The Rose of Versailles / Soul of Shiva!

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English Title: The Rose of Versailles -Fersen and Marie-Antoinette-
Japanese Title: ベルサイユのばら -フェルゼンとマリー・アントワネット編-
Romanized Title: Berusaiyu no Bara -Feruzen to Marii Antowanette-

Troupe: Star
Year: 2005
Performances: National Tour, 9/24 - 10/21; Korean Tour (Kyonhi University), 11/11 - 11/13

The Rose of Versailles:

Based On: Ikeda Riyoko's The Rose of Versailles
Adaptor/Director: Ueda Shinji
Director: Tani Masazumi

Soul of Shiva!:

Author/Director: Fujii Daisuke
Composer: Takahashi Kuni, Saitou Tsuneyoshi, Aoki Tomoko, Oota Takeshi
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi, Miori Yumino, Hirasawa Satoshi, ANJU, Wakao Risa

Available on DVD: Performance Digest and Korean tour report only (released 02/05/06) & VHS


FersenKozuki Wataru
Marie-AntoinetteShirahane Yuri
OscarSuzumi Shio
AndreTatsuki You
Louis XVIOoma Miran
Gustav III (King of Sweden)Ema Naoki
Count of Mercy-ArgenteauMisa Noeru
Count of ProvenceShiran Masumi
GerodelleMahiro Shun
BernardAyaka Rei
RosalieKoto Marie
General BouilletNishiki Ai
Duchess MonzetteMishiro Ren
Countess SissinaShinobu Murasaki
Dugason (Fersen's secretary)Aozora Yahiro
Minister of War JörgenYuuho Satoru
SimoneMari Yuzumi
CatherineMomoka Sari
MireilleAyame Hikaru
YvetteMarino Yui
BrigitteHoshikaze Erena
Head Court LadyMashiro Fuari
SoldierGinga Ami
SoldierAmao Keika
SoldierKazuki Shin
SoldierTsurumi Mayuu

Other Cast: Kosaki Hiyori, Kawai Mizuho, Hanami Yuuka, Hana Nonomi, Hisaki Seara, Yashio Yuumi, Aomi Rima, Kisaragi Ren, Aono Yuki

Korean Tour (Soul of Shiva! only): Aran Kei, Yuzuki Reon



In 1770, Princess Marie-Antoinette of the House of Hapsburg, youngest daughter of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, marries at the age of fourteen, Prince Louis (future Louis XVI) of the House of Bourbon, eldest grandson of King Louis XV of France. In anxiety over some childishness still lingering in Marie-Antoinette, Empress Maria Theresa sends over to France her confidant, Count of Mercy-Argenteau, on the mission to tutor Marie-Antoinette to grow up to be a beloved queen of the French people.
Marie-Antoinette fascinates the French court with her beauty and loveliness in only a short time. However, just as Empress Maria Theresa feared, she is too tender and indiscreet to perceive the shrewdness of the courtiers trying to gain her favor for their own interest. In addition, as she has a weakness for merriment and luxury, her free spending further helps to empty the kingdom's coffers already almost exhausted during the late king's days. The ever-rising taxes bear harder upon the people, who attribute the cause of their hardship to Marie-Antoinette and start vehemently hating her.

Marie-Antoinette is feeling lonely and suffocated within the sumptuous but very formal court in Versailles. Her husband, Louis XVI, prefers hunting and devising locks to spending time with her. She finds consolation in Hans Axel von Fersen, a young Swedish Count studying in Paris. He is handsome, intelligent and gallant. They naturally fall in love with each other and begin to secretly meet. It is a matter of course that their relationship will eventually result in finding the queen in a difficult situation. The rumor about the queen's adultery with Fersen increases the people's hatred for her and goes far toward instigating the people to start riots in various parts of France.

Oscar, female captain of the royal guards in charge of the queen, keeps friends with Bernard, a revolutionary journalist and Rosalie, his wife. Although Oscar is a noble, Bernard and Rosalie are commoners. Oscar has too much a sense of justice and sincerity not to lament with them over the decadence of the court and nobles. Oscar dares to make the suggestion to Marie-Antoinette that she should send Fersen back to Sweden in order to wipe out the malicious rumor about them spreading in the court. Marie-Antoinette ardently speaks out of her love for Fersen and declares that she will not separate from him even if she falls damnable. Then, Oscar urges Fersen to go home now that his relationship with the queen has come to the knowledge of the king. However, Oscar fails in persuading him. Nothing seems able to separate them. Exasperated, Count of Mercy-Argenteau calls on Fersen at his residence and pleads with him that if he really loves her, he should leave for Sweden for the sake of her dignity as queen which may otherwise be exposed to danger. Fersen realizes he is in a difficult predicament, and heartbreakingly makes up his mind to go back to Sweden.

Oscar hears Fersen's decision with mixed feelings because she is privately in love with him. Only Andre who has secretly been in love with her for a long time is aware of her sentiment. Andre asks Fersen to speak kindly to Oscar before going back home. However, Fersen replies that it is Andre's role to take care of Oscar. Hearing that Fersen has left for Sweden, Louis XVI sympathizes with the queen's grief. Marie-Antoinette moved by the king's thoughtfulness and magnanimity awakes at last to her queenship.

