Gone with the Wind


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English Title: Gone with the Wind
Japanese Title: 風と共に去りぬ
Romanized Title: Kaze to Tomo ni Sarinu

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 2013
Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 09/27 - 11/04; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 11/22 - 12/23
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 10/22; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 12/05

Based On: Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With the Wind"
Author/Director: Ueda Shinji
Director: Tani Masazumi
Composer: Irie Kaoru, Yoshida Yuuko, Kawasaki Tsuneo, Tokura Shunichi, Terada Takio, Kuratomi Shinichi
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi, Shou Sumire, Wakao Risa, Oka Masami, Kita Hiroshi, Kurotaki Tsukio
Conductor (Takarazuka): Nishino Jun
Conductor (Tokyo): Act I Kiyokawa Tomomi, Act II Misaki Megumi
Shinjin Kouen Director: Kashihata Aiko

Available on DVD: Yes, Cast A, Cast B digest (release date 12/20/13)
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: Yes
Background music from act I, scene 5 has been replaced.


RoleCast A / Cast BShinko Cast
Rhett Butler Ouki Kaname Sorahane Riku
Scarlett O'Hara Asaka Manato / Nanami Hiroki Kano Maria
Ashley Wilkes Yuumi Hiro / Asaka Manato Sakuragi Minato
Scarlett II Junya Chitose / Reimi Urara Ayaka Mari
Melanie Wilkes Misaki Rion Reimi Urara
Mammy Natori Rei Seoto Risa
Doctor Mead Kotobuki Tsukasa Mitsuki Haruka
Mrs. Mead Suzuna Saya Aishiro Moa
Pittypat Mikaze Maira Mamiya Ryouko
Mrs. Merriweather Oomi Ako Yuino Kanari
Belle Watling Ozuki Tooma Aizuki Hikaru
George (young man of the South) Hasumi Yuuya Hoshizuki Rio
Young Woman Aihana Chisaki -
René Nanami Hiroki / Yuumi Hiro Kazuki Sora
Linda (a girl in Belle's shop) Kanon Mai Hanasaki Airi
Mrs. Elsing Kazahane Reia Fuuma Kakeru
Chairman / Northern Soldier Amakaze Ibuki -
Young Woman Hanasato Mana -
Mrs. Whiting Tenrei Mion Hoshibuki Ayato
Stanley (young man of the South) Sumiki Sayato Mirei Jun
Prissy (Scarlett's maid) / Northern Lady Ayase Akina Setohana Mari
Fanny (Mrs. Elsing's daughter) Sumireno Rei Koharuno Sayo
Willy (young man of the South) Rinjou Kira Rui Makise
Peter (Pittypat's servant) Matsukaze Akira Homare Seri
Charlie (young man of the South) Aizuki Hikaru Rukaze Hikaru
Phil (son of the Meads) / Young Man Hoshibuki Ayato Akine Hikaru
Wife Seoto Risa Risaki Shigure
Young Woman Aishiro Moa -
Young Man Sorahane Riku -
Marilyn (a girl in Belle's shop) Yuino Kanari Sakurane Rei
Northern Lady Yumesuzu Rian -
Young Man Fuuma Kakeru -
Young Man Mitsuki Haruka -
Northern Soldier Hoshizuki Rio -
Northern Soldier Haruse Ouki -
Betty (a girl in Belle's shop) Sakihana Riho Hanayuki Rira
Young Man Sakuragi Minato -
Wife Mamiya Ryouko Hanabishi Rizu
Young Woman Ayaka Mari -
Maybelle (Mrs. Merriweather's daughter) Reimi Urara / Junya Chitose Haruha Rara
Young Man Kazuki Sora -
Young Woman Setohana Mari -
Young Woman Kano Maria -

Other Cast: Hanasaki Airi, Sakurane Rei, Aisaki Maria, Mirei Jun, Asao Ren, Suzuka Maya, Nanao Maki, Rumi Jun, Akine Hikaru, Risaki Shigure, Miou Erina, Mutsuki Sera, Takashina Ryou, Rui Makise, Hanabishi Rizu, Mizuka Ichi, Akina Rui, Asahina Aoi, Haruha Rara, Rukaze Hikaru, Koharuno Sayo, Homare Seri, Junna Subaru, Hanayuki Rira, Kazaki Shun, Naomi Rise

Ken-1 Group A: Misono Sakura, Sumikaze Nagi, Irodori Michiru, Maihina Kanon, Wakato Ritsu, Hinata Haruki, Rinno Shizuka, Amano Kiyora, Hayato Reo, Manazuki Kou



Gone With the Wind

It's 1862, one year since the start of the U.S. Civil War. After the death of her husband Charles from illness during the war, Scarlett goes to Atlanta, a hive of activity that is serving as a munitions base for the army of the South, to live with her sister-in-law Melanie and others. Scarlet has long been in love with Ashley, Melanie's husband. She had left her hometown in the hope of being reunited with Ashley, who had gone off to war, but now she has run into another man. This one is rumored to be a rogue who is making excessive profits by running the North's blockades, transporting military stores to the South. He is Rhett Butler, who had earlier spotted Scarlett secretly confess her love to Ashley at a party held at the Wilkes residence, also known as the "Oak Estate."

An auction is announced at a fund-raising bazaar held at an army hospital. The man with the winning bid gets the chance to dance with a lady. Rhett appears, and he offers the exorbitant sum of 150 dollars in gold coins. He indicates Scarlett as his partner. Scarlett doesn't hesitate to accept the offer, having spent her days in official mourning over the loss of her husband, even while she had been yearning for the good life. Dressed in her mourning attire, she takes his hand and starts to dance.

Rhett has been drawn to Scarlett from the moment they first met. As a reward for choosing her as a dance partner, he asks her to say that she loves him. But then the instant she hears that Ashley is returning home after being given furlough, Scarlett rushes off excitedly. Rhett is enchanted by Scarlett like no other woman before. She has the ability to see things as they really are and lives her life in a way that is true to her feelings. Rhett is determined to wait for the day until Ashley is completely out of her life, no matter how long that takes. The day arrives when Ashley's furlough ends and he returns to the battlefield. Predicting defeat for the army of the South, he relies on Scarlett to help his infrm wife, saying that he wants her to be assistance should anything happen to his wife. When the two part ways, Scarlett is unable to contain her emotions and again confesses her feelings to Ashley. Her words, however, fail to penetrate his heart.

Scarlett is employed at a hospital as a nurse for wounded soldiers as the war eventually worsens for the South. Unable to endure the harsh conditions day after day, she flees and returns home. Rhett shows up there, almost as if he had been able to see right through Scarlett's feelings, and attempts to gain some affection by giving her a present. Rhett manages to win her heart by giving her a beautiful hat, telling her that he never gives anything without expecting something in return. Once again he asks her to say if she loves him. Rhett's frequent use of crude and frank words, however, makes her angry.

The army of the North at last breaks through to Atlanta. As a fierce bombardment ensues, Scarlett works on the details of a plan to accompany the pregnant Melanie on her escape, so that Scarlett can fulfill her promise made to Ashley. But without even a horse and cart, the thought crosses her mind that the only person who can save her from this dilemma is Rhett. At the same time, Rhett is concerned about Scarlett and is making his way to her.

The streets of Atlanta go up in flames. Together with Scarlett, Rhett picks up the reins of their wagon and is set to break through the enemy's lines, aiming for her homestead of Tara.

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