noh : (能) literally "talent", "skill"

(also: nougaku - 能楽)

A form of traditional Japanese entertainment, around 700 years old and believed to be the oldest form of traditional Japanese theatre.

Noh is actually a mixture between ballet and theatre, accompanied by flute and drums.
Performers are not actors in the western sense of representing characters but rather storytellers who use appearance, gestures and movements. The main performer also wears a mask.

In noh, a very old form of the Japanese language is used. Noh are short and their themes are usually simple but serious.

No women perform in Noh. Men play all roles, including those of women.

Noh are often performed in combination with kyougen.

Noh in Takarazuka:

1990: Matsumoto Yuri Bow Hall Recital

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