Romance de Paris / Les Collages

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English Title: Romance de Paris / Les Collages
Japanese Title: Romance de Paris / レ・コラージュ
Romanized Title: Romance de Paris / Re Koraaju

Troupe: Snow
Year: 2004
Performances: Chunichi Theater, 1/31 - 2/19

Romance de Paris:

Based On:
Author/Director: Masatsuka Haruhiko
Composer: Takahashi Kuni, Kuratomi Shinichi
Choreographer: Iga Yuuko, Hirasawa Satoshi

Les Collages:

Author/Director: Miki Akio
Composer: Takahashi Kuni, Yoshida Yuuko, Kuratomi Shinichi, Saitou Tsuneyoshi
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi, Nakura Kayoko, Ai Erina, Miori Yumino, Wakao Risa

Available on DVD: No


Vincent Chevalier (Owner of Club Arabesque)Asami Hikaru
Nadia Djamila (Daughter of King Abbas studying in Paris)Maikaze Rira
Rachid Salam (Military officer to General Fadel)Juri Sakiho
Moujahid Nasser (Public relations officer to the kingdom's consulate in Paris)Mizu Natsuki
Sylvain (Chairman of Aracato Oil Company, Vincent's father)Misa Noeru
King Abbas (Nadia's father)Misa Noeru
Queen consort (Nadia's mother)Akari Nami
Benjamin Lelouche (Manager of Club Arabesque)Mirai Yuuki
Didier (President of Aracato Oil Company, Vincent's brother-in-law)Otozuki Kei
Dimitri (Employee of Club Arabesque)Ozuki Tooma
Atifa (Nadia's lady-in-waiting)Ai Youko
Elise (Employee of Aracato)Yamashina Ai
General Fadehl (Opponent of the King)Yuu Naoki
Yasmine (General Fadehl's wife)Yurika Shiho
Patricia (Vincent's elder sister by a different mother; Didier's wife)Shirahane Yuri
Yannick (Aracato Lawyer)Anjou Shiki
Ibrahim (Rachid's subordinate)Ouki Kaname
Hamid (Rachid's subordinate)Soraki Reika
Gabrielle (Benjamin's wife)Mio Urara
Haifa (Dimiti's Sweetheart)Asakura Momoko
Frederick (Employee of Aracato)Souno Haruto
Raphael (Cameraman)Saou Kurama
Adeline (Vincent's Girlfriend)Yumezono Mai
Colette (Vincent's GirlfriendJin Reika
Nikola (A reporter)Tani Mizuse
Gilbert (A reporter)Shiraho Rin
Emma (A reporter)Hozuki Haruna
BenoitOonagi Mao
CrownMaisaki Rin

Other Cast: Hanaoka Rara, Mariki Towa, Aoi Fubuki, Shiyuu Mirei, Daigo Seshiru, Yuuki Senju, Sen Hafuri, Maasa Hitomi, Junya Chitose, Satsuki Aina, Hanaka Yurin, Kaon Yuuki



Romance de Paris

In a nightclub named Club Arabesque in Paris, owner Vincent Chevalier takes out a letter and reminisces out loud, "Indeed, there is no knowing what may happen at any time. We can never foresee when and what we will live through, or whom we will come across. That granted, this story is too beautiful to be true, though."

In Club Arabesque, his father, Sylvain, who has stolen out of the hospital, comes up to see Vincent for the first time in many days. Sylvain has become the chairman of Aracato Oil Company upon retiring from the presidency. He leaves the business to Vincent's brother-in-law, Didier. Sylvain wishes that Vincent worked together with Didier in the business. However, Vincent has no intention to join Didier, instead preferring to lead an easier life as the owner of Club Arabesque. Sylvain looks very weak and causes anxiety to Vincent and Patricia. Patricia is Vincent's elder sister by a different mother.

