My Love Lies Over the Mountains / Great Century


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English Title: My Love Lies Over the Mountains / Great Century: Memories & Melodies
Japanese Title: 我が愛は山の彼方に / グレートセンチュリー メモリーズ & メロヂーズ
Romanized Title: Wa ga Ai wa Yama no Kanata ni / Gureeto Senchurii Memoriizu & Merodiizu

Troupe: Star
Year: 1999

Performances: Hakataza, 8/5 - 8/25

My Love Lies Over the Mountains
Based On: Itou Keiichi’s novel Rakujitsu no Hika (Sunset Elegy)
Adaptor/Oversight: Ueda Shinji
Director: Tani Masazumi
Music: Terada Takio, Yoshida Yuuko
Shinjin Kouen Director: Kodama Akiko

Great Century
Director: Miki Akio
Music: Takahashi Kuni, Yoshida Yuuko, Nishimura Kouji, Kuratomi Shinichi

Available on DVD: No


Boku Shuumin (general of Korai kingdom)Minoru Kou
Manhime (Shuumin's fiancee)Hoshina Yuri
Chamuga (general of Joshin kingdom)Ayaki Nao
Burute (queen of Joshin)Kujou Akira
Jerime (Burute's younger sister, Chamuga's fiancee)Hazumi Rui
Ryuuen (Shuumin's retainer)Asazumi Kei
Ryuurin (Shuumin's retainer, Ryuuen's younger brother) Matobu Sei
Soshun (Maihime's maidservant)Hisato Rie
Eruchi (Joshin commander)Natsumi You
Porucho (Joshin warrior)Riri Seira
Eijun (Maihime's housekeeper)Nishiki Ai
Ryuuka (Maihime's nurse)Tomo Maika
Kasaru (prime minister of Joshin)Tsukasa Yuuki
Juchi (Burute's uncle, king of Soukara)Asamiya Mayu
Temuchi (Juchi's wife)Miya Erika
Rika (Shuumin's servant)Mari Yuzumi
Yi Sung-gye (Korai general)Oohiro Ayumu
You Kouchu (Korai commander)Chitose Manabu
Kim Hag Gye (Korai commander)Ayase Saki



Great Century

The end of the 20th century is upon us at last. A revue show to celebrate the unforgettable songs of the past century, and to fill the stage with love, pain, sadness, and dreams.

Scenes 1~3 – Dream Century

Hollywood in the Golden Age. Stars appear, and sing and dance with beautiful women about their hopes and dreams for the 20th century. A prologue where the dreamers move gracefully to a jazz beat.

Dancing Star (man): Minoru Kou
Dancing Star (woman): Hoshina Yuri

Jazz Dancer Man S: Minoru Kou
Jazz Dancer Woman S: Hoshina Yuri
Jazz Dancer Man A: Ayaki Nao
Jazz Dancer Woman A: Hazumi Rui
Jazz Dancer Men B: Kujou akira, Asamiya Mayu, Asazumi Kei, Matobu Sei
Jazz Dancer Women B: Tomo Maika, Miya Erika, Hisato Rie, Ayame Hikaru

Scenes 4~6 – Dawn of Rock

A brick wall covered with graffiti. The rockers in the back of the city are full of the energy of youth.

Rock Singer S: Kujou Akira
Rocker Woman S: Hazumi Rui
Rock Singer A: Asamiya Mayu
Rocker Man A: Riri Seira, Ayase Saki, Asazumi Kei, Matobu Sei
Rock Chorus Women: Hisato Rie, Ayame Hikaru, Hoshikaze Erena, Hiiro Moe

Scenes 7~9 – Vienna Dream

A young nobleman sings, dreaming of love. An elegant ball in the palace. In a moonlit garden, the man dances with a beautiful girl.

Young Nobleman: Ayaki Nao
Young woman: Hisato Rie
Gentlemen A: Natsumi You, Nishiki Ai, Kujou Akira, Asamiya Mayu
Ladies A: Mari Yuzumi, Tomo Maika, Hazumi Rui, Miya Erika

Scenes 10~12 – Summer of Lovers

The Madrid central train station. The women remember the men who have gone off to war and sing as if praying vehemently. The men return to the station. They confirm their loves and lives.

Lover: Minoru Kou
Lover: Hoshina Yuri
Madrid Women (singers): Hazumi Rui, Miya Erika, Marino Yuri, Hiiro Moe

Scenes 13~16 – Eternal Rome

The eternal city of Rome. Lovers come and go singing of love. A feast of tantalizing tangos opens up before us in the Roman night.

Singing Man A: Matobu Sei
Singing Men B: Kujou Akira, Asamiya Mayu
Singing Women B: Mari Yuzumi, Miya Erika
Singing Man C: Asazumi Kei
Singing Woman C: Hazumi Rui

Singing Man D: Ayaki Nao
Singing Woman D: Hisato Rie
Roman Men: Kujou Akira, Asamiya Mayu, Asazumi Kei, Matobu Sei
Roman Women: Hazumi Rui, Miya Erika, Ayame Hikaru, Marino Yui

Dancing Man S: Minoru Kou
Dancing Woman S: Hoshina Yuri
Dancing Men A: Kujou Akira, Ayaki Nao, Asamiya Mayu, Asazumi Kei, Matobu Sei
Dancing Women A: Mari Yuzumi, Tomo Maika, Hazumi Rui, Hisato Rie

Scenes 17~19 – 1999

Young people of the future reflect on the year 1999. They have been converted to androids, and they are searching for Eve… a true human. In the dark world their prayer rings out.

Android Man: Natsumi You
Android Women: Miya Erika, Ayame Hikaru

Android Man S: Minoru Kou
Eve: Hoshina Yuri

Scenes 20~23 – Mon Paris

The tricolor rockette begins, and the stars sing and dance while the fragrance of Paris floats about.

Paris Woman S: Hoshina Yuri
Paris Man A: Ayaki Nao
Paris Man B: Kujou Akira
Paris Men C: Asamiya Mayu, Asazumi Kei

Paris Man S: Minoru Kou
Paris Women A: Mari Yuzumi, Tomo Maika

Parisien S: Minoru Kou
Parisien A: Ayaki Nao
Parisien B: Kujou Akira
Parisienne S: Hoshina Yuri
Parisienne A: Hazumi Rui
Parisienne B: Hisato Rie

Scene 24 – Grand Finale

Etoile: Miya Erika

Other Information

  • My Love Lies Over the Mountains was first performed in 1971 by Star Troupe. It was performed again in 1984 (also by Star Troupe) as the official 70th anniversary performance of the company.


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