Shirai Tetsuzou



Image Credit: An Improvisatore / Mon Paris (1957) Program

Standard Profile Information

Name: Shirai Tetsuzou
Kanji: 白井鐵造
Position: Director / Playwright
Former Takarasienne: No

Birthday: April 6th, 1900 (passed away in 1983)
Hometown: Shizuoka Prefecture
Hobbies: He was very interested in France and all things French.

First Takarazuka Work: YEAR Name of Performance


Projects Directed by Shirai Tetsuzou


  • In addition to creating the first revue show ever staged in Japan (Parisette), Shirai-sensei was a choreographer.
  • He studied abroad in France as a young man.
  • He translated "Sumire no Hana Saku Koro" into Japanese.
  • He and Shibata Yukihiro were known to argue over the course of the Revue.
  • Married former Takarasienne Okitsu Namiko.

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