Lost Angel

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Show Information
English Title: Lost Angel
Japanese Title: ロスト・エンジェル
Romanized Title: Rosuto Enjeru

Troupe: Moon
Year: 1993
Performances: Bow Hall, 5/30 - 6/12

Based On:
Author/Director: Koike Shuuichirou
Composer: Yoshida Yuuko, Kai Masato
Choreographer: Shou Sumire, Maeda Kiyomi

Available on DVD: VHS Only


MephistophelesSuzukaze Mayo
Angela (an up-and-coming singer who wants to become a star)Asano Kayo
Michael Johnson (a young man who wants to become a star)Amami Yuuki
Albert (president of a television studio)Natori Rei
Brian (a music producer)Wakao Risa
Evelyn (a devil who assists Mephistopheles)Hane Chisato
Raul (a young man who comes to the audition. Later a member of the "Lost Angels")Maori Yuki
Gabby(a young man who comes to the audition. Later a member of the "Lost Angels"Shiokaze Kou
RaymondAsahi Mari
Trevor Sachikaze Irene
AveMashiro Tomona
Peter (an idol represented by Brian) Koshi Haruki
Mammy (Peter's stage mother) Nakajou Mari
Owner of Club Walpurgis Taka Yuuki

Other Cast: Ran Reika, Natsukawa Yura, Akatsuki Nagisa, Mihara Shiho, Mishiro Mari, Matsunami Mitsuru, Konami Azusa, Kazusa Mahiro, Hanaoka Miyuki, Yuuki Kaoru, Natsuno Saki, Minazuki Shizuka, Yamabuki Sayo, Aihara Serika



After making the mistake of trading his single white feather to the devil Evelyn for a full-set of black wings, fallen angel Mephistopheles is sent to earth to collect the souls of humans. There, he notices a girl Angela drop a piece of paper.

He follows her to a singing audition, where he watches as she meets another aspiring singer named Michael. The two young people hit it off, but Michael's performance gets him kicked out of the competition. Angela's song about her guardian angel has the opposite effect: the company president loves her singing and she is rushed off to be prepared for her debut as an entertainment idol.

After the audition, Michael and two other contestents (the rock-and-roller Raul and surfer-boy Gabby are at loose ends. Mephistopheles approaches Michael and gets him to sign a magic card that will get him whatever he wants. Of course, the price is his soul. Still in disbelief, Michael signs.

Mephistopheles and his fellow devils use their wiles to make their new band the "Lost Angels" (made up of Michael, Raul, and Gabby) the opening act for Angela's debut concert. Meanwhile, under the tutelage of Brian, Angela works hard to live up to the expectations of a proper idol.

But it's not until the concert goes off successfully all around, that Mephistopheles true game can begin...

Other Information

Marketed as Suzukaze Mayo's last performance with Takarazuka (it actually took place between the Grand Theater and Tokyo runs of Grand Hotel/Broadway Boys.)

The play features several songs from the musical "Elisabeth", re-written with new lyrics to match the play. This was not long after the musical debuted and was several years before Takarazuka would perform it.


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