The confrontation between the aristocrats and the Third Estate is intensifying at the Estates General. Bastille Day is drawing near. Oscar applies for the transfer to the post of captain of the French Guards (later absorbed by the National Guards) in Paris with the determination to serve the nation. Those close to Oscar dissuade her in vain. On the night before going to Paris, she repays Andre's love by accepting him. On July the 14th in 1789, in front of the Bastille, Oscar decides to fight against the royal army, joining her troop with the Parisian rioters, and, in the course of fighting, both Oscar and Andre are shot dead.
In Sweden, remote from the French upheavals, Colonel Gelaudel who served under Oscar visits incognito Fersen. He tells him that Oscar and Andre were killed and that the king and his family are now in danger. Alarmed, Fersen resolves to return to France with Gelaudel to rescue the French Royal Family. However, it is difficult for Fersen to go outside the country since he is under close surveillance of the Swedish government. He hits upon a plan to evade the vigilance by making profit of the festive stir on the king's birthday. During the birthday banquet, Fersen confides to King Gustavus III his love for Marie-Antoinette and his determination to deliver her and her family. Then, he breaks through the soldiers trying to stop him and sets forth towards France in a hurry.

The National Guards reinforced after the fall of the Bastille march towards the Palace of Versailles. Marie-Antoinette declares that she will go to Paris to assume the responsibilities as Queen of France while the Count of Provence proposes to mobilize the royal army.

Revue "Soul of Shiva!!" ~The Lord of Dance who puts on a pair of dream shoes~

Act 1: White Shoes

The clatter of tap dance shoes rather noisily invade the stage, followed by silence. The curtain rises to show a pair of white shoes on the stage. A man of Bob Fosse's bearing comes forth and puts on the shoes. As the piano plays ragtime, the man starts dancing.

Act 2-4: The soul of Shiva

When Shiva sings as if praying in the form of the golden dancing god, Shiva's children squirm, wake up, and slowly start dancing. The Soul of Shiva is born and warmly welcomed by quite a few of Shiva's children. The world turns golden. Shiva's children dance along with the Soul of Shiva.

Act 5: A Legend

Shiva appears in the corridor of his temple (actually on the passageway running through the audience) and sings dreamily of the Soul of Shiva becoming the truly excellent dancer Nataraja.

Act 6: Adoration

At the rear of a theater in a back street on Broadway, a poor shoeshine boy Lake is busy polishing the shoes of some fashionable people, when Dice, a great actress of the century, leaves the theater through the stage door.

Act 7: Adoration

Fascinated, Lake admiringly looks at Dice. Orchid, a talent agent, steps in front of Lake and asks him to polish his shoes. As soon as Orchid generously pays Lake, Lake is prompted to dancce in excitement. Seeing his dancing, Orchid recruits him.

Act 8: Love - 1

Lake, now a young man, works hard at his dancing lessons along with his classmates at a prestigious ballet school in New York. Wink, a rather slow female student, is scolded today as usual. She bursts into tears saying that she cannot make it. Lake gently consoles her. He sees Dice's image in her.

Act 9: Love - 2

Orchid sings his heartrending love to Dice. Dice goes into a topnotch nightclub with her entourage of gangsters. Shiva's wives lead Orchid into the nightclub.

Act 10: A Development

Lake works in the nightclub to help pay his way through school. Men in tuxedos dance with Lake at their center in a mellow and sexy manner. Orchid dances with Dice. Stun tries to take her away and begins to quarrel violently with Orchid.

Act 11: A Development

Dice and Orchid promise Lake that they will help him to appear on the stage of a first-class theater.

Act 12: Aesthetics

Shiva impersonating a consummate star appears from below in Radio City Music Hall, and pompously announces the start of the acts.

Act 13: Aesthetics

Rockette Line Dance.

Act 14 A: Aesthetics

Dice acting as a super-ultra star begins some cadenzas and gentlemen try to seduce her.

Act 14 B: Aesthetics

Lake who has become a great star spectacularly shows up and sensually dances with some beautiful women. Shortly afterwards, he dancs a duet with the ultimate beauty, Dice.

Act 15: Aesthetics

The splendor of the night goes on as if it was endless.

Act 16: Jealousy

Orchid sings in torment of his jealousy for Lake who seems to have caught Dice's heart. Lake and Dice indulge in happiness under the night sky. The three of them violently dance as if they were struggling within a love triangle. The shadows of Orchid in a fit of jealous rage attack Lake, while Orchid takes Dice away and they disappear into the dark.

Act 17: Darkness

Lake left behind and driven to despair, shows that he can't dance any more, nor does he like dancing anymore.

Act 18: Light

Shiva appears on high. As Shiva touches Lake's injured legs, a beam of light streams out. Then, Shiva sends out rays of light to a pair of golden shoes. Lake timidly approaches the shoes and puts them on.

Act 19: The Lord of Dance

Shiva's children in white emerge from all quarters of the stage and vigorously dance in order to encourage Lake. Lake executes some dance steps. Shiva majestically sings and the dancing reaches a climax.

Act 20: The Lord of Dance

The reborn Soul of Shiva makes his appearance. A seemingly never-ending heated ball continues with Shiva and the Soul of Shiva at its center.

Act 21: Transmission

Shiva's wives finally sing in chorus. The sublime spirit of dance is transmitted in succession to the stars. The gorgeous finale approaches.

Act 22: A Dream

The Soul of Shiva in the form of the legendary Nataraja dances with his true wife Parvati savoring their transient happiness.

Act 23-24: Eternity

When Shiva sings of the splendor of dancing, the supreme dancers join the parade one after another.

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