Irie Kaoru



Irie Kaoru

Picture Credit: Caithion / 80th Anniversary Book

Standard Profile Information

Name: Irie Kaoru
Kanji: 入江 薫
Position: Composer
Former Takarasienne: No

Birthday: Jan. 1, 1920 (passed away Nov. 15th, 2015)
Blood Type:

First Takarazuka Work: 1950


YearTitleType of PerformanceTroupe
2019The Man From AlgiersNational TourStar
2019Beside the Foggy ElbeMainStar

YearTitleType of PerformanceTroupe
2015The New Tale of GenjiMainFlower
2013Gone With the WindMainCosmos
2013The Rose of VersaillesMainSnow
2011Nova Bossa NovaMainStar
2010-11For Whom the Bell TollsMainCosmos
2006The Rose of VersaillesMainSnow
2006The Rose of VersaillesMainStar
2004Javanese DancerNational TourMoon
2001The Rose of VersaillesMainStar
1999Nova Bossa NovaMainMoon
1999Nova Bossa NovaMainSnow
1999Dawn OvertureMainFlower
1994Gone With the WindMainMoon
1994Gone with the WindMainSnow
1992Kono Koi wa Kumo no Hate MadeMainSnow
1991-92Sunset of the Forbidden CityMainStar
1990The Rose of VersaillesMainFlower
1989Spring DanceMainStar
1989The New Tale of GenjiMainMoon
1988War and PeaceMainStar
1988Gone With the WindMainSnow
1988Takarazuka Dance Festival '88MainFlower
1987Takarazuka Dance EulogyMainSnow
1987Portraits of PartingMainStar
1986Revue SymphonyMainStar
1985Kaleidoscope of LoveMainSnow
1985If There's Love, I'll Live Forever -Napoleon and Josephine-MainFlower
1984Gone With the WindMainSnow
1983-84Soar, Arabian NightMainMoon
1983Exotic Flower PrintNational TourMoon
1983Spring Dance -Exotic Flower Print-MainMoon
1983The Man From AlgiersMainStar
1983Beside the Foggy ElbeMainFlower
1982Japan OvertureMainFlower
1982Spring Dances MainFlower
1982The Adventures of Papii from the Planet MirMainStar
1981Jewelry MarchenMainFlower
1981Wandering RequiemMainSnow
1981The Viking of CapriMainMoon
1981Takarazuka Spring Dance (Child Floral Diary) MainFlower
1981 La Vie en RoseMainStar
1981The New Tale of GenjiMainMoon
1980-81Flowery Dance RhythmMainSnow
1980For the Sake of Distant YouMainSnow
1980Festa FestaMainStar
1980Crazy Breath of AirBow HallSnow
1980Masked BallMainMoon
1979The Spring Breeze's InvitationMainSnow
1979Love Under the JacarandasMainFlower
1979The Chronicles of ShunshuuMainMoon
1979Carribean SunMainMoon
1978Johnny On the HillMainSnow
1978For Whom the Bell TollsMainStar
1978Gone With the WindMainSnow
1977-78A Sad Goodbye in the Thames FogMainStar
1977Treasured Dance CollectionMainFlower
1977Nightingale Song of SpringMainSnow
1977 The Demon
of Suzaku GateMainFlower
1976Transient Autumn Leaves / Nova Bossa NovaMainFlower
1976Spark & SparkMainMoon
1976The Rose of Versailles IIIMainStar
1975 The Rose of Versailles -Andre and Oscar-MainFlower
1975L'amour a ParisMainMoon
1974Oiran and Her SonMainMoon
1974Oiran and Her Son / InspirationMainMoon
1974The Rose of VersaillesMain (Tokyo)Moon
1974The Rose of VersaillesMain (Takarazuka)Moon
1974Funky JumpMainSnow
1974The Man From AlgiersMainStar
1974Lovely Miss KichisaMainFlower
1973Golden SoundMainStar
1973Growing UpMainSnow
1973This Boundless LoveMainStar
1973This Boundless LoveMainFlower
1973Cante GrandeMainSnow
1973New Ephemeral Flowers / La La FantastiqueMainFlower
1973Ephemeral Flowers / La La FantastiqueMainStar
1972Nova Bossa NovaMainSnow
1972Pop NewsMainFlower
1972June BrideMainSnow
1971Rhapsody / Time MapMainMoon
1971Time MapMainMoon
1971Crimson and White Plum BlossomsMainSnow
1970Hello! TakarazukaMainSnow
1969Aria in JazzMainMoon
1969Evening Flute of Shiiba / C'est la VieMainStar
1969Wuthering HeightsMainMoon
1969Wuthering HeightsMainMoon
1968-69Red Flowers Fall in Menam / Hollywood MusicalMainFlower
1968Takarazuka '68MainSnow
1968My IdolMainFlower
1967-68Wonderful TownMainMoon
1967Farewell, My Youth / One WorldMainStar
1967Oiran and her Son / XangoMainSnow
1967Esquire GirlsNational TourFlower
1966Love Story of a Castle in the Foggy Night / Esquire GirlsMainStar
1965 Lucienne's MirrorMainStar
1963Black Candles / Oiran and Her SonMainSnow
1962Carmen on the CaribbeanMainSnow
1961Disappearing Into the DesertMainSnow
1960Yamabuki / Splendor of a Thousand BeatsMainStar
1959Love at Dal LakeMainMoon
1959Chanson d’Amour/YodogimiMainStar
1958High School KidsMainFlower
1958Broadway CinderellaMainMoon
1957Takarazuka Dance ScrollsMainFlower
1957An ImprovisatoreMainSnow
1957The Tale of GenjiMainMoon
1953A Woman's LifeMainFlower
1951Under the Southern CrossMainSnow

Non-Takarazuka Projects

YearTitleMain or Assistant
YEARName of PerformanceMain / Assistant
YEARName of PerformanceMain / Assistant
YEARName of PerformanceMain / Assistant


  • In 2005, a special concert was held to celebrate 55 years of Irie Kaoru composing music for the Takarazuka Revue.

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