Rising Star Guide 2017

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Publication Information

English Title: Rising Star Guide 2017
Japanese Title: Rising Star Guide 2017
Romanized Title: n/a

Author/Editor (if applicable):
Publisher: Takarazuka Creative Arts
Year Published: June 2nd, 2017
ISBN Number: 978-4-86649-009-0
Price: 2100 yen

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Description of Contents

Minami Maito (Flower)
Kizuki Yuuma (Moon)
Tsukishiro Kanato (Moon)
Asami Jun (Snow)
Seo Yuria (Star)
Sakuragi Minato (Cosmos)
Yuunami Kei (Flower)
Shidou Ryuu (Star)*
Kazuki Sora (Cosmos)
Yabuki Sena (Flower)
Ayaki Hikari (Flower)*
Ren Tsukasa (Moon)
Towaki Sea (Snow)*
Rui Makise (Cosmos)
Akatsuki Chisei (Moon)*
Aya Ouka (Star)
Amahana Ema (Star)
Rukaze Hikaru (Cosmos)

Other Information

  • Official description: "This time, 18 members from the 95th to 98th classes from each troupe will be featured! For the cover and photoshoots, we particularly pursued the beauty of the makeup, and created a unified and stylish atmosphere under the guidance of up-and-coming hair and makeup artists. The theme of the shoot is "the protagonist of the masterpiece of Takarazuka Revue" that has been performed so far. We chose a work that suited the personality of each member, and tried to recreate the world of the work by traveling to Gifu and Wakayama. Studio Port took on a variety of photoshoots, cherishing each member's individuality, and this time we also held a roundtable discussion with top stars. Don't miss the surveys of each classmate, childhood photos, and stage photos! This is a must-have book for fans that delivers the charm of the "now" of the rising stars who will lead the next generation of Takarazuka from a variety of perspectives!"
  • Shidou Ryuu was transfered to Cosmos Troupe in 2019, Ayaki Hikari was transfered to Star Troupe in 2019 and back to Flower Troupe in 2023, Towaki Sea was transfered to Flower Troupe in 2019, and Akatsuki Chisei was transfered to Star Troupe in 2022.
  • Tsukishiro Kanato, Towaki Sea and Asami Jun became Top Stars.
  • Minami Maito, Kizuki Yuuma and Seo Yuria joined Senka.


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