senka (専科): literally, "special course"

"Senka", "Special Course" and "Superior Members" are all terms that may be used interchangeably on this site. Senka is the sixth troupe of Takarazuka, considered special because its members can perform with all five troupes. It was originally established as a troupe for Takarasiennes who have special talents so that they can teach other actresses and improve their own skills. Nowadays it consists mainly of experienced upperclassmen.

The former 'unofficially' offical leader of Senka was Todoroki Yuu, and the oldest member of the Revue was Kasugano Yachiyo, who joined in 1929 and passed away as an active member in 2012. Until her retirement in 2021, the oldest member was Matsumoto Yuri who joined in 1957.

In 2000, nibante and sanbante from all five troupes were transferred to Senka, forming the so-called Shin Senka or, literally, New Senka. After having spent time in Senka, some of them were transferred to become top stars (e.g. Ayaki Nao, Takumi Hibiki, Kozuki Wataru). Dan Rei and Toono Asuka also spent some time in Senka — Asuka before she became top, and Dan in between her time as top musumeyaku of Moon and Star Troupes respectively. However, since the 2010s, the only actress transferred to Senka who later become a top star has been Hokushou Kairi.

Through the years, there have been several classifications for Senka members, depending upon their specialties.
Engeki (演劇) - Theater
Buyou (舞踊) - Japanese Dance (may also mean any type of dance, in certain Takarazuka time periods)
Dansu (ダンス) - Dance
Seigaku (声楽) - Vocal
Eiga (映画) - Film

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