohara

Yuuka Shima

Yuuka Suzusato

Yuuki Amami

Yuuki Aoi

Yuuki Aose

Yuuki Ayu

Yuuki Hana

Yuuki Ichito

Yuuki Kaji

Yuuki Kaon

Yuuki Kotone

Yuuki Mao

Yuuki Mashiro

Yuuki Mirai

Yuuki Rei

Yuuki Sou

Yuuki Taka

Yuuki Takamura

Yuuki Tsubasa

Yuuki Tsukasa

Yuuki Yashio

Yuuko Akira

Yuuko Amami

Yuuko Asagiri

Yuuko Chiaki

Yuuko Hagoromo

Yuuko Hama

Yuuko Hamaji

Yuuko Komoro

Yuuko Mami

Yuuko Minami

Yuuko Mitaka

Yuuko Nozomi

Yuuko Shiratori

Yuuko Sono

Yuuko Takachiho

Yuuko Yajima

Yuuma Kizuki

Yuuma Otomi

Yuumi Yashio

Yuuna Asagi

Yuuna Miyako

Yuuri Aina

Yuuri Chihara

Yuuri Haruya

Yuuri Kanou

Yuuri Kazaho

Yuuri Mibae

Yuuri Tenshou

Yuusei Anon

Yuuto Hayaki

Yuuto Kazu

Yuuto Tenga

Yuuya Hasumi

Yuyu Futaba

Yuyu Hitomi

Yuyu Mikoto

Yuzu Otohi

Yuzuha Hiroki

Yuzuha Sana

Yuzumi Mari

Yuzuru Kurenai

Yuzuru Midorikawa

Yuzuru Nijou

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