Didier introduces three gentlemen from a kingdom: General Fadel, Rachid, a military officer to the general, and Moujahid, a public relations officer to the consulate of the kingdom in Paris to Vincent, and asks him not to offend them in the least as they will soon be important partners of Aracato Oil. Didier has arranged a meeting between the general and Princess Nadia. Princess Nadia is the daughter of King Abbas and is studying in Paris. However, she is insulted by the general's arrogance and leaves the club saying that she does not expect to talk at all with the general in a place of that kind. Observing the scene, Vincent is impressed by the regal dignity Nadia shows as the true royal princess that she is.

A few days later, Nadia comes to the club with her lady-in-waiting, Atifa and asks Vincent for help. Nadia requests Vincent to shelter them until Moujahid arrives to meet them. When Rachid comes in pursuit of Nadia, Vincent turns him from the door in compliance with Nadia's request that nobody but Moujahid is allowed to see her. Moujahid arrives just shortly after Rachid leaves. Fearing the danger that Nadia is now exposed to, he tells Vincent that Nadia must go into hiding in a safe place. He relates that the militarists detained the king after a coup d'etat and is trying to press him to turn over the reins to them using Nadia as their card of negotiation. Vincent, aware that his father knew the king well, suspects something between the coup just after his father's death and the new project of Aracato Oil which Didier mentioned to him. Meanwhile, Nadia has no place to hide. Vincent decides to offer his villa in the suburbs of Paris as a place of refuge. He then persuades Moujahid to act as a decoy in order to keep Rachid's eyes away from Nadia. Moujahid reluctantly accepts the role.

In Vincent's villa, Nadia so far has spent days without any problems. Vincent explains to her the connection between the general and Aracato Oil which his father owned. He tells her that if the coup fails, the project of Aracato Oil will not take place. They start looking into the means to make the coup fail: primarily, the king is to be safely rescued; secondly, the Royal Guard Regiment is to be won over, etc. Vincent comes up with the idea that Nadia, the princess, should persuade the people via television to stand up to deliver their beloved king. Nadia looks determined, saying, "We're going to fight together against our common enemy, aren't we? Now I feel courageous, thanks to you." Although Vincent feels, in fact, some misgivings about the gravity of the matter, he also makes up his mind thinking that nobody but them can turn the tide. Now that Nadia and Vincent are heading together for the same target, confidence deepens in each other.

In Club Arabesque, the video recording of Nadia's message to her nation is going well. Moujahid is to secretly bring the videocassette into the kingdom. Nadia talks to Vincent about what she thinks happiness is while placing her father's values and way of living on hers. Vincent looks back over his way of thinking and behavior since he met Nadia and feels amazed at how he has changed. Listening to Nadia, Vincent feels sentiments he never imagined to have toward his father and his father's company. His ideals start emerging. Moujahid arrives with Rachid. Nadia and Vincent wonder in consternation if Moujahid has sold out on them. In fact, Rachid and Moujahid have been elaborating together a plan to rescue the king. Rachid proposes his plan saying, "We'll make the king and general believe that Nadia is being held hostage by the militarists, thereby the king is compelled to cede the reins to the militarists. Then, the king will regain power at a good opportunity in the future." As Vincent sees the general's arrogance taking the shape of Didier, he shouts in anger, "Do you really think that they are stupid enough to believe your scheme?" Rachid insists on his bringing out Nadia as the hostage under his care. Moujahid who has only listened to the others comes up with an idea no one has ever thought of, "The king gives up the reins to be freed. Upon his delivery, we broadcast Nadia's video and arrest the general. That's all." All of them find Moujahid's scheme excellent and approve of it.

The scheme goes well. All they have to do is have the video broadcasted and the general arrested along with his supporters. Vincent feels relieved as Nadia's problem is settled. However, he has another problem to resolve.

One day near Nadia's departure to the kingdom, she and Vincent spend some time alone in Paris in order to have nothing to regret. The dream-like time passes by. They recollect the days since they first met and the achievements made which they never thought of before. Both of them cannot stop the sweet emotions filling their hearts.

Revue Fantastique
An Arabesque of Sounds

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