Kusabue Yoshiko




Picture Credit: Caithion / The Takarazuka -85th Anniversary Video-

Standard Profile Information

Name: Kusabue Yoshiko
Kanji:  草笛 美子
Current Troupe:
Role: Musumeyaku
Status: Retired Star

Nickname: Kucchan
Real Name: 朽木綱子 (Kutsuki Tsunako)
Birthday: Aug. 31st, 1909
Died: October 29th, 1977
Blood Type:
Hometown: Tottori-ken
Favorite Food:
Favorite Flower:
Favorite Colors:
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name:
Favorite Role:
Would Like to Try Playing:

Class: 1926 (16th Class)
Debut: (1927) The Greedy Old Lady / Guzzler Yukikane / Mon Paris
Troupe History:
YEAR - 1940 Snow Troupe (Vocal)
YEAR - YEAR Star Troupe (Vocal)
YEAR - YEAR Star Troupe
1927 - YEAR Vocal Senka


1940: Paintings of Famous Places in Japan
1939: The Journal of Our Travels
1939: American Tour
1938: Three Waltzes
1938: Sweet Melody
1938: Unforgettable Song / Cherry Blossom Girl / From Manchuria to Northern China (Tokyo - Star), Melva / Lady Meng Jiang
1937: Montparnasse in a Song
1937: Manhattan Rhythm (Tokyo), Julianna
1937: Princess Saho / Circus
1936: Alpen Rose
1935: Kanta of the Bow / Il Est Charmant / The Compass / The Queen of the Waltz (Snow), Mikey / singing princess / Francesca
1935: Love and Intrigue
1935: Takara Sambaso / Yakko Dojoji / Hanashishu (Flower), Mariquitte, Singer of Black Rose
1935: The Beautiful Multimillionaire
1934: Youth
1934: Princess Turandot, Turandot (Flower Troupe version)
1934: Princess Turandot Turandot (Moon Troupe version)
1934: Hana Shishuu (Moon), Mariquette
1933: Flower Poetry Collection
1933: Paris ・ New York (Moon), Henriette
1932: Bouquet d'Amour (Moon), Laura
1932: Saltimbanque
1931: Rose Paris
1931: Señorita, Gitana
1930: Parisette
1930: Broadway
1929: Cinderella Cinderella
1928: Mon Paris
1927: Mon Paris

Concerts / Dinner Shows

YEAR: Name of Show


  • After retiring, she became a performing opera soprano in the Fujiwara Opera Company (so named for its founder, tenor Fujiwara Yoshie). She also established her own company, and had a movie career until the mid-fifties. In her declining years, she owned a store in Hankyu Takarazuka Train Station.
  • Author Junichiro Tanizaki, famous for his highly sexual fiction, was a big fan.
  • Her niece is Kusabue Masako (Class of 1978).

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