Crossroad (Cosmos 1999)

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English Title: Crossroad ~I Can't Stand Just Passing By~
Japanese Title: Crossroad ―すれ違うばかりじゃやりきれない―
Romanized Title: Crossroad -Surechigau Bakari ja Yarikirenai-

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 1999
Performances: Theater Drama City, 5/2 - 5/12; Nippon Seinenkan Hall, 9/5 - 9/12

Based On:
Author / Director: Masatsuka Haruhiko
Composer: Takahashi Kuni
Choreographer: Ueshima Yukio, Iga Yuuko

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 6/20/06)
DVD Scene/Music Cut: No


(name romanizations are approximated)

Alphonso Guichart (a gypsy)Wao Youka
Duchain (works as Simone's pimp; has a chronic disease)Juri Sakiho
Helena (daughter of a public prosecutor)Toono Asuka
Simone (Duchain's lover; works at a club)Kuji Akari
Loslo (Alphonso's gypsy friend)Manaka Hikaru
Rona (Alphonso's gypsy friend)Jouka Azuki
Fabi (Alphonso's gypsy friend)Hatsune Mayo
Moreno (Alphonso's gypsy friend) / Eve (gang leader)Tatsu Tsukasa
Gerard (gang member)/DoctorKuon Maya
Gideon (gang member)Asagi Yuuna
Kili (gang member)Tsukifune Sarara
Claude (gang member)Saeki Seiya (Drama City) / Sono Mikage (Seinenkan)
Robert (jailer)Takashou Mizuki
Pauline (Duchain's girl friend)Yuuka Eri

Other Cast - Drama City: Kaihou Tamaki, Kikuho Rina, Kajika Kumi, Mikaze Maira, Hanamiya Airi, Asana Irumi, Mizuki Mai, Natsu Hiromi, Suzu Haruki, Tsukishiro Misaki, Kazari Jin, Hanae Miku

Other Cast - Nippon Seinenkan: Kaihou Tamaki, Mariho Erina, Kajika Kumi, Mikaze Maira, Hayami Riki, Asana Irumi, Mizuki Mai, Natsu Hiromi, Suzu Haruki, Tsukishiro Misaki, Kazari Jin, Hanae Miku



The story of a young man who was abandoned as a child and subsequently raised by gypsies. He returns to the city of his birth to seek his fortune, only to become involved in the affairs of an ailing pimp with money problems. The only way to save Duchain from being killed by gangsters is to swindle his young friend Helena into attending a shady party for them. Alphonso tries to stick to his principles, but when everything goes wrong will he run away or face the consequences of his actions?

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