Love Blooms Out on the Murasakino / Revue of Dreams

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English Title: Love Blooms Out on the Murasakino / Revue of Dreams
Japanese Title: あかねさす紫の花 / Revue of Dreams
Romanized Title: Akanesasu Murasakino Hana / Revue of Dreams

Troupe: Moon
Year: 2006
Performances: Chunichi Theater, 1/31 - 2/20

Love Blooms Out on the Murasakino:

Based On: Asuka Period history
Author/Director: Shibata Yukihiro
Director/Choreographer: Onoe Kikunojou
Music: Yoshida Yuuko, Terada Takio
Choreography: Onoe Seifuu

Revue of Dreams:

Author/Director: Nakamura Kazunori
Composer: Nishimura Kouji, Kai Masato, Kuratomi Shinichi
Choreographer: Yashiro Hiroshi, Ai Erina, Otani Morio, Masaki Rino, KAZUMI-BOY

Available on DVD: Yes (DVD release date 4/20/06) & VHS
DVD Scene/Music Cut: Yes
For Revue of Dreams: The vocals were cut from scene 18, and the music replaced in scene 19.


Ooama no MikoSena Jun
Nakano Ooe no Miko (crown prince, older brother of Ooama)Kiriya Hiromu
Nukata no OokimiAyano Kanami
Kagami no Ookimi (Nukata's older sister)Hanase Mizuka
Nakatomi no Kamatari (Nakano Ooe's retainer)Yoshizuki Eri
Amehiko (a Buddhist image maker in love with Nukata)Ayana Oto
Amano Inukai no Murajikatsumaro (Nakano Ooe's retainer)Takaki Amane
Saeki no Murajikomaro (Nakano Ooe's retainer)Mano Sugata
Katsuragiwakainikai no Murajiamita (Nakano Ooe's retainer)Seijou Kaito
Yasakabe no Murajikurame (Nakano Ooe's retainer)Asagiri Shino
Midori (Ooama's retainer)Shiki Erio
Shikina (Ooama's retainer)Ayazuki Seri
Empress Saimei (Nakano Ooe and Ooama's mother)Kyou Misa
Kagami no Miko (Nukata and Kagami's father)Koshino Ryuu
Funasaka no Iratsume (Nukata's nurse)Natsukawa Yura
Uno no Himemiko (Nakano Ooe's daughter)/prologue singerShiina Aoi
Toochi no Himemiko (Nukata and Ooama's daughter)Touka Yurino
Ozuki (Amehiko's wife)Yumesaki Nene
Ootomo no Miko (Nakano Ooe's son)Ayahoshi Rion
Arima no Miko (Saimei's nephew)Mishou Kazuki
Kanemaru (a mirror-maker, Amehiko's brother)Isshiki Ruka
Kima (a mirror-maker)Arika Jun
Oto (a mirror-maker)Moeki Ayato
Matsumushi (prostitute from Naniwa Bay)Amano Hotaru
Mozu (a man from Naniwa Bay)/Koizumi (master of the Arima Onsen)Kitajima Mami
KotsumaFuuga Minato
SawarahiSuzushiro Marina
Sanzan singer/Toyohata (Nukata's lady attendant)Otoki Sunao
Wakaba (Nukata's lady attendant)Ayahashi Miyu
Fumizuki (Nukata's lady attendant)Kagetsu Miyako
Satsuki (Nukata's lady attendant)Hihou Kokoro
Hatsune (Nukata's lady attendant)Shimizu Kyouka
pheasant singerIsuzu Hikari

Atsuki Renka, Ori Yoshino, Saran Erika, Kao Amiri, Hino Anji, Kisaki Hinano, Kahou Shiori



Love Blooms Out on the Murasakino

Asuka Period, Japan. Ooama no Miko meets Nukata no Ookimi when he goes with his older brother (Nakano Ooe no Miko) to her house. There Nakano Ooe is wooing Nukata's older sister, and so the two younger siblings meet and fall in love. Five years later, Ooma and Nukata are married, and a daughter has just been born. Ooma talks happily to Nukata about his plans with his brother to jointly rule their empire of Yamato. As Nukata listens to his naive, happy chatter, she becomes uneasy. Later, Nakano Ooe arrives and tells Nukata that she has grown and become very lovely. He has fallen in love with her, and wants her for his own. Caught between the two brothers, Nukata flees back to her father's house.

Nakano Ooe's retainer comes to fetch her, telling her not to be selfish. With her missing, rumors of estrangement between the bothers have grown and their vassals are rebelling. She returns to court. There Nakano Ooe makes it clear that he will not bend in this. He needs Nukata. Under political pressure, Ooma agrees to give up his wife, allowing his brother to make her his empress.

