Rainbow Bridge

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English Title: Rainbow Bridge
Japanese Title: 虹の橋
Romanized Title: Niji no Hashi

Troupe: Star
Year: 1980
Performances: Bow Hall, 6/8 - 6/22

Based On:
Author/Director: Oota Tetsunori
Composer: Yoshizaki Kenji
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi

Available on DVD: No


Hans (an itinerant knight)Ooura Mizuki
Leonora (queen of a certain country)Kojou Reika
The KingKiyokawa Hayami
Preface Narrator / Peter / Count Georg / etc.Hiro Yuri
Erik (knight in a neighboring country, Hans' older cousin)Asaka Jun
Count Telmut (villainous adviser)Hyuuga Kaoru
Countess TelmutHoujou Sayuri
Frocin (Telmut's underling) Hayabusa Ren
Sachs (Hans' attendant)Kamogawa Shibuki
Walter (a knight)Toki Noboru
Pogner (a knight)Takase Mia
Margarete (Leonora's foster sister)Akishino Miho
Elza (lady-in-waiting, Pogner's lover)Tama Miyuki
Cristel (lady-in-waiting, Margarete's younger sister)Ebara Mikoto
MarieArisu Miki
PageAida Machi
NurseMizushima Sonoo

Other Cast: Ayaha Romi, Akeho Memi, Tomo Chifuyu, Fujihana Yukie, Izuki Yuka, Azumi Reika, Yuuzuki Maho, Naoki Rie, Kasai Rika, Waka Satsuki, Yayoji Ruka



Hans, a knight in training, takes his attendant Sachs and sets out on a journey. He loses his way one day in a forest and meets a fairy named Peter. The fairy prophesies that Hans will become king of this country, and marry the most beautiful woman in it.

Shortly thereafter, Hans comes across a band of outlaws attacking Leonora, queen of the land. He pulls a sword out of a tree and drives off her attackers. When he pulls the sword out, strange sounds are heard. There is a prophesy that whomever pulls out the sword will become king.

Later, the current king tells Hans that he wants Hans to succeed him. Indeed, the old man soon passes away and Hans becomes king. In order to undermine him, the wicked Count Telmut begins giving him bad advice and poisoning his heart with untrue rumors. One, he claims that Leonora is actually in love with Erik.

Meanwhile, rumors reach the neighboring country that the new king is unable to control his people and an uprising will happen soon. Concerned, Erik begins to move his army......

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