Kasugano Yachiyo


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Standard Profile Information

Name: Kasugano Yachiyo
Kanji: 春日野 八千代
Position: Director & Actor
Takarasienne: Yes

Height: 162 cm
Birthday: November 12th, 1915
Blood Type:
Hometown: Kobe City, Ikuta Ward
Hobbies: Watercolors, calligraphy

First Takarazuka Work as Director: 1956 Rosa Flamenca

Director Projects

YearTroupeShow TitleStarsVenue
1967FlowerThe Nymph's Mask Kasugano Yachiyo, Konoe MariTokyo Theater
1967FlowerWhite Heron Kasugano Yachiyo, Konoe MariGrand Theater
1965MoonThe Nymph's Mask Kasugano Yachiyo, Yodo Kaoru Grand Theater
1963MoonLike the Burning Wings of a Phoenix Kasugano Yachiyo, Fujisato Miho, Uchinoe Noboru Grand Theater
1963SnowLike the Burning Wings of a Phoenix Kasugano Yachiyo, Kamiyo Nishiki, Matsuno Midori, Maho Shibuki Grand Theater & Tokyo Theater
1959MoonLove at Dal Lake Kasugano Yachiyo, Furusato AkemiGrand Theater & Tokyo Theater
1958StarWhite Globeflower Kasugano Yachiyo, Minami Yuuko Grand Theater
1958StarEmpress Koumyou Kasugano Yachiyo, Sumi Hanayo Grand Theater & Tokyo Theater
1957Star Yonosuke and the Seven Ladies Kasugano Yachiyo Tokyo Theater
1956MoonRosa Flamenca Kasugano Yachiyo, Sumi Hanayo, Ootori YachiyoGrand Theater & Tokyo Theater


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