Meanwhile, Nukata's childhood friend has followed her to court. Although married, Amehiko continues to hold Nukata up as his perfect lady, and finds it soothing to be in sight of the palace where she lives. His wife worries for him, as he is stretched thin by his consuming passion. His brother comes to fetch him home, and he flees once more to Arima.

In Arima, the empress Saimei goes to the hot springs to relax. She has many memories there, including the birth of her first son, Nakano Ooe. She speaks with Nukata, wondering if perhaps her son has grown too great for his own good. Nakano Ooe has followed them to Arima, intending to carry out his own plans by killing the young Arima no Miko, whom rumor says is planning a rebellion. He tells Nukata of his plans, and she begs for the young boy's life, but Nakano Ooe stands firm, pulling her to him. Amehiko walks by then and discovers them. He is crushed to see that the rumors are true, and that Nukata is with Nakano Ooe. now Devestated, he runs from her and back to his home, where he collapses in the arms of his wife.

In court, a drunken Ooama arrives late to Nakano Ooe's birthday celebrations. He will give his brother a dance, he says. He refuses to give up his spear, dancing with greater and greater passion while Nakano Ooe's retainers keep a close eye on him. He grabs Nukata and tries to leave, but Nakano Ooe pulls his sword to stop him. The two brothers fight, but in the end, Ooama cannot kill his brother. And still Nakano Ooe refuses to give up Nukata.

Revue of Dreams

Act 1 : Prologue

Scene 1-4 : Prologue A-D

Man of Prologue S sings the opening of the revue in front of a setting where letters on a board read REVUE OF DREAMS.

Prologue Man S - Sena Jun
Prologue Woman S - Ayano Kanami
Prologue Men A - Kiriya Hiromu/ Ayana Oto/ Mano Sugata

Act 2 : American Dream

Scene 5 : American Dream (New York)

In front of an image of the city of New York, Urban Young Man A and several dancers sing their wishes of dancing one day on grand stages.

Urban Young Man A - Kiriya Hiromu

Scene 6 : American Dream (Show Stage)

Before a setting inspiring the streets of New York, gorgeous dance numbers roll out on such a stage as Urban Young Man A and the dancers dream of.

Urban Young Man A (Male Dancer A) - Kiriya Hiromu
Show Girl A -

Act 3 : Forever Dream

Scene 7-9 : Forever Dream A-C

Feeling loved by somebody, young man Forever goes on walking forward expecting a bright future.

Forever - Sena Jun
Love - Ayano Kanami
Lover - Ayana Oto

Act 4 : Dreaming of the Future

All the members of the Moon Troupe perform fabulous dance numbers dreaming of a bright future within a setting reminiscent of a vast universe.

Scene 10-13 : Dreaming of the Future A-D

Spaceman S - Sena Jun
Spacewoman S - Ayano Kanami
Spacemen A - Kiriya Hiromu/ Ayana Oto/ Mano Sugata/ Seijou Kaito

Act 5 : Dreams in a Desert

Scene 14 : Dreams in a Desert (Sand)

Sand Woman dances imitating sand whirling in the wind in a boundless expanse of the desert.
Sand Woman S - Ayano Kanami

Scene 15 : Dreams in a Desert

The travelers go on in the desert.

Traveler S - Sena Jun
Sand Woman S - Ayano Kanami

Scene 16 : Dreams in a Desert

Sand storms obstruct the travelers from time to time. They continue traveling forward fighting the forces of nature. In the course of the trip, they make a companion of nature and continue walking.

Traveler S - Sena Jun
Sand Woman S - Ayano Kanami

Act 6 : Finale I

Scene 17 : Finale A

Takarazuka's Rocket Boys and Rocket Girls perform a routine of precision dances.

Rocket Boy - Seijou Kaito

Scene 18 : Finale B

Gentlewomen perform a series of dance numbers.

Gentlewoman S - Ayano Kanami

Act 7 : Finale II

Scene 19: Finale C

Players of male roles dance in front of the grand staircase.

Gentleman S - Sena Jun
Gentlemen A - Kiriya Hiromu

Scene 20 : Finale D

Players of male roles and those of female roles dance together.

Gentlemen A - Kiriya Hiromu

Scene 21 : Finale E

A gentleman and a gentlewoman dance a duet.

Gentleman of Duet - Sena Jun
Gentlewoman of Duet - Ayano Kanami

Act 8 : Parade

Scene 22 : Parade

Every performer marches in parade.

Gentleman of Parade S - Sena Jun
Gentlewoman of Parade S - Ayano Kanami
Gentlemen of Parade A - Kiriya Hiromu
(And all other Perfomers)

Other Information

  • This show has been performed six times: in 1976 (Flower), 1977 (Snow), 1995 (Snow), 2002 (Flower), and twice by Moon Troupe in 2006.


Akanesasu Murasaki no Hana (Chunichi 2006) - Review by Caithion

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